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Chalkboards: They’re All The Rage, Even in Promotional Products

print chalkboard mugs

Apparently, you can turn just about any surface into a chalkboard, including these promotional chalkboard mugs.

Have you noticed that chalkboards are everywhere these days? Browse Pinterest for just a few seconds and see for yourself. Homeowners are painting entire walls with chalkboard paint. There are chalkboard doors that function as memo boards. There’s chalkboard spray paint available at your local home improvement store, too, making is possible to turn just about any surface into a place for chalking some pictures, notes, quotes, and memos.

I’m no exception. When presented with the opportunity to raid my husband’s grandmother’s barn built in the 1800′s, I picked a perfectly shabby looking window frame out of the piles of old stuff and immediately thought, “Chalkboard!”




I assembled the chalkboard. My daughter adds the seasonal artwork. Right off the pages of Pinterest, right?

photoThe promotional products industry is quick to pick up on trends like chalkboards. That’s why there are several pretty cool options available to you with a chalkboard finish. Not only you can customize these products with your logo, your customers or guests can customize these items anyway they choose…with a piece of chalk. Just like the real, old-fashioned chalkboard, these products wipe clean, leaving avenues wide open for another creation.

Take a look!



print chalkboard magnetsPrint Chalkboard Magnets

This adorable chalkboard magnet is 8 1/2″ x 11″, leaving plenty of room for your logo as well as your customers’ messages. Wipe the surface clean and it’s ready to go again. Here’s a magnet I wouldn’t mind seeing on my fridge or file cabinet. Cute!



custom chalkbaord calender magnetCustomize Chalkboard Calendar Magnets with Your Logo

Here’s one more chalkboard magnet worth mentioning. It’s a generously sized magnet (11″ x 17″), leaving plenty of space for both your company name and logo as well as a place for all those events that need to be written in with chalk. Fun!



llogo chalkboard stemwareChalkboard Stemware with Your Personal Message or Company Name and Logo

Speaking of fun, get your choice of chalkboard colors–black, green, or red–at the base of this cool stemware. Your logo or personal message is permanently printed on the glass, but the chalkboard? Anything goes.



logo chalkboard pilsner glassChalkboard Pilsner Glasses

Even the manly pilsner glass can be given the chalkboard treatment. Chalkboard imprint on one side, your logo on the other side. It’s a pretty fun and trendy way to keep track of who is drinking that beer, don’t you think?




print chalkboard tumblersChalkboard Double Wall Tumblers

This 11 oz tumbler with silicone lid has a ton of chalkboard space. Your logo is permanently printed on the chalkboard surface, but there’s still plenty of space for your customers and clients to customize these to their own liking with a simple piece of chalk.



There’s no denying that chalk is fun. Think chalk is a fun, trendy, and fabulous way to brand your business? Give the Show Your Logo sales team a call to set you up with the products you need for a terrific low price.






Would a Promotional Business Card Magnet Warm Your Heart?


My FREE LG promotional business card magnet now resides on my file cabinet for easy reference.

When the time came to outfit Show Your Logo’s new employee break room with new appliances three years ago, I opted to donate my slightly used white on white appliances to the cause. You know. So I could upgrade to stainless steel appliances in my own kitchen at home. Stainless steel appliances are one of those upgrades most boys, husbands included, just don’t understand.

Nevertheless, I got my wish.

Uncharacteristically, I didn’t research the heck out of my purchase. Usually I’m all about Consumer Reports and scouring the internet for consumer complaints. This time?  I found my French door refrigerator that fit the space in our kitchen with enough interior space to hold enough food to feed triplets plus one for days on end. No other refrigerator had the same capacity. This feature, coupled with the shiny stainless exterior and sleek and simple design, and I was sold. I quickly ordered all the matching stuff–new dishwasher, new range, new microwave. The works.

The new microwave met an early demise. It’s already been hauled away and replaced with a Whirlpool.

I still have the dishwasher. Luckily, I had the foresight to buy an extended warranty. Triplets plus one use a lot of dishes. We’re hard on dishwashers. Still, I’ve never owned a dishwasher that required a new motor before its third birthday.

Yesterday, I came home to discover ice melt bleeding out the front of my meticulously maintained, French door refrigerator. The fancy display panel showed an error code. “Er.”

Er. Leaking ice. Third malfunctioning appliance. Not. Happy.

Customer service patiently listened to my rant and let me finish before announcing they’d send out a technician the very next day and fix my third busted appliance for free.

They did! The perfectly nice technician called when he was supposed to call, showed up when he was supposed to show up, and had in his hands the part I supposedly need to rectify the “Er” error code and the leaking/melting ice situation. They knew all about the “Er” code. Those clever engineers came up with a new design, just like they did with my dishwasher motor. And they didn’t charge me a dime.

On his way out, the technician handed me a promotional business card magnet. You know. In case my appliances start malfunctioning again and require more redesigned parts. While the prospect of future appliance glitches are not remotely appealing, I have to say that I found it oddly redeeming that the LG tech handed me a business card magnet with the assurance that they’d fix any problem I shouldn’t be having in the future.

All I have to do is call that number, so they say.

So much redemption in such an affordable promotional product, wouldn’t you say?


Give Thanks With Promotional Products

custom turkey stress relieverHow can you show your thanks and gratitude towards your customers for their business this upcoming Thanksgiving? Carefully selected, custom printed promotional products are fabulous options.

Whether you choose to invest in something fun like these custom turkey stress relievers or something on the more serious side, Show Your Logo has the custom printed items you need at prices that won’t gobble up your marketing budget.







customize gratitude journalCustomize Gratitude Journals

How amazing are gratitude journals as a Thanksgiving gift or giveaway? These particular journals include inspirational quotes about being thankful as well as plenty of room to record personal thoughts on gratitude. Research says the more grateful we are, the happier we are. Who doesn’t love a happy customer?



print gel wine totesPrint Gel Wine Totes

If you’re doing the cooking this Thanksgiving, chances are you’re plenty grateful for a glass or two of wine. I’ll be cooking and sipping wine this Thanksgiving–preferably chilled. Anyone who’s planning on bringing a bottle of wine as a hostess gift or to share at dinner can keep it chilled with this affordable gel wine tote. Bonus: these totes are completely reusable for the next big occasion.



promotional spoon restCustom Spoon Holders

This handy little promotional product holds dripping spoons over the side of all those bubbling pots on the range top. Keep the Thanksgiving butter, cheese, and grease off counter tops! Neat freaks will thank you and your logo.



print wine accessory giftsCustomize Wine Gift Sets

If you’re looking for a classy yet affordable promotional gift suitable for the Thanksgiving holiday, take a look at this 2-piece wine gift set complete with gift box. A sturdy bottle stopper and corkscrew make an appropriate Thanksgiving gift.



Give Show Your Logo a call and we’ll deliver on some low prices you’ll certainly be thankful for this holiday season!





Five Affordable Promotional Products to Celebrate National Spa Week

Paging through a magazine this week, I discovered that this week (October 14th- 18th) is National Spa Week. What exactly is the significance of National Spa Week, you ask? Apparently this is the time to get some great discounts and deals on spa services. Hmmm. Might be worth checking out!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the fantastic promotional products you may just encounter on that upcoming trip to the spa. It’s always fun to come home with some fun freebies. Of course, every time you use those fun freebies, you’ll reminisce fondly about your relaxing time at the spa and you’ll want to return. Ah, the power of promotional products.


custom pocket tote bagsCustom Tote Bags with Side Mesh Pockets

Tote bags are among the top selling promotional products with good reason. They’re ideal for people of either gender of all ages. Tote bags get around, carrying your logo everywhere they go and making a ton of impressions. Spa owners and clients alike can benefit from custom printed tote bags. The side mesh pockets on this product are an added bonus–they’re made for carrying water bottles.



custom acrylic massagerPrint Acrylic Massagers

Is there a better way to remember a day at the spa than with  custom printed acrylic massagers? Here’s an fun, affordable giveaway to place inside that tote bag.




promotional exfoliating glovesCustomize Exfoliating Gloves with Carrying Case

Here’s yet another inexpensive yet practical item to place inside that tote bag or simply give away on its own. Print your company name and logo directly on the sturdy carrying case.




custom glass nail filesPrint on Glass Nail Files

No trip to the spa is complete without a manicure and pedicure. Here’s a business card your clients won’t soon throw away. This is no Emery board!




print folding mirror brushFolding Brush with Mirror Customized with Your Logo

The handle of this brush sports a mirror that folds up against the bristles when not in use, making it a perfect fit for on-the-go hair brushing and make-up touch ups. This is another practical, affordable promotional product recipients will use for years to come.



Intrigued by the marketing potential of these promotional products? You’ll be even more intrigued when you give us a call and get blown away by our incredible low prices on over 750,000 products.



But…Then He’s Still Out There: Word of Mouth Marketing

number 13Here are some facts about Friday the 13th.

1) It is widely considered the unluckiest of days.

2) The fear of Friday the 13th is (not widely) known as friggatriskaidekaphobia. (Reen, how many points would that be in Super Boggle?)

3) Don Forsell, Show Your Logo President, was born on Friday the 13th.

4) He was eight-years-old when the movie Friday the 13th was released…a long time ago.

5) Friday the 13th was subject to many negative reviews back in the day. And yet…you can still purchase “Jason” costumes 33 years later.

6) It’s estimated that 17 million people are adversely affected by their friggatriskaidekaphobia every Friday the 13th. Look out for those elevators! And the thirteenth floor? Forget it.

7) Some of us have been superstitious about Friday the 13th since the nineteenth century–at least.

8) The critics were in general agreement that the movie was a cinematic disaster, yet the Friday the 13th movie and subsequent movies have been widely successful. (Isn’t everyone a little freaked out by that hockey mask?)

Google Friday the 13th. There are theories about how superstition regarding the date began, but no explanation as to how it spread to the point where some people are too paralyzed with fear to get out of bed.

How does Jason and his hockey mask become an iconic piece of American pop culture in spite of a blood bath of horrifying reviews?

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful thing. After all, whose rating of a movie are you more inclined to believe? That stuffy old guy writing for the paper or your best friend?

Get people to talk about your brand, good or bad (just ask Miley), and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

In the meantime, watch out for black cats and broken mirrors. Just in case.





Wrecking Ball Branding

print foam fingersRemember when Lady Gaga wore a meat dress? Bizarre.

Remember when Madonna made a video in which she had sex on a church altar? Scandalous!

Remember when Miley Cyrus took a wrecking ball to her squeaky clean Hannah Montana image?

It only took about two swings of the wrecking ball. I’d say most of the damage was done during the Video Music Awards when Miley elected to grind against a promotional foam finger during her live performance. Who can forget the image of the Will Smith family visibly cringing in the front row? (That was my favorite part.)

The Yahoo news of the moment is all about Miley’s shocking transformation from Disney character/Billy’s little girl to sex goddess…or something.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve heard/read/seen all about Miley’s recent performance at the VMA’s, which began with a lesson for us all in “twerking” (which includes a lot of provocative booty shaking) and wrapped up with all that bumping and grinding against a promotional product. Her tongue hung out for much of the performance as well.

In case you missed it, this morning’s Yahoo news featured still images of Miley’s latest music video release to promote her song, “Wrecking Ball.” It’s kind of like driving past a car accident. You can’t help but look.

I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, so I could feel every one of my forty years prickle with irritation as I squinted at Miley perched naked atop a wrecking ball. Why is this news? This is about the moment my phone rang. (My BFF calls every morning on her commute to work.)

“Why is Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball on my computer screen?” I asked in greeting.

“Wait until you see the part where she licks a sledge hammer,” BFF replied.

I have not watched the “Wrecking Ball” video. The stills were enough for me.

I’m not a prude, even for a forty-year-old soccer mom. I don’t try to shield my kids from Miley’s videos or scary movies or songs that contain the “F-word.” The world is what it is. What bothers me the most about meat dresses, sex on altars, and twerking has nothing to do with my “impressionable” young children. Luckily, I believe my kids have enough positive role models in their lives that it would never occur to them to factor Miley amongst them.

What’s wrong with nakedness atop a wrecking ball is that it’s such a transparent marketing and branding ploy. None of it ever looks genuine, only like desperate money grubbing. Get everyone to stop and stare and talk about the bizarre, the scandalous, and the shocking and you don’t even have to write a decent song. It’ll get played anyway. People will stop, look, and listen anyway.

Miley has a great voice. It’s disappointing that she felt she had to obliterate whatever was left of her Hannah Montana image in order to sell her music, because good music sells itself. No video needed.

I wonder if she’ll look back one day and cringe, because let’s face it. You don’t want your grandchildren watching you lick a sledgehammer unless your entire legacy is all about the money. I hope she can dig deep and brand herself for who she really is, through her music and her words, and nothing more.






Pizza Promotional Products Minus the Cheese Factor

custom print pizza cutters

Promotional pizza wheels are an effective, affordable way to get your company name and contact information some attention whether or not you actually sell pizza.


Even if you’re not in the business of selling pizza, a promotional pizza wheel can be an effective way to show off your logo and contact information. How often do you break out the pizza cutter at your house or place of business? Do you often wish you had more than one because…oh…the pizza cutter is still in the dishwasher? Every customer, client, or individual who patronizes your business can put a custom printed pizza cutter to regular use. And every time they pull it out of the utensil drawer, they get another chance to take a gander at your logo.

Frozen pizza is a way of life for many busy families. If you don’t believe me, check out the enormous selection of brands boasting a huge variety of crusts and toppings lining the freezers at any grocery or big box store. Pizza is a big business.

I can also assure you that a pizza cutter is a very efficient way to cut up waffles and pancakes for kids in need of bite size pieces in no time flat. Pizza wheels are in high demand around here. Look how well ours has held up to frequent runs in the top rack of our overworked dishwasher.

Are you ready to see a few more choices available for customization in the world of custom printed pizza cutters and related accessories?




custom print pizza cutters

Custom Pizza Cutters

Here’s a pizza cutter with a more traditional handle approach than the pizza wheel pictured above. Personal endorsement? Either one works great…and looks great with your logo.



table saw pizza cutters

Table Saw Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters don’t have to look like pizza cutters. Here’s an example! Wouldn’t these be a fantastic way for a carpenter to brand his business while giving away something useful to every single customer and client?



custom scratch and sniff stickersPrint on Pizza Scented Scratch and Sniff Stickers

How fun are these stickers? Pizza places should staple these to their menus and receipts. Kids will hoard them, sniff them, and beg their parents for pizza.




Pizza Shaped Magnetic NotepadsPizza Shaped Magnetic Notepads

Where do people keep products like these? Right on their refrigerators, or maybe stuck to the side of a metal file cabinet. Either way, this product is bound to get your logo and company information the attention it deserves.




custom pizza stress relieversPizza Slice Stress Relievers

Everyone loves a free giveaway, and this fun, foam stress reliever in the shape of a slice of pizza is no exception. Keep your contact information fresh with the purchase of these promotional stress toys.



pizza box key chainsPromotional Pizza Box Keychains 

Everyone can use a spare keychain. Keep your logo and contact information close at hand when you print on these affordable promos.




print cheese gratersPrint Promotional Cheese Graters

This top notch grater comes with three blades so you and yours can grate your Parmesan to a fine powder or shreds or bite sized flakes. You’ve seen it all before. What a great addition to pizza night!




Love pizza? So do millions. Use that to your advantage with the purchase of pizza themed promotional products. You’re practically guaranteed to buy your brand hundreds of impressions with the purchase of these super affordable pizza promos.

Five Unique Beer and Bar Promotions

Here’s a way to get fired up about Monday morning: start thinking about Friday now in the form of beer and bar promotions. Whether you have a new brew to market or own a business that sells the frothy beverages over the bar, we have some fresh promotional product ideas to help you reach and engage your target market with your brand.

Take a look!

promotional beer mug puzzles

3D Wooden Beer Mug Puzzle

Need some promotional items to keep patrons busy at the bar? This wooden 3D puzzle is certain to keep them around long enough to require a few refills. These quality, custom printed puzzles also make terrific employee gifts or customer appreciation giveaways.



reusable plastic party cupsReusable Custom Printed Party Cups

Looking for a more affordable promotional item perfect for that outdoor keg party you have planned on your premises? This durable, reusable party cup manufactured to look just like the throwaway kind we all know and love may be your solution. Custom print your company’s name, logo, and your personal message on these classic cups.



custom bottle opener keylights

Promotional Bottle Opener Keylights

Here’s another affordable, practical promotional giveaway for all those beer drinkers. This item keeps a bottle opener as well as a handy light at the ready wherever the keys happen to be.




bottle opener baseball capsCustomized Baseball Caps with Built-in Bottle Opener

Here’s a promotional item that cannot fail at drawing attention to your logo. This unique baseball hat has a bottle opener built right into the brim. It’ll be tough to misplace this bottle opener. Making new friends will be exceptionally easy for the individuals who wear this hat.



custom beer bottle bagsSix Bottle Beer Cooler Bags

Want to keep those six pack bottles cool and well protected in an easy-to-carry case? Then you’re in need of this sweet six pack cooler bag. Your logo will travel to all the good places and great parties when you invest in this fantastic promotional product.


In need of some additional beer or bar themed promo items? Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for pricing on these or other great promotional products. We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for–suitable for your needs as well as your budget.






Promotional Products for Local, State, and National Parks

No trip through a local, state, or national park would be complete without a requisite stroll through the visitor center’s gift shop. Many have them, and with good reason. The sale of promotional products and other items within these gift shops raises needed funds to maintain the parks and support educational programs. Check out how the Great Smoky Mountains National Park does it here.

A purchase I’ve never been able to resist? Walking stick medallions to commemorate all the hikes we’ve enjoyed in the parks we’ve visited.

custom walking stick medallions Customize walking stick medallions to wrap around hiking sticks (attached with tiny tacks) or to attach to the very top of the hiking stick. We can assist you with choosing the shape, size, color, and design of your walking stick medallion right here at Show Your Logo.









There are plenty of items suitable for customization with the name of the local, state, or national park you’re purchasing for. From custom logo apparel to custom drinkware , there are literally thousands of items to entice park visitors to buy and to keep coming back for more.

New York Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) announced legislation this past July to require U.S. national parks to sell only “made in America” products.

In that spirit, here are just a few promotional products proudly made in America we think are suitable for sale in parks all across the country.

custom woven tapestry totes

Custom Woven Tapestry Totes

These sturdy, woven totes can be customized with an image, text, or combination of the two. We can help you put together a design tourists of all ages will love.




custom bumper stickersCustom Bumper Stickers

They were thinking when they thought up these U.S.A. made, removable, repositionable bumper stickers. Customize them with a message, a logo, an image, a graphic. The possibilities are limitless.


customize gift sculptures


Customize Sculptures

This bear sculpture had me thinking of the black bears we spied in the Smoky Mountains.This product would be a terrific way to commemorate a special trip.



U.S.A die cut sticky notesCustom U.S.A. Shaped Die Cut Sticky Notes

Print a background image with your logo, the name of your park, or whatever else you can dream up directly on these handy sticky notes.




national park blanketsNational Park Wool Blankets

These high quality wool blankets are ready made in six designs representing Badlands, Yosemite, Acadia, Yellowstone, Rainier, and Grand Canyon. Blankets are available in multiple sizes and include a patch providing details about each park.









promotional first aid kitU.S.A Made First Aid Kits

A durable neoprene case contains an abundance of first aid supplies.




promotional clip lip balmPromotional Lip Balm on a Clip

Lip balm on a clip helps you keep it readily available when the need arises. Insert a fresh lip balm into the handy carrying case/clip for repeated use.




custom paperweightsCustom Crystal Paperweights

Personalize these crystal paperweights with whatever strikes your fancy. A photograph, a graphic, or your logo are just a few of the many possibilities.




U.S.A. made calendarsU.S.A. Made Calendars

Choose from a variety of ready-made calendars and customize them with an imprint of your organization’s name and/or logo.




custom cafe mugs

Custom 16 oz. Cafe Mugs

These cafe mugs, proudly made in the U.S.A, can be customized to your specifications.





custom stemless wine glasses

Promotional Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses, customized with an image and the name of your park, make a lovely keepsake.





custom tumblers with straw


Print on 24 oz Jewel Tumblers with Straw and Lid

Here’s a useful product people of all ages will love to use again and again, day in and day out. They’re terrific, affordable souvenirs.



custom tervis tumblers

Custom Tervis Tumblers

Tervis tumblers are proudly made in the U.S.A. and they provide fabulous, double-wall insulation to keep beverages colder longer. Customize yours in your choice of color, shape, and size.





U.S.A. made water bottles

Custom 24 oz. Water Bottles with Color Lid

Print these U.S.A. made sports bottles with your custom design for a terrific low price at Show Your Logo.





promotional yo-yoPromotional Yo-Yos

Don’t forget the kids! Kids love to walk away with a fun item as a memento of their adventures. This quality promotional product won’t disappoint considering its fun factor , its durability, and its low price.




promotional flyer toysPromotional Flyer Toys

Print a colorful image on these brightly colored flying discs and kids of all ages will find them irresistible.




See something you like? Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for a no obligation quote or to get a consultation on other terrific products suitable for your target market.

Promotional Products with Super Powers

promotional harmonica

My kids opened their hearts and their wallets to these promotional harmonicas.

What makes for a long, long ride home from the Great Smoky Mountains to Chicago?

Is it…

A) the 500+ miles

B) the fact that there are four kids in the car insisting they can’t hear Nemo screaming from all twelve or whatever speakers strategically placed throughout the Vantasy

C) the fact that someone needs a bathroom approximately every 75 miles

D) heart-stopping, impromptu concerts performed on promotional harmonicas


Apparently I’m sensitive to noise, because that little fish in Finding Nemo was starting to get to me with his hysterical bouts of screaming through the van’s DVD system about as much as the sudden, startling attempts at harmonica playing by some super bored triplet boys.

If you haven’t already guessed, those boys of mine stumbled upon some custom printed harmonicas in the souvenir shop at the end of their first whitewater rafting trip. With spending cash from grandma burning holes in their wallets, all three eagerly plunked down their windfall in exchange for these gift boxed noisemakers printed with the words, “Great Smoky Mountains.”

“Mom, it will remind us of our trip,” one of the boys announced with delight before attempting an unrecognizable rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

That it will.

Not only did the souvenir shop profit handsomely on the sale of three promotional harmonicas, those loud little items will remind my boys of their trip. I can hear it now. “Hey, Mom. Remember when we went on that whitewater rafting trip? Can we go again?”

Because that’s what happens when kids remember something good and fun. They want to do it again. Because they really want to do it again, I’ll probably take them, and the people making a living off the tourism surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains will have successfully harnessed the super powers of promotional products.

How can promotional products keep your customers begging for more? The sales team at Show Your Logo has plenty of ideas and they’re always happy to share.



Call our promotional products hotline at 1-888-253-5800 or contact us
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