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Smoking Out High Prices at Show Your Logo

It’s Cyber Monday! Order Your Promotional Holiday Snack Gifts

customize cookie tinsHopefully you’ve had time to digest your Thanksgiving turkey, wash all that china, and put up the decor for the holiday you celebrate in December. Now that it’s Monday morning and you’re back in front of your computer shopping for holiday gifts for your family and friends, it’s time to think about what you’ll be giving your employees, customers, and clients, too.

It can be challenging to think up a gift the whole office will love, but there’s an easy solution. In fact, there’s an easy solution that’s not only budget-friendly, but shows off your logo as well.

What’s a gift everyone loves?

Snack food.

Print your logo on snack food, and you’ve created an affordable holiday giveaway everyone can sink their teeth into.

Here are a few Show Your Logo favorites, starting with that cookie tin up above. Each tin comes with four each of gourmet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate double chip and crystal sugar cookies. There’s enough here for a small office to share. Tins can be customized with four color art, a photo, or your company logo. Stock holiday designs are also available.


logo cookiesHere’s a tasty classic. Print your message or company logo directly on these 2 1/2″ round cookies. Cookies are individually cello wrapped and come gift-giving-ready in a tasteful organza bag. Promotional gift giving doesn’t get easier than this!




logo mug gift sets

Ok, we do have plenty of easy-to-give promos to choose from. Here’s another option, all boxed and ready to go. All you have to do is pick up the phone, place an order, and sign for delivery before handing over these gift sets to your employees or customers. Each of these gifts sets includes a custom printed mug in your choice of colors: black, blue, brown, cream, green, or red. Add your choice of packaged snack foods (in a wealth of choices like mints, chocolates, nuts), a gift box with ribbon and you’re good to go this holiday season.




customize mug stuffersCustomize mug stuffers with your logo and give more than a promotional mug these holiday season. Choose from a wide assortment of candies and snacks to include in these cello bags–available in gold dots, red swirl, and black diamond As for the snack food to include in the cello bags, I recommend anything chocolate. However, you can go with mints, gum, cashews, Skittles, animal crackers, and more. Tons of choices!



smores mug stufferSpeaking of mug stuffers, here’s an adorable option. Check out these S’mores mugs stuffers. Each kit includes two graham cracker sheets, one Hershey’s Milk chocolate bar, and two marshmallows to make two S’mores servings.




Cuschocolate covered pretzel gifts

Chocolate covered pretzels? Yes, please. Customize the tasteful gift box (tied with gold ribbon). Inside you’ll find six gourmet pretzels in three irresistible flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate with candy coating.






Make holiday gift giving easy on yourself, on your budget, and and your marketing efforts when you customize snack food gifts at Show Your Logo.





Show Your Logo: Keeping High Prices on Promotional Products Under Containment

Show Your Logo Uses Rockets to Launch Stress Ball

Show Your Logo Blood Drive

It’s November! Time to think about turkey, pumpkin pie, and gratitude. One thing I’m extremely grateful for? My good health. I’ll be rolling up my sleeve on my blood-letting arm on December 19th to donate a pint to those who are less fortunate this holiday season. I believe all of my cohorts here at Show Your Logo have signed up to do the same on December 19th between 11 AM and 3PM. Heartland Blood Center will be here to take good care of our veins and get our blood donations off to people in need.

Want to join us? We’d love to have you. Check out our flyer.



Chalkboards: They’re All The Rage, Even in Promotional Products

print chalkboard mugs

Apparently, you can turn just about any surface into a chalkboard, including these promotional chalkboard mugs.

Have you noticed that chalkboards are everywhere these days? Browse Pinterest for just a few seconds and see for yourself. Homeowners are painting entire walls with chalkboard paint. There are chalkboard doors that function as memo boards. There’s chalkboard spray paint available at your local home improvement store, too, making is possible to turn just about any surface into a place for chalking some pictures, notes, quotes, and memos.

I’m no exception. When presented with the opportunity to raid my husband’s grandmother’s barn built in the 1800′s, I picked a perfectly shabby looking window frame out of the piles of old stuff and immediately thought, “Chalkboard!”




I assembled the chalkboard. My daughter adds the seasonal artwork. Right off the pages of Pinterest, right?

photoThe promotional products industry is quick to pick up on trends like chalkboards. That’s why there are several pretty cool options available to you with a chalkboard finish. Not only you can customize these products with your logo, your customers or guests can customize these items anyway they choose…with a piece of chalk. Just like the real, old-fashioned chalkboard, these products wipe clean, leaving avenues wide open for another creation.

Take a look!



print chalkboard magnetsPrint Chalkboard Magnets

This adorable chalkboard magnet is 8 1/2″ x 11″, leaving plenty of room for your logo as well as your customers’ messages. Wipe the surface clean and it’s ready to go again. Here’s a magnet I wouldn’t mind seeing on my fridge or file cabinet. Cute!



custom chalkbaord calender magnetCustomize Chalkboard Calendar Magnets with Your Logo

Here’s one more chalkboard magnet worth mentioning. It’s a generously sized magnet (11″ x 17″), leaving plenty of space for both your company name and logo as well as a place for all those events that need to be written in with chalk. Fun!



llogo chalkboard stemwareChalkboard Stemware with Your Personal Message or Company Name and Logo

Speaking of fun, get your choice of chalkboard colors–black, green, or red–at the base of this cool stemware. Your logo or personal message is permanently printed on the glass, but the chalkboard? Anything goes.



logo chalkboard pilsner glassChalkboard Pilsner Glasses

Even the manly pilsner glass can be given the chalkboard treatment. Chalkboard imprint on one side, your logo on the other side. It’s a pretty fun and trendy way to keep track of who is drinking that beer, don’t you think?




print chalkboard tumblersChalkboard Double Wall Tumblers

This 11 oz tumbler with silicone lid has a ton of chalkboard space. Your logo is permanently printed on the chalkboard surface, but there’s still plenty of space for your customers and clients to customize these to their own liking with a simple piece of chalk.



There’s no denying that chalk is fun. Think chalk is a fun, trendy, and fabulous way to brand your business? Give the Show Your Logo sales team a call to set you up with the products you need for a terrific low price.






Blacking Out High Prices at Show Your Logo

Tricks AND Treats

Kathie receives some holiday treats from Don at Show Your Logo.


Show Your Logo Has the Best Prices in the Industry Licked

The Power of Promotional Tote Bags: Take Our Quiz

custom-shopping-bagsHow many of you own a promotional tote bag? If you don’t, you should! The sooner we do away with the bulk of those plastic Wal-Mart bags, the better. Nabbing a few plastic Wal-Mart bags here and there to be repurposed as trash bags is acceptable in my book, but letting them blow in the breeze or wind up in a landfill is a travesty.

There are plenty of good reasons to hand out promotional tote bags, and the preservation of our environment is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine all the plastic bags you use with just one stock up trip to the grocery store. Multiply that by the thousands of people who visit big box stores each day and the image is staggering. Encouraging consumers–and your customers–to use promotional tote bags is a terrific way to brand your business and do good for our planet.

ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) recently came out with some interesting statistics on the power of promotional tote bags that might just entice you into seeking these products to promote your brand. Take this quiz to test out your knowledge of the power of promotional tote bags. Check your answers at the bottom of this post.



1) What’s the average cost per impression made by promotional tote bags?

A) 1 cent

B) $1.00

C) 10 cents

D) 1/10 of 1 cent



2) What other popular promotional product ties with tote bags as having the lowest cost per impression in the United States?

A) stress relievers

B) pens

C) stress relievers

D) pencils


3) Which promotional product generates more impressions than another other logoed item in the United States?

A) tote bags

B) pens

C) stress relievers

D) bumper stickers


4) What percentage of consumers report owning a promotional bag?

A) 10%

B) 15%

C) 31%

D) 46%


5) Consumers in which city report owning the most promotional tote bags?

A) New York

B) Philadelphia

C) San Francisco

D) Chicago



Check your Answers Here

1-D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-C, 5-C



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