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“Don’t Get Comfortable” — I don’t get it.

Why I don’t get American Giant’s “Don’t Get Comfortable” slogan. In the promotional products and apparel industry, we at Show Your Logo have a lot of customers who are looking for a number of different things when it comes to purchasing apparel. Some are looking for strictly the fastest turnaround time. Others wish to find… Read more »

I’m With Stupid T-shirts, Part III-Can I get a spell check?

Stop it right there. I know what you are thinking. “Really? Another blog about t-shirts? What else could be said about promotional t-shirts and branding?” PLENTY! I am still debating though (for your sake) if I should just leave this a three-part series. In my first blog post, I noted how the wearer of apparel… Read more »

Does Social Media Influence Your Purchasing Choices?

Last month Business Week released a short blurb talking about advertising and online marketing, saying that only 5% of Americans claim that social media has a large influence on what they buy and 30% claiming that it had only some influence. The percentages shift slightly amongst millennials, but not a great deal. Some feel that… Read more »

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