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October is…PINK

October is great. The temperature is cooling down a bit, the leaves are changing colors, kids are back to the books, football and chili are part of every Sunday, and Fall is here! One of the most important reasons why October is great though, is because it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s PINK… Read more »

I’m With Stupid T-shirts, Part III-Can I get a spell check?

Stop it right there. I know what you are thinking. “Really? Another blog about t-shirts? What else could be said about promotional t-shirts and branding?” PLENTY! I am still debating though (for your sake) if I should just leave this a three-part series. In my first blog post, I noted how the wearer of apparel… Read more »

Does Social Media Influence Your Purchasing Choices?

Last month Business Week released a short blurb talking about advertising and online marketing, saying that only 5% of Americans claim that social media has a large influence on what they buy and 30% claiming that it had only some influence. The percentages shift slightly amongst millennials, but not a great deal. Some feel that… Read more »