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Promotional Golf Products for Members of Congress

custom flag cooler bags


I  love seeing my tax dollars put to good use, don’t you?

First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly employs a staff of 20, some of whom enjoy six-figure salaries on our dime. Twenty? For real? Are they playing “Words with Friends” on their government-supplied iPads all day?

VP Joe Biden, I’ve read, has a staffer for his personal residence, also at taxpayers’ expense. Seriously? The guy can’t employ his own cook and housekeeper like the rest of us? (HAHAHAHA!)

And our President? He’s decided that now is good time to rehab the Oval Office. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? I’ve always hated that stripy wallpaper in there and paint is cheap. Or…maybe it’s not. President Obama will utilize a second office that will be constructed for his use during the $376 million renovation that will take place at the White House. I guess they’re not shopping at Home Depot. In fact, I’m certain they’re buying some bullet proof paint at $50K a gallon from a factory in China. And the Oval Office will require no less than three coats, expertly applied by highly trained painters commanding six figure salaries.

It’s been reported that nearly one million government workers will no be paid during the government shut down. That sucks for them because missing a paycheck can make it awfully tough to pay the bills. This is how we treat our veterans?

Who will get paid? The president and every member of Congress, of course.

Therefore, I thought it was timely to present these slackers with some promotional golf gear they could probably use on the golf course during their taxpayer-funded vacations.


custom heart golf keychainsI Heart Golf Keychains

Imprint Ideas:

“I’d Rather Be Golfing.”

“Shutdown 2013″



cooler bag golf kitsPromotional 6-pack Cooler Bags

Imprint idea:

“Government Shutdown 2013: I went golfing and all the taxpayers bought me was this lousy six pack.”




logo golf bagsCustomized Golf Bags

Because the taxpayers might as well buy all their golf gear. We seem to buy everything else. Charge it!



Taxpayers, what are your thoughts on the government shutdown?


6 Popular Promotional Golf Kits for Your Golf Event

Today marks day three of Take Your Daughter to the Golf Course Week. Have you scheduled your tee time yet? Golf events like these abound all summer long. If your company or organization is hosting a golf event, you’re probably going to need some give away golf gifts. No matter what you have in mind, be it logo golf apparel, high end golf bags, or a simple ball marker, Show Your Logo can deliver for a competitive low price.

Another option in golf give aways? Custom printed golf kits. Are you aware that there are many kinds of golf kits available for customization? Golf kits are an extremely practical, easy way to gift your golfers, brand your business, and save some cash. When you print on golf kits, you’re printing on a number of promotional products, maximizing the opportunity to make impressions. All kits come to you assembled–no worries about stuffing 500 golf towels into 500 water bottles all by yourself!

Take a look at some of our best-selling golf kits.


cooler bag golf kits

RCC Koozie 6 Pack Kooler Golf Event Kit

Here is a golf kit that covers all the bases! The cooler bag comes packed with 2 golf balls, 2 quarter mark ball markers, 1 plastic divot tool, 1 golf towel, and a 1 oz bottle of sunscreen lotion. All items are imprinted with your logo to give it the exposure it deserves.




cheap golf gift setGolf Tag-in-a-bag Gift Set 

Are you looking for a more budget-friendly golf gift set? Check out these handy golf kits. It includes a round golf bag tag and 2 TopFlite recycled golf balls inside a mini zippered non-woven bag.




popular golf gift setsGolf Gift Set with 22 oz Tinted Bike Bottle, Divot Tool, 4 Tees, and Golf Towel

Pack your logo into these custom printed water bottles. Some fantastic golf items are included and assembled into the bottle for no additional charge.





cheap golf gift setsGolf-in-a-Bag Gift Sets

These affordable kits include a divot repair tool as well as a ball marker, 4 golf tees, and a TopFlite recycled golf ball. All items are placed inside the mini zippered non-woven bag.




tumbler golf event kitsGolf Gift Set with Bayfront Tumbler, Divot Tool, 4 Golf Tees, and Golf Towel

Looking for an item that’s been a hit with many other customers stocking up for their golf event? Acrylic tumblers are popular items everywhere you go. Double wall insulation keeps your beverage of choice colder longer, even under the blazing sun on the golf course. These cool kits include a divot tool, 4 golf tees, and a golf towel. Kits come to you assembled at no extra charge.



custom golf gift sets

Golf and Suncare in a Bag Gift Set

These printed, non-woven bags come to you packed with some golf course essentials: a divot repair tool, a ball marker, a TopFlite recycled golf ball, 4 tees, one antiseptic towel, 1 packet of SPF 30 sunscreen, and one packet of lip balm. Nice!



Pretty amazing and easy-to-order golf gifts, right? If you like something you see or have something else in mind and need a quote, contact the Show Your Logo sales team. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect promotional products that suit your branding needs as well as your budget.


Seven Affordable Promotional Key Chains for Your Golf Event

Good news, golfers! This week marks day two of “Take Your Daughter to the Golf Course Week.” Don’t have a daughter? Borrow one. You know somebody who has one, and it’s a great excuse to go golfing. To mark the grand occasion, we’re showcasing some promotional golf gifts. They’re practical, affordable give aways good for golfers all year long.

What makes the game of golf even sweeter for every golfer of every age? Free golf stuff, of course. Show Your Logo is your source for every kind of golf gift for every kind of golfer—from the beginners to the pros.

Today is all about golf key chains. We have custom golf key rings suitable for the most serious of golfers to the novice third-grader picking up a club for the first time. Take a look!

custom golf tool keychainsBogey Golf Tool Keychain

This golf promo item has several important functions in one convenient product. The tool contains a ball marker, brush, divot tool, spike, wrench, knife, and pen. These features are made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. Bristle is made of plastic. Golfers will use this handy key ring for years, and your logo is certain to benefit.



print golf ball keyringsGolf Ball Key Ring

This item is pretty basic, but it’s an economic way to show off your logo and save some green…the kind for your wallet.




print golf key ringsThe Iron Keychain

These fine, golf-themed specimens are a hole in one for your golf outing. Shaped like a golf iron, they’ll make your company name and logo shine. They’ll be a frequent reminder of your golf event as well as your company’s name, logo, and contact information. Laser engraving is included in the price of these items.



print golf charms keychainsGolf Charms Key Rings

This charming key ring features a golf ball, a putting green, and a club. A polished chrome finish coupled with the bright green enamel on the putting green charm makes this key ring a winner.



divot tool with lightLight Up Divot Tool Key Chain

It’s a divot tool! It’s a key chain. It has a light! Three functions in one product? Nice.




custom golf bag keychainsGolf Bag Keychains

There will be no questioning your sport of choice when you organize your keys on this golf bag keychain. Customize with your company name and logo or personal message.



custom heart golf keychains


I Heart Golf Keychains

Are you devoted to golf? Do you know some golfers who can or should adore the game of golf? Then these promotional keychains are just right for you.



To inquire about these promotional golf key rings or any additional custom golf gifts, contact the sales team at Show Your Logo. We’ll put you on the road to a successful company golf outing.



10 Reasons to Show Your Logo On Quality, Cheap Custom Polos

cheap custom polos

Anvil Cotton Deluxe polos can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo for a competitive low price at Show Your Logo.

If you own a business or run an organization of any kind, custom logo apparel is a must-have when shopping and budgeting for promotional products. Whether your employees’ wardrobe requires business suits or t-shirts on a daily basis, there’s room on either end of the wardrobe continuum for custom polo shirts. Polo shirts and business casual go together like Sunday school and brunch. You can choose to see a custom polo shirt as dressing up (for you t-shirt regulars) or dressing down (for business-casual Fridays). They’re great for that golf outing followed by Sunday brunch, too.

Here are ten reasons we at Show Your Logo love our huge selection of quality, cheap custom polos.

1) Donning a 100% cotton polo is just as comfortable to wear as that 100% cotton t-shirt.

2) A comfortable custom shirt is a shirt that makes it out of the closet.

3) Custom polo shirts that make it out of the closet give your logo the visibility it deserves.

4) Print or embroider your logo or other pertinent company details on the chest, on the sleeve, or centered on the back of the polo just under the collar. No matter. All locations look sharp! Go crazy if you want and choose all three print or embroidery locations.

5) Cheap custom polos are available in a huge selection of colors. Brand your business with conservative colors like navy, black, or white, or go a completely different route and be bold. Lime green. Purple. Banana. (Truly. “Banana” is a color option.)

6) You can choose to order cheap custom polos in styles manufactured for women. In order to enjoy wearing a company custom polo, women prefer not to appear shapeless.

7) Buttons. How do you wear your polos? All buttons undone? One undone? Or buttoned up all the way? (Is it me…or can you tell a lot about a person by the way they button their polo shirts?)

8) Collars. I’m dating myself here, but anybody remember the eighties when it was cool to wear the collar of your polos up near your ears? Do you think that will ever make a comeback? (No.)

9) Unlike a dress shirt, a polo shirt doesn’t have to visit the dry cleaner or set up a meeting with the iron. No offense, dry cleaners, but I hate the drop off, the pick up, and the prices. I hate irons even more. Who’s with me?!

10) What’s not to love about polo shirt days? Golf outings? Casual Friday? Brunch? It’s all good.

Be sure to shop our impressive selection of custom, company polo shirts. From our super-affordable, 100% cotton polos to our brand name wicking polo shirts, we have the custom printed polo shirts you need at prices your budget and your employees are going to love. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for a quote on polos or any of our 750,000 promotional products.





15 Quotes to Print on Your Promotional Golf Products

custom golf teesIt’s golf season. If you’re on the hunt for some affordable, promotional golf items as well as some amusing or inspirational quotes about the sport, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of quotes in this post that are pithy enough to print on any of our promotional golf products. Take a look.

1) “It’s good sportsmanship not to pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.” ~Mark Twain

2) “The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.” ~Billy Graham

3) “Golf is a game in which you yell ‘fore,’ shoot six, and write down five.” ~Paul Harvey

4) “I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.” ~Gilbert K. Chesteron

5) “Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.” ~Dave Barry

6) “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” ~P.G. Wodehouse

7) “The secret of golf is to turn three shots into two.” ~Bobby Jones

8) “It’s a funny thing. The more I practice, the luckier I get.” ~Arnold Palmer

9) “A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave.” ~Jack Nicklaus

10) “This is a game of misses. The guy who misses the best is going to win.” ~Ben Hogan

11) “There is an old saying: if a man comes home with sand in his cuffs and cockleburs in his pants, don’t ask him what he shot.” ~Sam Snead

12) “I’ve spent most of my life golfing – the rest I’ve just wasted.” ~Unknown

13) “If you think golf is relaxing, you’re not playing it right.” ~Bob Hope

14) “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” ~Winston Churchill

15) “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: It’s called an eraser.” ~Arnold Palmer

Any one of these quotes would look great imprinted on a sports bottle, some custom golf balls, a golf shoe bag, or any of our 750,000 promotional products you feel would best market your business at that company golf event. Contact Show Your Logo today. We’re more than happy to help you find the products perfect for your branding needs as well as your budget.


High End Golf Gifts Are Good for Obama and Good for You

If I were presented with the task of finding a suitable gift for one world leader to present to another world leader, I might balk. I might briefly consider a iPod like Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave to President Obama. I would worry, though, that he already had one of those. Or an iPhone, which is like an iPod only better.

I can tell you that I would not consider the $40,000 photograph the governor of Rio de Janeiro gifted to President Obama. Not in the budget.

And then I might turn to high end golf gifts, just as German Chancellor Angela Merkel did. Merkel reportedly gifted President Obama with $1,400 of golf equipment, including some Kramski putters with head covers. (I personally wonder if she had them custom printed with the presidential seal, but the article didn’t indicate whether or not this is so.)

High end golf gifts, customized to your specifications, are clearly a great gift option. World leaders are doing it. That means you should, too. Show Your Logo is your source for high end golfer gifts, whether you’re printing them for world leaders, CEO’s, or some valued employees.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite high end golf gifts for you right here. All may be customized any way you like. Company logo? Personal message? Presidential seal? No problem.

shoe bags with logo



Custom Shoe Bags

What’s better than a custom printed shoe bag? Simple. A custom printed shoe bag with a high end pair of golf shoes tucked inside. You can always stop by the pro shop before the game. There are always nice shoes there.


logo titleist golf balls


Custom Titleist Golf Balls

These golf balls would look pretty slick with the presidential seal on them, but then again, they look pretty slick with just about any logo on them. No matter what you decide to print upon your custom golf balls, theses high quality promotional products are guaranteed to please.



promotional golf accessoriesCustom Golf Club Head Covers

Remember, President Obama’s golf clubs came with head covers! You can customize head covers for your own golf outing guests right here at Show Your Logo.




logo golf bags


Custom Golf Bags 

These high quality golf bags can be custom printed with your company name and logo, the name of your organization, or a personal message. This is a gift they truly won’t soon forget.




embroidered windbreakersEmbroider Windbreakers

Even in the dog days of summer an early tee time can arrive with a chill in the air. These custom windbreakers will keep those golfers comfortable and focused on the game.




embroider shirtsHigh Quality, Embroidered Golf Shirts 

A name brand, custom embroidered wicking golf shirt is a great gift. These Nike shirts are one of many high quality, brand name choices available for customization here at Show Your Logo.




Do you have something else in mind? No problem. We can customize 750,000 promotional products any way you like them. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today. We can help you find the right promotional gifts at the right price whether you’re prepping to gift the president of a company or the president of the free world.

6 Must-Have Custom Apparel Items for Your Company Golf Outing

It’s been a chilly Spring in Chicagoland this year, but that hasn’t stopped local golfers from dusting off their clubs. No matter the weather, I’ve spotted them on the local courses that aren’t even green yet. In fact, I’d describe the local courses as downright muddy.

With such unpredictable weather (it was 70 degrees for a few hours the other day), it’s a great idea to order an assortment of custom golf apparel for your upcoming golf outing. Hope for great weather and sunny skies, but prepare for chillier temps and rain. Show Your Logo can deliver high quality, logo golf apparel suitable for all weather conditions. Here are a few of our favorite golf apparel items.

printed golf shirts

Gildan Ultra Cotton Jersey Knit Sport Shirt

Offered in eight masculine colors, these 100% cotton, pre-shrunk custom golf shirts are an affordable option. With an as low as price of $5.40 each (for higher quantity orders), you can afford to print these up for the biggest golf outing you’ve ever hosted. Sizes adult S – 2XL.




print women polo shirts

Jerzees Ladies’ Johnny Collar Polo Shirts

Women unanimously appreciate a promotional shirt made for women. If you’re expecting women to attend your company golf outing, print up some shirts just for them. This custom women’s polo shirt, available in seven colors, is a 50/50 blend designed to fit women well. Adult sizes S – 2XL with an as low of price of $6.23 (applies to higher quantity orders).



print corporate polo shirts

Adidas Men’s ClimaLite Corporate Polo Shirts

Dress to impress when you order these high quality, brand name shirts for your golf outing. Six manly colors in sizes S – 3XL ensure that employees will look fantastic and ready to win wearing your company colors and logo. 100% poly with a hydophilic finish means no one will see you sweat, even when the pressure is on to sink the shot. Our as low as price: $24.21/each (applies to high quantity orders).



custom weatherproof jackets

Custom Weatherproof Jackets

I don’t golf, but I just sat through eight soccer games in one weekend. In the rain. That experience was made much more tolerable with the application of a a weatherproof jacket to my person. For the avid golfer who refuses to come out of the rain, a weatherproof jacket is an excellent promotional gift. This beauty, with an as low as price of $33.11 each (for those higher quantity orders), is available in seven colors, sizes S – 3XL. I must mention the grey, fleece lining to help keep the chill out. Nice.


custom pullover windbreaker Badger MicroFiber Embroidered Windbreakers

If you just need some protection from that crazy wind that hooks your ball in the wrong direction, these microfiber embroidered windbreakers may be just the thing. They’re water resistant, too, which is perfect for protection from a light rain. Five color choices help you show off your company colors and logo, and sizes ranging from S- 3XL ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Our as low as price: $25.50/each for those higher quantity orders.


custom washed caps


Washed Caps

Anticipating a lot of sunshine or a light rain? Either way, these washed caps are going to go over well. Protection from the elements is what it’s all about. Nine color options with an as low as price of $4.49/each (applies to higher quantity orders).


Is there a golf apparel item you want that you didn’t see here? Check out our website for many more options. Contact the promotional products experts on our sales team to help you discover even more items to help you prepare for that upcoming company golf outing. With 750,000 products available for customization, we have all the promo items you need in one convenient location. From custom golf apparel to custom printed golf balls and clubs, you name it, we’ll print on it.

15 Promotional Products Perfect for that Upcoming Company Golf Outing

It’s only the beginning of April, but the first round of fertilizer has been applied to the lawn. The grass should begin greening up any day now. You know what that means, golfers! Green grass and blue skies ahead. Yes, it’s time to start thinking about that company golf outing and getting back into the swing of the game.

You certainly don’t want your golf outing guests to walk away empty handed. Give them something to remember the day as well as your company name and logo long after the sun has set on the eighteenth hole. Here are fifteen of our favorite, golf-themed promotional products.


cheap golf gifts1) Custom Scramble Golf Kits. This is an easy purchase and a great gift for all your favorite golfing buddies. Get a 28 oz bottle, ten golf tees, a golf towel, and a Wilson golf ball. Every golfer will appreciate the golf gear in this kit, custom printed to your specifications. It’s a great value.




cheap custom golf umbrellas


2) Custom Golf Umbrellas. The sun can be intense on that golf course. Protect your guests from those damaging rays with a gift of these custom golf umbrellas. This is a gift they’ll appreciate season after season, showing off your logo every time it’s unfurled. Now that’s cool.




logo golf towels3) Logo Golf Towels. There are so many uses for golf towels while out on the green. Dry those sweaty palms to ensure an adequate grip on the clubs. A wet golf ball can also affect your game, so dry those off, too. Of course, it’s extremely important to keep your clubs moisture free. No one wants to see those expensive clubs get rusty.



custom golf balls


4) Custom Golf Balls. Every golf game requires golf balls. Why not print up your own company golf balls? Keep your company name and logo forefront in the minds of all those golfers all day long. Of course, you can invite golfers to keep their golf balls after the game is over. A brand, spanking news box of imprinted golf balls is also a great parting gift.



printed golf tees

5) Printed Golf Tees. Make golf tees, customized with your company name and logo or personal message, a part of your golf give away. Our knowledgeable, helpful sales team can help you put together a golf gift package those golfers will love.




personalized divot tools6) Personalized Divot Tools. It’s a divot tool. It’s a keychain. It’s a divot tool keychain! These golf tools are a great value, a great way to make frequent impressions on your customers, and a terrific part of your next golf giveaway. Think of it. Every time your golf outing attendees reach for their keys attached to these divot tool keychains, they’ll come in contact with your company name and logo. Nice.



golf tournament gifts

7) Golf Tournament Gifts. These custom golf gift packs are a super affordable way to ensure your golf outing attendees don’t leave without something to remember your company. If you’re on a tight budget, these are a terrific option. Kit includes four golf tees, a divot tools, and a golf ball marker.




print ditty bags


8) Custom Ditty Bags. An economical choice, these ditty bags include a zipper closure and a carabiner for easy attachment to your golf bag. Keep cash, ID, and small essentials close at hand.



logo golf gloves9) Logo Golf Gloves. Keep a firm grip on your clubs when you take a swing wearing these custom golf gloves. Anti-microbial properties plus ventilation keeps your hands dry and gloves stink-free.




logo golf bags


 10) Logo Golf Bags. What golfer wouldn’t love to be the recipient of one of these fantastic, Wilson Pro Lite golf bags? Give a promotional gift they won’t soon forget when you make these golf bags your golf outing gift of choice.




print golf tools11) Golf Multi-Tools. Here’s another high quality promotional gift they’ll use and off the golf course. This 7-in-1 golf tool is another memorable item certain to make frequent impressions on your customers. This stainless steel tool includes tools necessary for being a tough competitor. The knife, ballpoint pen, and keychain are handy items to use both on and off the green.



cheap golf covers 

12) Custom Golf Covers. What’s that peeking out of that golf bag? Oh. It’s a company logo splashed all over protective golf covers. The company name is visible to everyone on the green. Get in on that action when you order these affordable golf covers from Show Your Logo.



promotional golf accessories

13) Covers for Oversized Drivers. When you’re dealing with an oversized driver, you need an oversized headcover that can give your club the protection it deserves. Great promotional gift for serious golfers with serious clubs.




customized polo shirts

14) Customized Polo Shirts. Outfit your employees in these sharp, affordable company polos before the game. Custom printed polos look great on and off the green. Of course, the gift of a company golf shirt is always appreciated. Print them up for your golf outing attendees.




custom adidas jackets15) Custom Adidas Jackets. Those nearly pre-dawn tee times can get downright chilly. If you’re looking for a high end promotional golf gift, check out these Adidas jackets. The name brand is certain to impress, and their quality won’t disappoint. These jackets will get a lot of wear both on and off the golf course, carrying your logo every step of the way.




Are you in need of additional inspiration? Contact our knowledgeable sales team for expert advice on the promotional products that best suit your branding needs as well as your budget. With 750,000 promotional products, we have what you need, guaranteed!

Promotional Sports Bottle a Hole in One at Company Golf Outing

The greatest golf outing marketing item I ever received was totally unexpected.  A lot of people might not think of a sports bottle as the greatest golf event give away, but paired with the right presentation it is.

Picture this: It is 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity.  You are slogging through another corporate golf outing just trying to not look like a fool.  Then you come to a hole where a person is handing out sports bottles.  As you mop the sweat from your face, you think to yourself, “A sports bottle filled with cold water would be very refreshing.”  What’s even more refreshing than ice cold water on a golf course when it’s over 100 degrees outside?  Hands down, the answer is a sports bottle filled with an icy cold margarita.

The point is a promotional item is only as exciting as you make it.  I have said for years that I can take any promo item and make it fit any event.  It is all in the message and art that is printed on the items.  You can make the message as boring or as fun as you want.  The fun marketing pieces are the ones that people tend to talk about for years to come.  I cannot remember who gave me the cold towel on one of the holes at that same golf outing, but I can tell you the name of the vendor and the person who handed me the sports bottle filled with that icy cold, refreshing margarita.

The message could be as simple as funny sayings on the golf tees.  The Custom Scramble Golf Kit is great for golf outings and getting your message out there.  There are many different items that can all be printed with different messages.  Mix it up and make your next corporate golf outing more fun.  Can’t think of anything fun or creative?  Contact us and we can do it for you.


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