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Aquatic Animal Stress Balls Make a Whale of a Business Promotion

Looking for a whale of a great marketing promotion? Custom stress relievers are an irresistible, affordable way to spend a little and get a great return on your investment. Whether you choose to hand out stress toys at the trade show, conference, or other event you have planned or whether you include custom printed stress relievers in a mailing, they’re an affordable, memorable option for branding your business and getting your logo the attention it deserves.

Are you in need of promotional stress relievers with an ocean or aquatic theme? Check out the product images below to see some of the options available to you.

custom whale stress relievers

Whale Stress Relievers

Alaskan cruise? Beach front resort with charter boat trips with anticipated aquatic wildlife viewing? Or maybe you just operate a splash park for little kids. Whatever the case may be, if a whale stress toy fits your brand, this squishy promo product will look great with your logo.



custom stringray stress relievers

Print Stingray Stress Relievers

With the barbs removed, these guys are completely harmless. (No worries. The stress ball variety is completely barb-free.) Ever held one? It’s like holding a giant, wet, quivering mushroom. If you’re operating a place where the kids (and the parents) can swim and/or “pet” the stingrays, here’s a great way to promote that fact.



custom starfish stress relievers

Promotional Starfish Stress Relievers

My kids used to call the aquarium the “fish museum.” If you’re in charge of operating one of those, chances are you’re in charge of a few starfish. Promote your business with these fun-filled promotional products. Distribute them with admission, sell them in the gift shop, or mail them off with membership documents.



custom squid stress relievers

Custom Squid Stress Relievers

Hosting an exhibition on giant squids? Is a squid part of your company logo? Let this promo product get your message across loud and clear.




print shark stress relievers

Promotional Shark Stress Relievers

Sharks have a place in all kinds of products and logos. I’m thinking of a certain steam mop which requires a certain level of fierceness to tackle the floors around here. If a shark is a part of your logo, this affordable promotional product may be just the thing for your next marketing campaign.



custom seashell stress relievers

Custom Seashell Stress Relievers

Beachside resort? A calming spa? A gift shop by the sea? Whatever it is that makes your business resonate with seashells, you and your customers will enjoy these promotional seashell stress toys.



sea lion stress relieversPrint Sea Lion Stress Relievers

Whether you’re thinking of printing on these guys to promote a business, a zoo, or a preservation objective, these promotional sea lion stress toys will preserve your marketing budget.




sea horse stress relievers

Print Sea Horse Stress Relievers

These unusual fish find their way into logos on a regular basis, too. They’re also the subject of many popular aquarium exhibits. We know there are plenty of you out there whose brand could benefit from promotional sea horse stress toys. Sea horses are fascinating in real life with their unusual shape…and unusual reproductive capabilities. Did you know that male sea horses have a pouch in which they can carry up to 2,000 babies? This particular squishy foam creature will fascinate with your logo.


custom orca stress relievers


Custom Orca Stress Relievers

These guys, also known as killer whales, are popular theme park attractions. Print these up for the gift shop!



custom octopus stress relieversPromotional Octopus Stress Relievers

Octopuses come in many sizes. Just check out the tanks at various aquariums around the country. All those arms make them look very efficient at multi-tasking, making them an excellent choice to include in certain logos. Have you read, watched, or witnessed how smart these creatures are? They can open jars to get at a meal.



print lobster stress relieversLobster Stress Relievers

Whether you’re marketing lobster tails to dip in butter, an exhibit, or a lobster boat tour, these promotional lobster stress relievers will do nicely to brand your business.



Do you have another ocean-themed stress ball shape in mind? No problem! Contact the knowledgeable sales team at Show Your Logo. We’ll help you find the perfect promotional products to brand your business and get the customers swimming through your doors.

Farm Animal Stress Relievers

custom cow stress relievers

Got milk? You may just want to print your logo on promotional cow-shaped stress relievers from Show Your Logo.

With so many custom stress balls to choose from at Show Your Logo, we can’t help but to bring you a new category of these fun-filled promos on a regular basis. What do we have for you today? Promotional stress relievers with a farm animal theme.

Whether you’re a dairy farmer selling organic milk to the locals or chicken farming giant, we have the farm-themed, custom printed stress relievers your customers won’t soon forget.

What other types of businesses are brought to mind when look at this selection of stress balls?  Children’s books featuring animals as protagonists. Ice cream shops. The dairy section of the grocery store. Petting zoos. Chicken sandwiches and scrambled eggs. The pet store where my kid regularly begs for a pet rabbit.

So is there a farm animal in your company logo? See if one of these adorable creatures would serve your brand well with some cheap yet super effective promotional marketing.





promotional egg stress relievers


Chicken Egg Stress Relievers

Available in the brown or white variety, these egg shaped stress balls look just like the real thing.








promotional chicken stress relievers


Chicken Stress Relievers

If you have a need for egg shaped stress reliever, there’s a good chance you might need the chicken, too. Here it is.










promotional turkey stress relievers


Turkey Stress Relievers

Whether you’re in the business of raising turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner or serving the finished meal with stuffing and all, these turkeys are a terrific way to market your brand.









print horse stress relievers

Horse Stress Relievers

Horseback riding business? Free rides at the fair? Own a stable? If you’re in the business of horses, these promotional stress relievers will get the word out.










promotional pig stress relieversPig Stress Relievers

Hosting a pig roast? Selling some BBQ ribs? Print whatever message you like on the backs of these little pigs.










custom sheep stress relievers


Sheep Stress Relievers

Maybe you sell mattresses and want your customers to envision counting sheep. Maybe you own a petting zoo. Or sell wool mittens. The possibilities for farm animal stress relievers are practically boundless!








promotional rabbit stress relieversCustom Rabbit Stress Relievers

What words come to mind when you look at this rabbit?


Petting zoos, Easter, jelly beans, magic shows.

How did you do?







Need a custom printed farm animal? These foam guys will have to do, but you can count on the power of promotional products to brand your business and market your product for a terrific low price when you order from Show Your Logo.





Zoo Animal Promotional Stress Relievers from A to Z

School supplies may be out in abundance, but there’s still plenty of time for a trip to the zoo. No zoo visit is complete without the purchase of some sort of promotional item! If you’re in charge of stocking the shop displays in the zoo gift shop, check out some of our super affordable, fun-to-squeeze promotional stress balls with a zoo animal theme. Whether you choose to sell zoo animal stress relievers or give them away, one thing is for certain: everyone loves a squishy zoo animal stress toy.

Of course, there are plenty of companies and athletic teams who utilize fearsome zoo animals in their logos. Is your school mascot a ferocious beast? Chances are we have a promotional stress ball to match.

No matter why you may need custom stress relievers, Show Your Logo can customize them with the name of your zoo, business, organization, or athletic team and give your logo the exposure it deserves. Here are a few of our favorite zoo-themed promotional stress relievers.


custom alligator stress relievers

Alligator Stress Relievers

A is for Alligator. This foam variety won’t take a huge bite out of your marketing budget.





custom dolphin stress relievers

Dolphin Stress Relievers

Print your company name and logo on dolphin stress toys for a great low price at Show Your Logo.






custom elephant stress relievers

Elephant Stress Relievers

Any Republicans out there in need of stress balls? These would suit your party just fine.





print frog stress relievers

Frog Stress Relievers

Frogs certainly aren’t fierce (as far as I know), but I guess they can swim. My childhood swim team? The Frogs.





print giraffe stress relievers

Giraffe Stress Relievers

I always thought giraffes were passive creatures…until I saw a giraffe fight. My advice: keep giraffes on your good side.




custom hippo stress relievers

Hippo Stress Relievers

Sure, this hippo stress toy looks cute in its foam form, but did you know many people consider hippos the most dangerous animal in Africa?




print kangaroo stress relievers

Kangaroo Stress Relievers

Not so fierce and kind of cute. Great jumpers. Cool pouches for carrying baby kangaroos. One of the stranger animals I have had the opportunity to “pet” in my lifetime.




custom moose stress relieversMoose Stress Relievers

Some zoos actually have moose exhibits, although it’s more fun to see them in the wild. I once saw a moose in Grand Teton National Park. I saw another at the Milwaukee Zoo.



polar bear stress relievers


Polar Bear Stress Relievers

Here’s another animal that looks cute but is actually quite deadly. What a great mascot!



print tiger stress relievers

Tiger Stress Relievers

Tiger stress relievers will make your company name and logo roar.




custom wolf stress relievers

Wolf Stress Relievers

Wolves make for a pretty popular mascot. Show off your team name and logo on these affordable stress toys.





custom zebra stress relievers

Zebra Stress Relievers

Z is for Zebra. The manufacturer left just enough room between this guy’s charming stripes for your logo.




If you’re in the market for promotional zoo animal stress relievers, Show Your Logo can certainly deliver. Looking for a specific animal shaped stress ball you don’t see here? No problem. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for help with your order.


Score a Sweet Deal on Dessert Promotional Stress Balls

Dessert is STRESSED spelled backwards. Today we bring you several delightful, dessert-themed stress relievers to help you and yours de-stress without consuming all those calories. These promotional dessert toys can be thrown, punched, hit, and kicked. Heck, you might even burn a few calories in the process. If you’re in need of a promotional product with a delicious dessert theme, have we got some delectable looking choices for you. What’s more, when you order your dessert promotional stress relievers from Show Your Logo, you can count on scoring an exceptionally sweet deal.

Take a look at just five of your stress ball dessert options:


custom cake stress relievers

Promotional Cake Stress Relievers

Is your organization or company celebrating a birthday? Share the good news with your customers or clients with a custom printed birthday cake…you know…the kind that can withstand shipping. Zero calories!





ice cream stress relievers

Custom Ice Cream Cone Stress Relievers

Looking for a cool looking treat that doesn’t require an actual freezer? Looking for an affordable, fun promotional product with a ice cream theme? These pink ice cream cone stress balls look good enough to eat…and look even better customized with your logo.




dessert stress relievers

Print Ice Cream Bar Stress Relievers

If you need the world to know you sell ice cream bars, printing on these adorable stress relievers is a great way to share the message. What’s more, once your customers receive this promotional gift, they’re going to be hungry for that ice cream.




custom cookie stress relieversPromotional Cookie Stress Relievers

Are you in the business of baked goods? Let your surrounding community know all about it when you distribute these fun-filled, cookie shaped stress balls.




custom doughnut stress relieversPrint Doughnut Stress Relievers

Donuts and cupcakes seem to be the big thing in desserts right now. Our community has several new bake shops specializing in donuts and cupcakes. Here’s a great way to get the word out about your business, your location, and your contact information.



Hungry for more? Contact the Show Your Logo sales team. We sell the promotional stress toys you’re looking for at prices that leave room for more!

Custom Print Pet Themed Stress Relievers

custom paw stress relievers

Customize these paw shaped stress relievers with the name of your business as well as your logo.

How can you print up a 3-D business card that won’t get lost in the shuffle? How can you brand your business and keep your contact information handy for all your customers or clients? Promotional stress relievers will do the trick.

Today Show Your Logo brings you pet-themed stress relievers, which are a fun, affordable, and memorable way for veterinarians, dog groomers, pet stores, and doggie daycare/boarding centers to engage in some effective branding and marketing. Dog walking business? These promo items will do for you, too. There are plenty of businesses, animal rescue organizations, and humane societies that can benefit from a pet-themed stress ball giveaway.

The fact of the matter is that Americans spent an estimated $53 billion on pets in 2012. That’s a lot of cash. Get some of that on your books!


Dog Themed Promotional Stress Relievers 


basset hound stress relieversBasset Hound Stress Relievers

Maybe you operate a Basset Hound rescue organization. Maybe you’re a veterinarian who is simply partial to the breed. No matter. This little guy is irresistible.




custom bulldog stress relieversBulldog Stress Relievers

I find most dogs irresistible. I have to avoid the pet store when they’re hosting one of those dog rescue adoption events. I already have two dogs, four kids, a parakeet, and something like twenty fish.



custom dalmatian stress relieversDalmatian Stress Relievers

If I actually ran into this dog with that spot over his eye and he needed a home, I’d probably have three dogs. This promotional product is another keeper.




black lab stress relievers

Black Lab Stress Relievers

I never met a black labrador retriever I didn’t love. Show your logo some love when you print on these promo items.




fire hydrant stress relievers

Fire Hydrant Stress Relievers

If I had a dog walking business I would hand these out to everyone with a dog.




dog biscuit stress relievers

Dog Biscuit Stress Relievers

My local pet store has a fancy bakery case filled with freshly baked, preservative-free dog treats. Do you make those? These promotional dog biscuit stress toys may be the perfect way to brand your business.



Cat Themed Stress Relievers

orange cat stress relieversOrange Cat Stress Relievers

I’m allergic to cats. I’ve never had a cat. But if I did, I’d get an orange one. Like this.




promotional cat stress relievers

Black and White Cat Stress Relievers

Looking for a less cartoonish looking stress reliever in the shape of a cat? This guy definitely has an authentic look about him.




persian cat stress relievers

Persian Cat Stress Relievers

Here’s another realistic looking stress ball in the shape of a cat. She’s more refined than the black and white guy up above.





Other Animal-Themed Promotional Stress Relievers


tropical fish stress relievers

Tropical Fish Stress Relievers

Choose from amongst this delightful school of fish. Print your logo right across their scales and fins and brand your business for an amazing low price.









print frog stress relievers

Frog Stress Relievers

Frogs are pets, too. Well, they can be. For some people.




custom rabbit stress relieversRabbit Stress Relievers

Own a pet store? Do you sell rabbits and rabbit supplies? These promotional products may just be for you.




custom turtle stress relievers

Turtle Stress Relievers

Many pet stores sell turtles and the supplies needed to keep them alive and well. Print your logo on these adorable turtle stress relievers.




You find these guys irresistible, too, don’t you? Get going on your order of custom printed, pet-themed promotional products from Show Your Logo. Our sales team is more than happy to help you find the perfect promo items for your business as well as your budget. Contact them today!











Brand Your Business with Promotional Food Stress Balls

doughnut stress relievers

Got doughnuts to sell? Brand your business and promote your logo with custom donut stress balls.

For those of you not in the know, it’s National Doughnut Day. Rumor has it that patrons can pick up a free donut at many doughnut shops across the country. Free donuts? What better reason to stop by the local donut store ? Everybody adores free stuff, be it an edible donut or the foam, promotional product variety.

Speaking of free stuff, in honor of National Doughnut Day, we’re going to give you a glimpse of some of our favorite give away stress relievers with a mouth-watering theme: food. If you’re in the business of selling, cooking, serving, or distributing food of any kind, chances are there’s a custom stress ball to match. There will be no mistaking what kind of food you serve up when you distribute something like custom taco stress balls.

Flyers wind up in the trash. Coupons get lost in the shuffle. Promotional products like custom stress balls give your logo and company contact information some staying power.

Check out a sampling of some of the many, appetite inducing stress balls available with a fun food theme.



hamburger stress ballsCustom Hamburger Stress Balls

If hamburgers are on your menu, these colorful hamburger stress relievers may be just the place for your customers to regularly glimpse your logo, location, and phone number.




taco stress balls

  Taco Stress Balls

I can see these being thrown from a taco bus.




shrimp stress balls Shrimp Stress Balls

What? A shrimp stress ball? Yes. Yes, it exists. It’s so ugly it’s kind of cute.





avacado stress balls

Avacado Stress Balls

It looks good enough to eat. Amazing what they can do with foam these days.




corn stress balls

Corn Stress Balls

Corn is associated with all kinds of products and businesses. Whether you operate a seasonal corn farm stand or produce ethanol, this promotional corn stress reliever is a memorable way to market your product.



chili pepper stress balls


Hot Chili Pepper Stress Balls 

Need to market something that’s hot and spicy? Check out this fun-filled pepper stress toy.



carrot stress balls


Carrot Stress Balls

Produce markets and distributors. The Easter Bunny. Garden centers peddling seedlings. All could benefit from the advertising power packed into these promotional carrot stress relievers.


ice cream stress balls

 Ice Cream Cone Stress Balls

Print your logo and company contact information on this delightful promotional product. It’s way cuter than a business card.




banana stress balls

Banana Stress Balls

Your logo will look smashing on these banana stress relievers. And these bananas won’t bruise no matter how hard you beat them.




Don’t see the promotional stress ball food-item you were looking for on this list? No problem. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team and we’ll help you hunt down precisely what your brand is hungry for.


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