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Take Note of Some Music-Themed Promotional Products

Are you aware that on this day in 2002, Kelly Clarkson became the first American Idol winner?

Ok, neither was I. Until I read it in a magazine. Apparently, someone thinks this day should go down in pop culture history, and maybe they’re right. Whether or not you’re a Kelly Clarkson fan though, we have some music themed promotional products to expand your brand, promote a music event, or simply thank your customers for doing business.


promotional headphone splitter


Promotional Headphone Splitter

Want to share your expansive iTunes library from one MP3 player. Done! Give away these custom printed headphone splitters to all those kids who listen to music on the bus on the long ride home from school. Give them away to anyone who enjoys sharing the music they love and promote your brand for the long haul.



promotional radio pedometer

Custom Printed Radio Pedometers

Count steps and calories burned while listening to the radio with this sweet yet affordable giveaway. Why give away an ordinary pedometer when you can add some music to your steps?




promotional mp3 players

Promotional MP3 Players

These promotional MP3 players come with ear buds and a white case with a silicone cover as well as a built-in rechargeable battery and USB cord and silver gift box. Compatible with Windows and MAC OS. Choose from black, white, orange, lime green, light blue, and purple. There’s a color here to meet everyone in your target market!




print shower radios

Print on Custom Foam Shower Radios

Sing right along to Kelly Clarkson…or whoever…in the shower with the addition of these branded promotional shower radios.




credit card MP3 playersPrint on Promotional Credit Card Sized MP3 Players

Here’s another fantastic, affordable option in promotional MP3 players. This credit card sized MP3 player can be custom printed with your company name and logo or your personal message. Of course, adding an image is another option available to you.



print jawbone bluetooth speakersJawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speakers

Did you hit it big like Kelly Clarkson? Then you may just want to customize these fantastic, high quality Jawbone speakers to giveaway as gifts to your top clients and customers.



Got something else promotional and musical in mind? The Show Your Logo sales team can help you hunt it down. You name it. We print on it.




Promotional Mobile Phone Accessories To Call Attention To Your Logo

Want to draw attention to your logo? Print up promotional mobile phone accessories with a retro vibe. I can’t remember a land line every letting me down or dropping a call. Maybe there’s something to be said for the old rotary phone with the clunky handsets.

Here you go. Get nostalgic.

custom retro mobile handsetRetro Mobile Phone Handsets

This handset won’t exactly fit into your back pocket or slip neatly inside that little mobile phone compartment inside your bag. Plug this promotional product into the speaker jack in your mobile phone, though, and you’ll be sporting a vintage look that calls for big hair and Aqua Net. Or even further back than that. Bell bottoms and disco. Your retro mobile phone handset is bound to get some attention, and this is excellent news for your imprinted logo.


There are literally hundreds of other mobile phone accessories with a more modern twist. Take a look at a few of our favorites.

custom stylus phone charmsStylus Phone Charms

Plug these stylus charms directly into a port and your screen stylus will always be close at hand. Keep your touch screen fingerprint free and your logo as visible as that screen.





custom silicone smartphone holder

Silicone Smartphone Holders

This is promotional product practicality at its best. Look how this promo item keeps the clutter off the computer desk. Look how the charging cable is neatly coiled. Look how the device is not charging on the office floor. I must have one.



custom headphone huggers

Headphone Huggers

I keep my headphones in a zippered plastic bag in my purse. This is so much better, because even a zippered plastic bag can’t prevent tangled earbuds. Here’s a promotional product everyone with a mobile phone and earbuds will use all the time.



stylus pen phone stands

Mobile Phone Stands with Included Stylus Pens

It’s a phone stand that comes with a stylus pen. And there’s a place on the phone stand to keep the stylus pen so you won’t misplace is amongst all your other pens. Nice.




smartphone arm band holder

Smartphone Arm Bands

Exercise enthusiasts will love this practical, affordable promotional giveaway. The neoprene case helps protect smartphones from the elements, and the arm band is adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes of arms.




So whether you want to go retro or celebrate the conveniences of the modern-day smartphone, Show Your Logo can deliver the promotional products you need and want that fit your target market as well as your budget!



Five Popular Promotional Mobile Phone Stands and Holders

Is your target market seemingly obsessed with their mobile smartphones? Everywhere you go, people are leaning into their smartphones, checking out the latest Facebook update or dashing off a text message.

Want to get their attention? Give away a promotional gift that’s related to those mobile phones. Cell phone stands and holders are an affordable giveaway that a whole lot of people are going to put to use on a daily basis. That’s great news for your logo and your marketing budget.


music splitter phone standMusic Splitter Phone Stand

This soft-to-the-touch cell phone accessory relies on the power of suction to grip the back of your smartphone to create the stand feature. Plug in two sets of headphones (jacks are located on each side of the stand) and two people can to listen to music from one device. Promote sharing and your business with this slick mobile phone accessory.




bean bag phone standBean Bag Phone Stands 

Not only will this wedge phone stand comfortably cradle your smartphone and hold it up for easy viewing, its microfiber cover will show off your company logo. What’s microfiber good for? Cleaning all those smudges off your smartphone display, of course.




promotional mobile phone stands

Cheap Mobile Phone Stands

Looking for a super affordable option in the world of promotional phone stands that will get the job done? Here’s terrific option! It folds flat for easy storage and comes in a variety of colors to suit your brand.




promotional swivel phone holdersPromotional Swivel Phone Holders

Mount your smartphone directly to the windshield of your car with this handy device. It swivels to allow you to view the display vertically or horizontally. This item is the perfect giveaway for commuters or others in your target market who spend a lot of time in the car on the go.



custom phone tablet standSmartphone Tablet Stands

Use these handy, affordable promotional products to display a smartphone or a tablet in a horizontal or vertical position.They thought of everything! An oval cutout in the back of the item allows you to charge the device while its cradled in the stand. Of course, your logo is always on prominent display as well.



If you’re in need of these are any additional promotional tech accessories, the sales team at Show Your Logo can help you out. We can print on thousands of up-to-the minutes accessories perfect for your target market.





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