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The U.S., Soccer, and Branding

Here at Show Your Logo, we know why soccer has not taken off in the Unites States like has in the rest of the world!  It isn’t the perceived notion that there’s more action in hockey and basketball, nor is it that you “don’t get the physical play as you do in American football.”  Both of these statements are false–soccer is both action-packed and physical. The real reason? The United States National Team has been screwing up their jerseys for years!


Before I get into the jersey situation, I need to share some relevant information about myself.  I am a Chicago sports fan: Bears, Bulls, Cubs, and Blackhawks. (Props to you if you pronounced “the” as “da” at the beginning of each team name!) When you think of these teams I have listed (don’t worry about the ones I left off), the one thing they have in common is that their uniforms have stayed relatively unchanged for thirty or more years.  Yes, they may change to have longer shorts or pants, and the manufactures may have changed, but overall, the Bear’s uniform is still a simple mix of navy, orange, and white on a jersey with a navy helmet and that wonderful iconic “C.” The Bulls’ jerseys just say “Bulls.”  The Cubs wear pinstripes.  The Blackhawks’ Indian head is so iconic that you are not allowed to step on it in the dressing room (we’re looking at you Biebs!).  Even looking outside of Chicago there are plenty of uniforms that have stayed consistent through the years: The Yankees, Packers, Lakers, Celtics, just to name a few!  Lately there has been a trend to have retro jerseys.  There are also a lot of universities that have been going with some crazy uniforms.  The streamlined consistency of these team uniforms, their color schemes, and the stylized presentation of their branding makes them recognizable even to non-fans.


There are many soccer uniforms that are the same way.  Brazil has a very iconic jersey (or “kit” as it is called everywhere else in the world).  The Brazilian uniform is always a yellow shirt with green trim.  It doesn’t matter if Nike or Adidas is making it, those are their colors and that is their style.  The same goes for Argentina.  Their shirts are always white with light blue vertical stripes.  England, Italy, France, Holland… all have had jerseys that have stayed more or less consistent during the course of time.


Then there is the United States soccer uniform.  The only thing really consistent about our uniforms is that they aren’t consistent.  The colors aren’t even consistent!  Sometimes the blue is a royal blue, and other times it is a navy blue.

Each of these things is not like the other!

Each of these things is not like the other!

Please do not even get me started on the time they used denim! (See the 1994 away jersey).


From a marketing standpoint, this is bad for business. Like, really bad.  You want to build a consistent brand, and that includes the uniform.  If this was your logo being bounced all over, you’d be enraged at the inconsistency of the presentation of your brand. So why aren’t we Americans upset about how we are presenting ourselves to one of the largest sporting events of the world?


The uniforms have had some terrible designs.  There was the denim start design in 1994 (which while probably appropriate for that time really should never be acknowledged again), the sash design of 2011, the wavy lines of 1993, and that’s just to name a few. The U.S. team needs to start having a modern, youthful design in their look.  Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, we are a pretty young country. Shouldn’t our uniforms reflect that? Or better yet, what’s wrong with some simplicity? We’ve seen time and time again some fantastic examples of when less truly is more, so go all out! Or don’t! Just make it nice to look at? Please??


The United States National Team needs to get a consistent and moderately aesthetically pleasing uniform, and then the sport will really have a chance to catch on here.  If it doesn’t catch on, I will be blaming the years of inconsistent uniforms.

Promotional Products for Teen Read Week

print drawstring backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are a popular library promotion.

If you ever visit your public library, you’re probably well aware that there are frequently programs going on in an attempt to hook kids into reading. Next week is no exception.

Every third week in October marks “Teen Read Week,” sponsored by YALSA, the Young Adult Library Service Association. Purpose? Encourage teens to become habitual readers as well as library patrons. This year’s theme, “See the Unknown at Your Library,” is meant to entice teens into checking out books across several genres such as mystery, adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy.

My personal recommendation, particularly for reluctant teenage boys? Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Not only did I enjoy this sci-fi book that takes place in a futuristic, virtual world, I got my reluctant reader of a husband to read it and enjoy it as well as BFF’s son. If your kid loves video games (and what kid doesn’t?), this book may be right up his (or her) alley.

If your public library is anything like mine, it’s constantly handing out inexpensive, giveaway promotional products. Sometimes the promos are just meant to promote the event or the library. Other times the products are given away as prizes.

This summer, my kids earned promotional drawstring backpacks printed with the library’s logo as a prize for completing the summer reading program. A custom printed pencil was included inside as well as coupons for freebies from local businesses.

It’s no surprise to anyone that many organizations and schools are on a tight budget these days. That doesn’t mean they can’t continue to hand out some inexpensive promotional products to encourage kids to read.

A few practical, fun, and super affordable ideas?

print puzzle pensCustom Printed Maze Pens

What’s more fun that your ordinary pencil? Maze pens, a toy and a writing implement in one great product.




custom print book lightsCustom Printed Book Lights

Book lights with your logo are a great way to encourage teens to read. They’re also a great reminder that they should take advantage of the services and reading material available at their public library.




custom water bottlesCustom Water Bottles

Everyone can use these reusable water bottles, and teens are no exception. These also make a great visual reminder for the organization or school.




print sticky flagsCustom Sticky Flags

Looking for an affordable promotional product teens can use at school? These custom sticky flags are a great way for kids to annotate text as they read…and encourage good thinking while reading!




In need of some other affordable, practical ideas? Not a problem. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for more!







Think Pink! Ten More Products to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Think pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month officially begins next week. If you’re in need of some timely pink promotions, here are ten ideas for your consideration.

Pincustom seat coolersk Ice River Seat Coolers

This awesome 12 can cooler doubles as a portable seat. When you tire of carrying (in spite of it’s adjustable, padded shoulder strap), feel free to set it down and take a load off.



print pink ribbon pensPink Ribbon Twist Pens

Include your company logo or personal message on these pink ribbon twist pens and get the word out about your support for The Cause.




pink ribbon stainless bottlesPink 17 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Bottles

These practical gifts feature a push button, pour spout, and the lid doubles as a cup. A pink acrylic outer shell helps insulate the stainless interior of this attractive product. White gift box included!



pink ribbon wine tumblersPink Ribbon Wine Tumblers

Meet Vino2Go! Keep your wine chilled and your expensive wine glasses safe when you employ these double wall, insulated wine tumblers at your event.




custom clear tote bagsVision Tote Bags

These gusseted bags feature a clear base and clear sides with contrast, suede-style trim. Pink trim is one of those color options! These bags are perfect for October giveaways and events.



pink ribbon tote bagsPink Sling Tote Bags

This eco-friendly tote is also available in our October-friendly color pink. This bag can be washed, reused, and recycled. What’s more, the wrap design creates a handy outer pocket perfect for stowing phones, keys, lip balm, or other small items. They make great gift bags!



Stock Pink Ribbon Non-Skid Sockspink ribbon grip socks

If you’re in need of a whole lot of pink ribbon socks to give away at your event, these stock pink ribbon socks may be just what you’re looking for. They cannot be customized, but they’re a perfect giveaway just the way they are at your fundraiser or walk event.



pink ribbon nail filesCustomize Pink Ribbon Nail Files

Print your company name and logo or your personal message directly on these nail files. Show your company’s support for The Cause for a great low price!




custom pink cosmetic bagsPrint Pink Cosmetic Bags

Show your love for the cause when you give away or use these handy, affordable pink ribbon cosmetic bags. Great for stashing make-up in purses, luggage, the car…



pink drawstring packsPrint on Pink Drawstring Packs

Cinch everything up tight inside these practical yet affordable drawstring packs. These are great giveaways at walk events–easy to carry like a backpack.



In need of some additional pink ribbon promotion ideas?  Check out this post.

Looking for the story about why the Pink Ribbon has become so meaningful to me? Look here.











Pink Ribbon Promos for October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

custom ladies t-shirts

Want women to wear your promotional logo apparel? Choose a t-shirt made to fit, like these Next Level Tri-Blend Scoop Neck T-Shirts.

How has breast cancer touched your life?

No one wants to be affected by breast cancer, but chances are you already have. Chances are you know someone who’s battled breast cancer. Maybe you’ve even toughed out breast cancer yourself.

My BFF was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the ripe old age of 30, living proof that breast cancer isn’t just for the elderly, like my grandmother who was diagnosed well into her seventies. (Check out this post to read about our participation in the 2008 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in the Rocky Mountains.) That pink ribbon that starts to explode all over the stores every October has taken on new meaning ever since.

Rena and I are usually on the phone with each other, even while grocery shopping. Every October, our conversations are punctuated with my exclamations about pink ribbon soup! Pink ribbon Jello! Pink ribbon dishwasher soap! It’s pretty amazing that so many companies support such a worthy cause. And yes, I’m more likely to toss those items into my cart because maybe those corporate dollars invested into research are part of the reason my cohort is still around to drink another martini with me on Friday nights.

Now that October is on the horizon, your company may be on the look out for some fresh product ideas to promote your investment in breast cancer research. Custom printed items are also a terrific way to raise the hefty amount of money required to participate in events like the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or the Susan G. Komen sponsored events.

Whether you’re looking for super affordable or high end custom t-shirts or printed promotional products, there are tons of terrific options available.

print insulated mason jarsPlastic Mason Jar Mugs with Handle

Everybody’s doing mason jars these days. To men, they speak of manly things like moonshine. To women: a nod to the past and all things classic. (A friend just attended a lovely wedding in a barn where everyone drank from mason jar mugs. I saw the photos. It was a gorgeous event.)

These mason jar mugs are certain to be a hit.







custom print nail polishPrint on Nail Polish

Most of the participants in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer were women. Here’s a terrific giveaway they’ll all put to good use to prepare for the day of the walk and beyond.

And these pink products? Just the tip of the iceberg. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for expert advise on choosing the right products for your target market on a budget.

Rena and I raised the bulk of our necessary funds for the Avon Walk with the sale of promotional products. They work!


5 Stadium Cushions for Footballs Fans and Benchwarmers

Everyone who’s ever warmed some stadium seating knows how uncomfortable it can get after only a few minutes. Those metal seats get really hot or really cold exposed to the elements. They also have a way of misaligning your spine after too long. If you’re looking for a promotional giveaway or a logoed product to sell at all those upcoming football games to help alleviate some of this discomfort, printed stadium cushions are the way to go. From your basic stadium cushion to your deluxe models, there’s a stadium cushion to suit every kind of customer on every kinds of budget.


cheap custom stadium cushions

Budget Friendly Custom Stadium Cushions

If you’re prepping for a substantial giveaway or planning on selling these printed stadium cushions to a cash-strapped crowd of students, these economic  are a great choice.




custom pocket stadium cushionsDeluxe Promotional Stadium Cushions

Looking for a stadium cushion that’s “higher end?” Look no further than this model! It feature a roomy back pocket, two web handle with adjustable support side straps, and front pockets to hold smaller items like your mobile phone, wallet, sunscreen, sports bottles, and so on. What’s more, there are fiberglass (lightweight!) poles in the seat and the comfy backrest for stability. This stadium cushion is bound to keep you comfortable well into the fourth quarter and into overtime.



non woven stadium cushionsPrint on Non Woven Stadium Cushions with Carrying Handle

This affordable choice features a non woven, water resistant cover (along with a built in front pocket). Water resistant covers like these are perfect for those outdoor games and events!




promotional folding stadium cushions

Custom Printed Folding Stadium Cushions

This super lightweight, foldable stadium cushion isn’t remotely bulky. Fold it up and it’s nice and compact for ease of use. Available in black, royal blue, forest green and red.




custom stadium cushion blanket

Stadium Cushion Blanket

Do you often find yourself freezing at outdoor games in Fall or winter in spite of bundling up? Then you’ll be amongst those who will really appreciate this giveaway: a stadium cushion that unfolds into a blanket.



Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for more information about these promotional stadium cushions. They’re more than happy to help you find the promotional products you need at prices that fit your needs as well as your budget.

Print Logo Products for Branded, Custom Sun Protection

custom fun sunscreen bottle

Customize these fun sunscreen lotion bottles with your logo and your choice of SPF 15, 30, or 45.

It’s not quite summer yet…and it definitely doesn’t feel like summer this chilly Spring in Chicagoland. Nevertheless, if you’re venturing into the great outdoors, sun protection is a must. Sun damaging rays can even penetrate these grey, overcast skies we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Don’t be caught without sun care essentials!

Of course, once the sun does show its face around here in true summer-in-Chicago fashion, sun protection will be in even higher demand. No matter where you and your customers may be on the globe, everybody can benefit from sun care promotional products.

Where to give away your sun protection or sun care promotional items? Custom printed sun care and protection products are valued giveaways at trade shows and conferences. They’re appreciated gifts at outdoor venues. Healthcare professionals can effectively market their practices with some practical, affordable sun care items. No matter what business you’re in, these products make sense for the season.


Sun care promos come in many forms. Wait until you see all the ways you can package sunscreen. For starters, you don’t have to settle for a plain old bottle. Take a look at the cheerful summer sun at the top of the page as evidence. Personally, I’m drawn to that little bottle of sunscreen the way I’m drawn to be outside when the real thing is shining.

Check out these other terrific ways to brand your business with safe-fun-in-the-sun promo items.


custom sunscreen lotion

Custom Sunscreen Lotion Bottles

This 2 oz lotion is rated SPF 30. Customize the label to your specifications.





custom sunscreen lanyards

Logo Sunscreen Lanyards

Keep sunscreen within arm’s reach–literally–when you print on these sunscreen bottles with attached lanyard. 1.5 ounces of SPF 30





custom sunsticks

Custom SPF 30 Sunsticks

Here’s another way to apply your SPF 30 to your face. This sunscreen has a lightweight, non-greasy feel. Sweat/water resistant.




sunscreen with carabiner

Custom Carabiner Sunscreen Lotion

1 ounce of SPF 30 easily clips to your bags with the included carabiner for easy access.





custom sunblock sprayCustom Sunblock Spray 

10 ml of  SPF 30 in an easy-to-apply spray application.





print sunscreen towelettes

Custom Sunscreen Towelettes

SPF 15 also comes in a single application, easy-to-apply towelette. Your logo looks fantastic printed on gold, silver, or white packaging.





custom sun car kits

Custom Sun Protection Kits

These waterproof totes contain a packet of sunscreen and two Blistex packets. A neck tote (available in several colors) keeps these important items close. Reusable containers means your customers can reload for their next outdoor event.




custom SPF lip balmCustom SPF 15 Lip Balm

Vanilla flavored lip balm not only moisturizes, it provides essential SPF 15 sun protection. Customize this affordable sun care promotional product with your logo.




custom aloe lotion


Custom After Sun Aloe Lotion 

So we all forget to reapply our sunscreen. When it happens, cooling aloe lotion is just the thing to soothe your sunburn. Customize these 1 oz bottles with your company information and logo.



custom bucket hats


Custom Bucket Hats

Print or embroider your logo on custom bucket hats. Hats are a great addition to sunscreen for added protection.




custom aviator sunglasses

Custom Aviator Sunglasses 

We offer sunglasses in every kind of price range and style under the sun. Here’s an aviator variety that may be customized with your logo. Eyes need protection from the sun’s damaging rays, too.





custom foldable canopy chairs

 Custom Foldable Chairs with Adjustable Shade Canopy

Big beach plans? Get some sun relief with this portable, foldable beach chairs. Printed with your logo, they’re bound to draw lots of attention.





double beach umbrella chairFoldable Double Beach Chairs with Shade Umbrella

Got company? Most people don’t hang out on the beach alone. Provide a pair with comfortable seating and a shady umbrella in one terrific promotional product.




print market umbrellasCustom Commercial Quality Market Umbrellas

Do you operate a business with an outdoor venue? These 11′ market umbrellas are a great way to show off your logo and protect your customers from the sun.




Sun protection promos make great gifts. As you can see, theses promos come in all sort of varieties and price ranges. The fact of the matter is that no matter who may be in your target market, absolutely everybody who ventures outdoors requires sun protection and sun care. You can’t go wrong investing your marketing dollars in custom sun protection products. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team today for a custom quote on any of these dazzling promos.

Print Budget-Friendly Promotional Products for Your Upcoming Conference

custom conference bags

Print the name of your business or organization as well as your logo on these sturdy bags to give away at your upcoming conference.

If your business or organization is preparing for a conference in the near future, you’re probably giving a great deal of thought to the promotional products you’d like to hand out to attendees. You’re probably also giving a lot of thought to your budget. Most companies and organizations have one, so we’ve compiled a list of ten budget-friendly, very practical promo items we think you’ll find helpful as you consider what to order.

When choosing your custom conference promotional items, consider what attendees will need to effectively participate. Do you expect them to show up with laptops and iPads for note-taking purposes or will they be jotting down notes on paper? Will there be any numbers to crunch? Do you have an abundance of handouts that would benefit from a custom printed folder? Can you put all of your conference materials on a USB drive?

Besides giving conference attendees some necessary supplies with your carefully selected, custom printed products, you’ll also be buying into some long-term marketing potential. Before investing in custom conference give aways, think about your target market and what products they are most likely to use on a regular basis even after the conference is over. Choose those products and you’ll be doing your logo and your brand a whole lot of good. Frequent impressions made with a valued product is the power of promotional products in action.

Here are ten items you and your conference attendees may find useful. All can be customized with your logo.

Those durable conference bags above are a great way to distribute and organize your conference give aways and handouts. Lots of pockets means lots of places to store and easily access exactly what you need.


custom logo padfoliosAffordable Custom Padfolios

Will note-taking benefit your conference attendees? Supply them with some quality, affordable padfolios and included 8.5 x 11″ notepad. A pen loop located inside keeps your custom pen handy.




custom inkjoy pensCustom Inkjoy Pens

We’re very fond of this Paper Mate pen. You can always count on this one to write until the ink runs dry. No need to scribble on some scratch paper to get these going. Lots of colors ensure you get the one that’s just right for your brand and your logo.




print logo lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Print your logo on these affordable lanyards and have conference attendees display their names or other forms of necessary identification.




print custom foldersCheap Custom Folders

Lots of handouts? Don’t just pass out fistfuls of paper. Help attendees keep things neat and tidy with these customized presentation folders.




logo usb drives

Custom USB Drives

Does being “green” matter to your brand? Consider placing all your conference materials on these logo USB drives. When the conference is over, attendees can use them to store and transport additional data.




print ceramic mugsCustom Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Morning coffee and conferences go hand in hand. While settle for throw-away plastic or styrofoam cups when you can offer up the reusable variety that can make impressions on those conference attendees again and again?




logo water bottles

Custom Water Bottles

Don’t let anyone go thirsty. If you want their undivided attention, keep them comfortable. Sufficient hydration is part of that comfort. Of course, these custom water bottles and your logo will make their way out into the world again and again after that conference is over.




logo calculators

Custom Logo Calculators 

How will your conference add up? The addition of these custom calculators may be just the ticket to keep your attendees focused and engaged during your presentation.




strong magnetic memo clipsCustom Magnetic Memo Clips 

You’ve just divulged an abundance of information. Help your conference attendees keep notes and important documents accessible and visible with these magnetic memo clips. The super-strong magnet and heavy-duty clipping action ensures that documents and memos stay put.



And hey! If these ten, budget-friendly promotional products aren’t exactly what you had in mind for your conference, no worries. Show Your Logo is your source for 750,000 products at competitive low prices. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with some fresh new ideas and a quick quote.




15 Winning Promotional Products for Running Events

Running Event Running events abound across the country in the late spring and summer months and well into the fall. If you’re sponsoring any kind of running event, be it a 3K, 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon…or all out Iron Man…or one of those events where you have to crawl through barbed wire…or exploding paint…have we got the running-themed promotional products for you!

Today we’ve compiled a list of some useful promotional items race participants will find useful before, during, and even after the race has ended. When runners turn to your custom printed products again and again, you’re certain to benefit from the power of promotional products. Make the frequent impressions you desire on this target market of yours with quality products that show off your logo again and again.

Are you ready?

Get set to check our some amazing products. With Show Your Logo’s unbeatable low prices on products like logo apparel, pedometers, and printed shoelaces, everyone can find a terrific product to show their support and their logo.


logo event tents


Logo Event Tents

These durable, ShowStopper event tents are a great, shady place to set up your sponsorship wares. Whether you’re giving away your promotional products or putting them up for sale, these shade canopy tents are a comfortable, attractive means of getting the job done.



custom MP3 arm band


Custom Arm Band MP3 Holders

I don’t know about you, but music or a distracting audiobook is a must-have when I work out. I think it would be pretty fun to show off the name of the running event I participated in right on my arm for future workouts. Include your logo so runners won’t soon forget your company or organization.



print ear buds


Custom Printed Ear Buds 

What goes nicely with an MP3 holder? A brand new set of ear buds, of course. If your customers are anything like me (busy working moms, anyone?), they’re constantly misplacing their ear buds as they make their way in and out of MP3 devices. An extra pair would be a sweet giveaway.



print water bottles

Custom Event Water Bottles

Most athletes don’t carry their promotional water bottles with them during the race event. However, we all certainly get a good look at promotional drink bottles at the gym, the track, or the bike bath when they’re all training for the next event. Here’s an item everyone can use. These durable bottles sport a lasting imprint, ensuring that your logo is on display for the long haul.



custom shoe lace pouches

Custom Shoe Lace Pouches

Use these affordable logo items to keep small items handy and dry even as you run. Stash a few bucks and a couple of aspirin in these handy little pouches.




custom print shoe laces

Custom Printed Shoelaces

Print your logo and your company contact information all over these shoelaces, available in a pleasing variety of colors. Race participants will take a look at those every time they tie on their running shoes.



print pedometers


Custom Printed Pedometers

Here’s an obvious promo choice for avid runners. Pedometers are a great way for runners to keep track of their mileage without the expense associated with the other distance-tracking options out there. Even the owners of pricey products like GPS watches will appreciate these simple promo pedometers as a back-up.



custom sport towels Sport Towels in Bags

Here’s a sweat absorbing towel with its own carrying case to keep things tidy, sweat and all.




custom CleenFreek towels Customize CleenFreek Fitness Towels

Your logo won’t be missed on these sports towels, appreciated by all race participants as they cruise past the finish line drenched in sweat. The antimicrobial technology engineered right into these promos keep these towels fresher until laundry day.



print custom headbands



Promotional Headbands

Speaking of sweat, these custom printed headbands help keep it at bay…inside the headband instead of in your eyes. Keep race participants as comfortable for the low price of these sweat-absorbing logo headbands.


print personal water misters

Printed Personal Misters

A few spritzes during and after the race are super refreshing. A quick, cooling mist might be just the thing to get through those last legs of the running event.




custom hot cold pack

Custom Printed Hot Cold Packs

Post-race muscle soreness? Not such a problem when runners can use these hot cold packs to soothe aches and pains. Printed with your logo, they’re bound to feel some serious appreciation for your company.



print body tape measures


Print on Body Tape Measures

Invite your target market to keep track of their level of fitness with these body tape measures. Here’s some information every athlete can use!



custom hanes dri shirts

Wicking T-Shirts

Race participants will love to train for future events in a custom t-shirt that tells of their accomplishment. Don’t forget to include sponsor logos on your custom printed t-shirts.



custom dry caps

 Moisture Wicking Dry Caps

What do I love about these caps? They’re multifunctional! Not only do they shield the eyes from the glare of the sun, these amazing caps suck up sweat and keep heads feeling dry, not drenched.



See something that looks just right for the runners signed up for your event? Got something else in mind? Either way, the friendly, knowledge people on the Show Your Logo sales team are here to help. Contact them today for more running  event promo ideas, a quick quote, or to fulfill any of your other promotional product needs.

Show Your Logo Satisfies with Trade Show Displays, Banners

Check out our friend and customer Brad Martin on camera in a Chicago Tribune interview at the Sweet and Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago yesterday afternoon. Brad, Director of Convenience Store Sales at Bridgford, ordered his trade show banners and custom table runners from Show Your Logo. Catch a few glimpses of Brad’s booth and learn all about the awesomeness of beef jerky in the video link above.

You’ll be happy to know that Brad made it back to Oswego from McCormick Place just in time to take in the band concert in which his daughter played the French horn and my daughter played the saxophone. Before the band’s concert was underway, I got a thumbs up on Show Your Logo’s trade show products.


What do we love around here even more than beef jerky? Satisfied customers!


Is a trade show event on your radar? Take a look at just a few of the trade show products you may need to make your trade show booth look its absolute best.


print custom banners


Custom Trade Show Banners

No one will second guess who’s operating your booth when you print your company’s name, logo, and product photos on custom banners. What size do you need? We’ll get your banners made for an unbeatable low price.


print banners with stand

 Trade Show Banners with Stand

These custom banners are stand up products. Their durability will keep your company information on display trade show after trade show.




custom banner printing


Trade Show Fabric Banner Displays

These 3-dimensional, lightweight fabric display banners are eye-catching and provide easy set up. Nice.



trade show table covers



Print Trade Show Table Covers

Cover up those tables in the company colors and get some more marketing, advertising, and branding done in the process. Print trade show table covers in the sizes you need right here for less.




trade show floor kits

Custom Trade Show Floor Kits

This amazing kit is a bestseller with good reason. Pop-up functionality makes for easy set up and take down. The LED light kit keeps all eyes on your company name and logo. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, you can’t go wrong.




custom literature displays

Custom Literature Displays

Everyone has information like catalogs, brochures, and flyers to hand out at trade shows. Display and organize all your printed handouts with these sturdy literature displays.




custom brochure displays

Brochure Displays with Logo

Place these brochure displays alongside your product samples and make sure everyone who stops by your trade show booth walks away with all the information they need to place an order.




Got something else in mind for your upcoming trade show? We have it! Contact the Show Your Logo sales team, describe your trade show needs and wants, and we’ll provide you with a speedy quote. You name it. We print on it.

Library Promotions for Summer Reading Programs


http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-books-grass-educational-concept-image14422047 Summer reading programs at pubic libraries across the nation are a big part of summertime fun for many kids. Sure, reading is a reward in itself, but what kid can resist the lure of prizes? My own kids, who generally love to read anyway, eagerly polish off books to add to their summer reading logs. They need to cash in for free bumper boat rides, free books, and printed promotional products. Prizes are a great incentive for all kinds of readers–reluctant or otherwise.

How to gather prizes for a community chock full of summertime readers? Public libraries are typically on a tight budget, so hitting up local businesses for some donations is a great place to start. Free cheeseburgers are unanimously considered good prizes in these parts. So is free ice cream. Don’t forget the bumper boats.

Of course carefully selected, printed promotional products also make great prizes. We’ve gathered up some product ideas that are practical, affordable, and fun. These are some library promotions worthy of check out.


custom pencils

Custom Print Pencils

Here’s a prize every reader can walk away with. Choose from a variety of colors to coordinate with your library name and logo or your summer reading theme.




print glow pencils

Glow in the Dark Pencils

What’s better than a free custom pencil? A free glow in the dark pencil. I have yet to meet a kid who isn’t transfixed by the possibility of glow-in-the-dark-anything.




custom inkjoy pens

Print Inkjoy Pens

Looking for an affordable, reliable pen to customize with your library’s name and logo? Here’s a great choice. It writes right out of the box. They’ll never fail you until the ink runs dry. Get it in traditional blue and black or some additional fun and trendy colors.



custom light up pens

Custom Light Up Pens

If there’s a little more wiggle room in your budget and you want to buy a pen with personality, take a look at this light up pen. The push of a button activates a blue light. Glow in the dark, buttons, and anything flashlight related rank high on most cherished sample promotional products in our household of four school-age children.



print light up necklaces


Custom Light Up Necklaces

See a trend? I’m not kidding. Kids love these things. Choose from several shapes and three light-up colors. Customize the necklace of your choice with your library’s name and logo, your summer reading theme, or a cool message about reading.




custom youth t-shirts

 Custom Print Youth T-Shirts

Shopping for the cheapest youth t-shirts on the web for your library’s summer reading give away? Make sure you get a quote from Show Your Logo. We’re your source for high quality, super cheap t-shirts in all the brands you know and trust. You name your shirt. We’ll print on it. We’ll save you money.




print tote bags Economy Tote Bags

Here’s a logical choice for any sort of library promotion. These sturdy, reusable tote bags are perfect for hauling a big stack of books to and from the library. What’s more, they can be used other places, too. They’re an eco-friendly, practical choice in promotional products.




custom lunch totesAffordable Custom Lunch Totes

Print your library’s name and logo on these very affordable, reusable lunch totes. Every kid can use a lunch tote. Red, blue, black, or green.




print economy water bottles

Cheap Custom Water Bottles 

These “super value” water bottles get their name from their actual super value. They’re durable, functional, and extremely cheap. Print one up for every thirsty summer reader.




print drawstring backpacks

Custom Drawstring Backpacks 

Fill these very affordable custom backpacks with library books or the promotional products that fit your summer reading program and your budget.



Need some additional ideas? We’ve got them. With 750,000 products available for customization, we’re more than happy to guide you to the products that fit your target market as well as your budget. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales team today for those ideas as well as a quote.



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