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Life Begins with Promotional Products

promotional newborn onesie

Moments after being born, The Girl was whisked away to the NICU and decked out in promotional hospital gear.

I thought turning forty earlier this year was rough, but when this long weekend is over, I’ll officially be mom to a teenager.

The Girl is turning 13.

In the few and far between quiet moments of my life, such as when I fill up the minivan with a fresh tank of gas, I’ve taken the time to contemplate this. It feels an awful lot like when I sent her off to first grade, which was harder than sending her off to Kindergarten because I knew she’d be gone all day, everyday. And now? She’s not a baby anymore. Not even close. It feels like another chapter has closed.

Look at that giant, pumpkin-headed baby. (At nine pounds, nine ounces, she was truly pumpkin sized. Biggest baby in the NICU!) “Pumpkin” quickly evolved into “Punkin” which degenerated into “Punk” or “Punky.” The nickname sticks to this day. (And no one is surprised that she’s taller than her mom already by at least two inches.)

My nostalgia has led me to dig up baby pictures in preparation for her birthday party. And lo and behold, I realized the kid was surrounded by promotional products practically from birth.

The screen printed onesie guarantees we’ll never forget where she was born. That digital thermometer came home with us as a parting gift. I’ve had to replace the battery, but it’s still with us, thirteen years later. I’m guessing it will still be in the medicine cabinet in another 13 years, long after The Girl has completely grown up and moved out for all day, everyday.

I’m going to enjoy 13 while it lasts. Happy Birthday, Punk.

Think Pink! Ten More Products to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Think pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month officially begins next week. If you’re in need of some timely pink promotions, here are ten ideas for your consideration.

Pincustom seat coolersk Ice River Seat Coolers

This awesome 12 can cooler doubles as a portable seat. When you tire of carrying (in spite of it’s adjustable, padded shoulder strap), feel free to set it down and take a load off.



print pink ribbon pensPink Ribbon Twist Pens

Include your company logo or personal message on these pink ribbon twist pens and get the word out about your support for The Cause.




pink ribbon stainless bottlesPink 17 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Bottles

These practical gifts feature a push button, pour spout, and the lid doubles as a cup. A pink acrylic outer shell helps insulate the stainless interior of this attractive product. White gift box included!



pink ribbon wine tumblersPink Ribbon Wine Tumblers

Meet Vino2Go! Keep your wine chilled and your expensive wine glasses safe when you employ these double wall, insulated wine tumblers at your event.




custom clear tote bagsVision Tote Bags

These gusseted bags feature a clear base and clear sides with contrast, suede-style trim. Pink trim is one of those color options! These bags are perfect for October giveaways and events.



pink ribbon tote bagsPink Sling Tote Bags

This eco-friendly tote is also available in our October-friendly color pink. This bag can be washed, reused, and recycled. What’s more, the wrap design creates a handy outer pocket perfect for stowing phones, keys, lip balm, or other small items. They make great gift bags!



Stock Pink Ribbon Non-Skid Sockspink ribbon grip socks

If you’re in need of a whole lot of pink ribbon socks to give away at your event, these stock pink ribbon socks may be just what you’re looking for. They cannot be customized, but they’re a perfect giveaway just the way they are at your fundraiser or walk event.



pink ribbon nail filesCustomize Pink Ribbon Nail Files

Print your company name and logo or your personal message directly on these nail files. Show your company’s support for The Cause for a great low price!




custom pink cosmetic bagsPrint Pink Cosmetic Bags

Show your love for the cause when you give away or use these handy, affordable pink ribbon cosmetic bags. Great for stashing make-up in purses, luggage, the car…



pink drawstring packsPrint on Pink Drawstring Packs

Cinch everything up tight inside these practical yet affordable drawstring packs. These are great giveaways at walk events–easy to carry like a backpack.



In need of some additional pink ribbon promotion ideas?  Check out this post.

Looking for the story about why the Pink Ribbon has become so meaningful to me? Look here.











Health and Fitness Promotional Products to Get Your Heart Pumping

Plenty of companies, businesses, and organizations participate in health and fitness promotions. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interests to have the healthiest employees possible. Healthy employees are productive employees. Whether you own a business that has employees parked at a desk behind a computer all day, or whether you’re at the helm of the marketing department at a chain of fitness clubs, custom printed fitness-themed promotional products are great for branding and even better for promoting healthy exercise habits.

Take a look at just a few of the many fitness related promos available.


promotional jump ropes

Promotional Jump Ropes

What item is among the most affordable, effective pieces of exercise equipment on the planet? The jump rope. Promote cardiovascular endurance, agility, and overall health when you giveaway these practical, affordable fitness gifts. This woven nylon jump rope comes with sturdy 6 1/8″ wooden handles. Even with regular use, this product will be around for a while.



promotional yoga matsCustom Printed Yoga Mats with Carrying Case

Yoga enthusiast? This popular, PVC yoga mat rolls up to easily fit inside the included mesh drawstring carrying bag. 68″ L x 24″ W. Your choice of blue/black, purple/black, or green/black.





promotional exercise ball

Promotional Exercise Balls

This royal blue, 75cm exercise ball is extra durable, and so is the addition of your logo. The imprint is embedded into the mold, meaning your logo won’t rub off with frequent use of this great product. With “anti-burst” properties, this promotional fitness equipment will endure right along with your logo.




print inexpensive pedometersInexpensive Custom Printed Pedometers

Not only are these pedometers super affordable, they provide your logo with a large imprint area. Give your logo the exposure it deserves with this practical, affordable promotional item.




promotional talking pedometersPromotional Talking Pedometers

If you’re in the market for some pedometers with some unique features, take a closer look at these Waltz Talking Pedometers with pulse meter. A pleasant female voice will keep you informed of steps, distance and time walked, and calories successfully burned. This device also includes an easy-to-read LCD display, a built-in pulse meter, and an alarm clock.


promotional exercise bands

Custom Exercise Bands

These promotional exercise bands are compact and easy to store. Resistance built into the latex material provides a muscle-building workout. Get them in black, blue/black, red/black, or lime green/black.




promotional fitness towels

Promotional Fitness Towels with Cleen Freek Technology

Enjoy the antimicrobial properties of these custom printed fitness towels. These towels are ideal for mopping up after a serious workout.




promotional personal fitness kits

StayFit Personal Fitness Kits

Are you looking for a fitness-related gift? These fitness kits, customized to your specifications, include nine pieces: a zippered nylon case, hand grips, ankle weights, weight extensions, exercise band, and jump rope. If you want to promote fitness in your company or organization, these kits make terrific gifts.



Do you have a specific piece of exercise equipment in mind that you’d like customized with your logo? Do you need a quote on any of the items above? No problem! Contact the Show Your Logo sales team today. We’re more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect products to suit your marketing and branding needs as well as your budget.






Promotional Products With Staying Power

promotional pediatric spoon

Our local Cub Foods is long gone, but this promotional pediatric spoon has taken up residence in my medicine cabinet for the last twelve years.

What promotional products do you own that have proven to be so useful you’ve had them for years and years? We all have them! Here’s the brief story of my promotional pediatric spoon I’ve had in my possession since my first child was about a year old. She’s headed off to her first day of seventh grade this morning. Do the math. I’ve had this pediatric spoon for approximately twelve years. I’d say that Cub Foods got their money’s worth promoting their pharmacy!

It’s never particularly good news when you have to pull out the pediatric spoon, but it was an “aha” moment for today’s blog post.

I had to pull out that pediatric spoon last night. The little guy stumbled into my room last night complaining, “Mom, my ear hurts.” Just in time for the first day of school. Perfect.

Swimmer’s ear, my current diagnosis, should be no surprise.

So the Show Your Logo blog, the company president, the Vantasy, the SUV, the boat, the four kids, and I went on vacation last week to a beautiful lake in the middle of the Natahala National Forest. (I’m sure you all noticed the absence of blog posts.) We spent most of the week in and around water with no land line, no cell phone service, and Wifi so slow it reminded me of dial up service. Good times. The result? We’re all far more relaxed, but the little guy is headed to his first day of school with another dose of Tylenol in his system.

The blog is back. School is on. Soon that little guy will take his Tylenol in pill form like the big kid he’s quickly becoming and I’ll toss the pediatric spoon into the Goodwill pile with all the outgrown clothes, shoes, and toys. Who knew that a promotional product, coupled with another first day of school milestone, could make a mom so nostalgic?

Print Logo Products for Branded, Custom Sun Protection

custom fun sunscreen bottle

Customize these fun sunscreen lotion bottles with your logo and your choice of SPF 15, 30, or 45.

It’s not quite summer yet…and it definitely doesn’t feel like summer this chilly Spring in Chicagoland. Nevertheless, if you’re venturing into the great outdoors, sun protection is a must. Sun damaging rays can even penetrate these grey, overcast skies we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Don’t be caught without sun care essentials!

Of course, once the sun does show its face around here in true summer-in-Chicago fashion, sun protection will be in even higher demand. No matter where you and your customers may be on the globe, everybody can benefit from sun care promotional products.

Where to give away your sun protection or sun care promotional items? Custom printed sun care and protection products are valued giveaways at trade shows and conferences. They’re appreciated gifts at outdoor venues. Healthcare professionals can effectively market their practices with some practical, affordable sun care items. No matter what business you’re in, these products make sense for the season.


Sun care promos come in many forms. Wait until you see all the ways you can package sunscreen. For starters, you don’t have to settle for a plain old bottle. Take a look at the cheerful summer sun at the top of the page as evidence. Personally, I’m drawn to that little bottle of sunscreen the way I’m drawn to be outside when the real thing is shining.

Check out these other terrific ways to brand your business with safe-fun-in-the-sun promo items.


custom sunscreen lotion

Custom Sunscreen Lotion Bottles

This 2 oz lotion is rated SPF 30. Customize the label to your specifications.





custom sunscreen lanyards

Logo Sunscreen Lanyards

Keep sunscreen within arm’s reach–literally–when you print on these sunscreen bottles with attached lanyard. 1.5 ounces of SPF 30





custom sunsticks

Custom SPF 30 Sunsticks

Here’s another way to apply your SPF 30 to your face. This sunscreen has a lightweight, non-greasy feel. Sweat/water resistant.




sunscreen with carabiner

Custom Carabiner Sunscreen Lotion

1 ounce of SPF 30 easily clips to your bags with the included carabiner for easy access.





custom sunblock sprayCustom Sunblock Spray 

10 ml of  SPF 30 in an easy-to-apply spray application.





print sunscreen towelettes

Custom Sunscreen Towelettes

SPF 15 also comes in a single application, easy-to-apply towelette. Your logo looks fantastic printed on gold, silver, or white packaging.





custom sun car kits

Custom Sun Protection Kits

These waterproof totes contain a packet of sunscreen and two Blistex packets. A neck tote (available in several colors) keeps these important items close. Reusable containers means your customers can reload for their next outdoor event.




custom SPF lip balmCustom SPF 15 Lip Balm

Vanilla flavored lip balm not only moisturizes, it provides essential SPF 15 sun protection. Customize this affordable sun care promotional product with your logo.




custom aloe lotion


Custom After Sun Aloe Lotion 

So we all forget to reapply our sunscreen. When it happens, cooling aloe lotion is just the thing to soothe your sunburn. Customize these 1 oz bottles with your company information and logo.



custom bucket hats


Custom Bucket Hats

Print or embroider your logo on custom bucket hats. Hats are a great addition to sunscreen for added protection.




custom aviator sunglasses

Custom Aviator Sunglasses 

We offer sunglasses in every kind of price range and style under the sun. Here’s an aviator variety that may be customized with your logo. Eyes need protection from the sun’s damaging rays, too.





custom foldable canopy chairs

 Custom Foldable Chairs with Adjustable Shade Canopy

Big beach plans? Get some sun relief with this portable, foldable beach chairs. Printed with your logo, they’re bound to draw lots of attention.





double beach umbrella chairFoldable Double Beach Chairs with Shade Umbrella

Got company? Most people don’t hang out on the beach alone. Provide a pair with comfortable seating and a shady umbrella in one terrific promotional product.




print market umbrellasCustom Commercial Quality Market Umbrellas

Do you operate a business with an outdoor venue? These 11′ market umbrellas are a great way to show off your logo and protect your customers from the sun.




Sun protection promos make great gifts. As you can see, theses promos come in all sort of varieties and price ranges. The fact of the matter is that no matter who may be in your target market, absolutely everybody who ventures outdoors requires sun protection and sun care. You can’t go wrong investing your marketing dollars in custom sun protection products. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team today for a custom quote on any of these dazzling promos.

Promotional Products for the Soul: Comforting Care Packages

stuffed_animals_with_logo_thOver the weekend I read about an inspirational not-for profit organization in the pages of Guideposts magazine. (Check them out on their Facebook Page “Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit.”) This organization donates “comfort kits” to hospitalized children. What’s inside each kit? A coloring book, a stress ball, a CD of soothing music, a plush toy, a journal, a prayer card, and more. All items in the kit were selected to entertain and comfort sick children and their families.

I immediately thought that it would be completely feasible for hospital emergency rooms, children’s hospitals, and pediatric doctors’ offices to create their own promotional comfort kits.

My mind also flashed back to the day one of my boys, only one-year-old at the time, tripped over a toy and slammed his head against the corner of a piece of furniture. The trip to the emergency room culminated in several stitches as well as the gift of a promotional plush toy from the hospital emergency room staff. I remember how grateful I was at the time that it eased his terrified, hiccuping cries. That’s a powerful gift that you don’t soon forget!

What recommendations do we have for promotional items to include in care kits to be distributed by hospitals, emergency rooms, or doctors’ offices? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

promotional backpacks


Print Drawstring Backpacks

Put your collection of soothing, entertaining gifts in these affordable, drawstring backpacks. They make terrific gift bags and can be used again and again for other purposes.



business notebooks

Custom Notebooks with Pen

People of all ages can find comfort and healing in journaling and drawing. Give them the tools that they need with the customized notebooks with built in pen.




crayons with logo



Custom Printed Crayons

If you’re a kid and you’re going to draw in your custom notebook, you’re probably going to ask for crayons. Here they are.


stuffed animals with logo Custom Print Stuffed Animals

I already mentioned how much comfort my own son received when he was handed a promotional stuffed animal during his emergency room visit. Your hospital, ER, or pediatric office can deliver the same sort of soothing with these promotional stuffed animals…or the stuffed animal of your choice. Promotional plush squirrel anyone? Feel free to contact our sales team to inquire about the stuffed creature of your choice.



customized stress balls

Custom Stress Balls

I chose the heart shaped stress ball because it seemed the most soothing of shapes. However, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. If a custom stress pig is what you have in mind as part of your comfort care package, we have those, too. We have all the shapes and varieties. All you need to do is ask. No matter which shape you choose, squeezing on a stress ball can reduce some serious anxiety.


custom massagers


Promotional Massagers

I don’t care how old or young you are. Everyone loves a soothing back massage, and you can’t screw it up when you use one of these promotional back massagers.



fun promo itemsPromotional Putty Eggs

I know I just wrote that laughter is the best medicine, but I’m going to say it again. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Fun is good.” These putty eggs coupled with a sheet of Sunday morning comics = good times. Want to crack a kid up? Press some of this fun putty against the inky page of a comic strip and stretch out the faces.



pocket puzzles


Print Pocket Puzzles

Who says you need an iPod and an app to have a good time? These old-fashioned, promotional puzzles provide plenty of affordable entertainment. Want to race?



custom playing cards


Logo Playing Cards 

How many games can you play with a deck of playing cards? I’m not sure, but there are a whole lot out there. A simple game for little kids? Go Fish.


The promotional products here? Just the tip of the iceberg. If you have something specific in mind for your comfort care package, contact the experts on the Show Your Logo sales team. We’ll help you find the perfect give aways for your target market as well as your budget.









Show Your Logo Employees Overcome Trypanophobia; Donate Nearly 3 Gallons of Blood

Show Your Logo employees turned out in record numbers last week to donate blood to Heartland Blood Center’s drive sponsored by Allied Bank of Oswego. While not every employee suffers from Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, the reluctant ones sucked it up and braved the whole experience admirably.

Here are some facts we learned about blood donation via Heartland’s informational/Before-You-Donate pamphlets, Google (from several smart phones while we waited), and from the experience itself:

1)   Trypanophobia: the fear of needles

2)   The typical human body holds 10-12 pints of blood.

3)   When you sign up to donate blood, you sign up to donate one pint at a time.

4)   O-negative blood is also known as the “universal donor,” which means it can be given to anyone of any blood type in need of blood. O-negative blood is coveted for this reason.

5)   Heartland Blood Center would love to do extra special things with your O-negative blood to save more people. (Good work, Don!)

6)   Donating blood wasn’t so bad after all. Even for those of us who hate needles.

If your company is sponsoring a blood drive, or if you are attempting to market for the blood donation center itself, Show Your Logo staff is happy to assist you with finding the perfect promotional products to fit your needs, wants, and budget.

After my experience donating blood in the drafty gym at Allied Bank (cool gym, guys, but it was freezing in there), I can readily say that I would have enjoyed receiving a customized blanket.  These roll-up blankets are not only super affordable, they have the ability to roll up into this convenient, compact carrying case. Love them! I would really like to keep one of these in the car in case of emergencies. I can see using it at the park or the beach just to sit on. Every blood donor could put these blankets to good use, and let’s face it. Seeing the name and logo of the bank or the blood center on that blanket would be a timely reminder about donating again each time I used it.

Want to see another great giveaway for blood donors? Check out these customized tumblers, complete with straw. Since it’s important to rehydrate after donating your blood, handing out these reusable tumblers is a logical promotional product for this event.

Of course, everyone always loves free, customized t-shirts.

These Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are an incredibly affordable, budget-friendly option. Blood donors can wear these t-shirts around town and advertise the fact that they donated blood time and time again. Charlie Corpuscle (“Be nice to me. I gave blood today!”) would carry his message a lot further on a t-shirt as opposed to a sticker!

For assistance ordering these or any other promotional products, contact the knowledgeable, friendly sales staff at Show Your Logo today.





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