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10 Simple Ways to Observe Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve purchased all your eco-friendly promotional products and are well prepared to brand your business as an organization that cares about our environment. Although I truly believe that every day is Earth Day, here are ten simple ways you can celebrate the day. 1) Plant a tree. Whether you choose… Read more »

Earth Day Every Day: Ten Ideas for Planning Eco-Friendly Events

Get the word out about the event electronically rather than via a printed invitation.   Encourage event attendees to utilize public transportation to and from your event. Better still, choose hotels within walking distance.   Choose hotels that solicit energy and resource conservation. Gentle reminders to turn out the lights are often posted near light… Read more »

Earth Day Every Day: Ten Promotional Products for Eco-Friendly Branding

Visualize the last big event you attended.  Now focus on the waste. Chances are you’re picturing throngs of happy people at a community festival chucking grease-stained paper plates into an overflowing trash bin. There are crushed aluminum cans, discarded water bottles, and plastic forks missing a tine or two. Of course, there’s a nice film… Read more »