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Picnics – No ants in my pants!

With winter finally behind us, it is time to start thinking about outdoor activities. Yay! Let’s get some vitamin D! I love being outdoors. I like running with my crazy, uncontrollable chocolate lab. Did I mention he was crazy? Yeah, he actually walks me around. I love biking, or hiking, and I have definitely been known to do absolutely nothing except lounge around on my back porch while drinking one too many pale ales. The outdoor activity I like to do most though? PICNICKING! Who doesn’t like to go on a picnic? Ah, I can just picture it now. A delicious sandwich is moments away from hitting my mouth.  An ice cold beer is chilling in my cooler. The warm breeze is flowing through my hair. Tall grass is slowly itching my legs, and ants are crawling up my shorts. Wait. WHAT?!?! Ants up my shorts? Okay, I can see why picnics are not everyone’s thing. BUT, thanks to ShowYourLogo.com, and its low cost travel products, anyone can have the perfect picnic this season.


First things first. We need to get rid of those ants in my pants. I mean, what if they are fire ants? Then, my pants would be on fire!! So, I need to get a blanket. Not just any blanket though. I only have two hands, and if my infant son and previously mentioned dog come along, I really have no hands. So, I need something with a strap to rest on my shoulder. I recommend the custom printed roll up blanket . It has a velcro closure and is perfect to sit on during a any outdoor event. It will be particularly hard for the ants to climb up on the blanket, and the itchy grass will no longer irritate my legs. #Winning!


Next, of course I have a salad. Regular Tupperware just doesn’t get the job done. I have no where to put my dressing!! This is why the 3 piece salad shaker  is a must for any traveler. This handy 4 cup plastic container includes a plastic fork, and a removable 4 table spoon salad dressing holder. Now, I wouldn’t eat salad any other way.


Subsequently, after eating, we want nothing more than an ice cold beverage. Ever have a cooler packed with a bunch of cans, and when you open the bag you come to realize that all of your cans have toppled over and have been partying without you? Ever open said can and gotten drenched because of this shaken disaster?  Yes, me too. The round insulated cooler bag has rid me of hyper carbonation by allowing me to pack the cans in a round formation, keeping all of them compact until we are ready to drink them. I can fit up to 12 cans plus ice and everything stays nice and cold thanks to the foil laminated PE lining.


The last essential for this perfect picnic is a portable Bluetooth speaker. From the relaxing sounds of Jimmy Buffet, to the dance party jams of Jay-Z, sync this little guy up to your device for big sound of whatever music you prefer! Can’t connect? Don’t worry, this product also has an auxiliary input jack for connecting non- Bluetooth devices. Can’t miss a call? You are covered, as this product also has a microphone and answering capabilities.


Looking for something to do this summer? Go have a picnic! Now that you have the best how to guide listing the best picnic products out there, this will be one picnic you will want to repeat for years to come!

Two Cool Ways to Celebrate National Slurpee Day

It’s National Slurpee Day! I’ll be filling up the Vantasy with a fresh tank of gas at our local 7-11 and I’ll pump my kids full of the sugary sweet, icy goodness that is the Slurpee. They’re free today between the hours of 11 and 7.

How to celebrate National Slurpee Day? Start by getting yourself a free Slurpee, for one.

And two? Check out the some of the Slurpee-inspired drinkware available for customization at Show Your Logo.

Our acrylic, dome lid tumblers with straw all feature BPA free construction and double wall insulation. Unlike the throw-away variety you get at the convenience store, our tumblers can be used again and again, showing off your logo all the while. They’re perfect for all kinds of parties and events where you intend to serve up icy cold drinks and where you want people to walk away with a promotional product to help them remember the occasion…and your company name and logo.


custom tumblers with dome lid

 Super Slurpy Acrylic Tumblers

These 16 oz tumblers feature double walled insulation as well as a matching straw and dome lid. With eight colors to choose from, there’s bound to be a tumbler here ideal for your brand.



custom beverage ballsFiesta 20 oz Beverage Balls

The name says it all! If you’re hosting a fiesta, these custom printed beverage balls are a fun, memorable way to serve cold drinks. They make me want to break out my margarita machine.




custom spiral straw tumblers

Acrylic Tumblers with Spiral Straws

For added fun, choose an acrylic tumbler like these. In addition to the dome lid and double wall insulation, this promotional drinkware features a spiral straw. No child can resist the charms of a spiral straw.




print carnival cups

Acrylic Carnival Cups with Colorful Straws

These 16 oz tumblers feature “InBetween Vivid Print.” What does that mean to you? Printing occurs on both walls of these doubled walled tumblers. There are many stock designs to choose from…or you artistic people can design your own. Of course, the graphic artists at Show Your Logo can help you with that whole creative design process. Contact our sales team, who will be more than happy to help you out.



Feeling thirsty yet? Satisfy that Slurpee craving again and again when you order our environmentally-friendly, reusable dome lid tumblers!


Promos Rule: The Proof Is In the Theme Park Promotional Products

promotional acrylic tumblers

First stop? Superman…the ride. Afterwards, we were conveniently shuttled through the Super Hero gift shop. Check out those logoed acrylic tumblers. We can get you those tumblers for a LOT LESS.

This blogger took some time out for the 4th of July weekend to spend some quality time with the kids. One of our stops? Chicagoland’s amusement park Great America. Even so, promotional products are usually on the brain, even after it’s been scrambled on that horrible roller coaster aptly named “Demon.” (Take out your earrings. Pack a helment. And ibuprofen.)

I had to snap a picture of the lovely, blue acrylic tumblers I spotted after we took a flight on Superman. Wow, Great America. Mark those up much? No biggie. We like sipping from our very own custom printed tumblers anyway.

As we cruised around the park, I continued to take pictures of all the logoed stuff. Just for you. And everywhere I looked, people were looking, touching, admiring, and plunking down their cash and credit to take it all home. What a wonderful world when you can make money on your own advertising stuff! Good for you, Great America! As for the rest of you? If your brand can swing it, do it!

In addition to those fun acrylic tumblers, I spotted plenty of other logoed merchandise.

The proof is in the park. Everyone loves, loves, loves promotional products.







print sunglasses lenses

Custom Sunglasses with Printed Lenses

These were everywhere. They’re all the rage. YES, you can see right through them. YES, Show Your Logo can customize sunglasses just like these to suit your brand, and I promise it will cost you way, way less than what G.A. is charging per item.











customize stuffed animals

Light Up Stuffed Animals in Bags

Holy cats, Batman. This toy is cutecomes with its own carrying bag, and there’s a light up feature. Thank goodness my nine-year-old triplets are boys. Had they been girls, I probably wouldn’t have escaped this gift store without plunking down my own MasterCard. What kind of stuffed animals can Show Your Logo print for you? You name it. We’ll print on it.








promotional t-shirt store

Thrill Apparel…as in Custom T-Shirts and Promotional Hats

Here you were able to purchase the appropriate merchandise to let the world know you were brave enough to try out X-Flight.

I was not one of them.





As if you needed any proof that people love their promotional t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, acrylic tumblers and more. We sell it all right here for thrilling low prices.






3 Unique Custom Coolers for Your Summer Promotion

Want to see three very cool coolers with some slick features? Check out these three promotional coolers available from Show Your Logo. Print them with the name and logo of your business or organization. Choose a personal message. Brand them in any way you like. Custom coolers are a great investment of your marketing dollars. They’re bound to make those all-important impressions all season long and for many seasons to come. And these unique coolers? They’re absolute stand-outs. See for yourself!


print twelve pack coolersPrint on Insulated Twelve Pack Coolers

What a great way to transport your bottled beverages beach or poolside. Rugged construction gets the toting done safely, all the while keeping your bottled beverages cool, just the way everybody likes them. Note the padded handle in addition to the shoulder strap, which allows for convenient, hands-free lugging.





print speaker coolersCustom Coolers with Built in Speakers

If you’re searching for a cool promotional product with more than one function, this is a pretty nice option. This item doubles as a cooler and a set of speakers for your MP3 player. Cold drinks, refrigerated snacks, and some great music are the perfect set up for summer time fun.






print grocery car coolers

Custom Print on Car Coolers

Ok, so these custom coolers don’t scream fun as much as the other two coolers do, but this is still a fantastic promotional product. Keep this product in the trunk of your vehicle all summer long. It’s perfect for getting the groceries home before the ice cream melts and the milk curdles.





Show Your Logo is your source for promotional coolers! If you have a brand name cooler or a cooler with a particular function in mind, simply contact the Show Your Logo sales team. We’ll find the perfect promo coolers suitable to your needs as well as your budget.


Season Summer with Promotional Picnic and BBQ Products

promotional grill seasoning

Add your company logo and personal message to grill seasoning or the seasoning of your choice.


Another hallmark of the summer season is the scent of charcoal fires and grilled meats wafting through a gentle breeze. If you’re searching for a summer-themed promotion pleasing to all the senses, custom printed grill products may be the way to go. We’ve all heard the expression, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Whether he’s manning the grill or pulling up to a perfectly charred hot dog, there’s no question that most people–guys in particular–have an affinity for grilled meats.

Print your company name and logo on your choice of grill products from Show Your Logo and take advantage. Who wouldn’t want their logo associated with the surge of mood enhancing brain chemicals that can result from eating? Whether you have a small budget to work with or a more substantial one, Show Your Logo can help you find the perfect products to brand your business, gift your employees, or do some seasonal advertising.

Choose from an assortment of super affordable, custom printed seasoning perfect for rubs, flavoring burgers, or seasoning steaks.

Show Your Logo also offers an impressive assortment of grills. Customize grills that are meant to become permanent fixtures of businesses or backyards or shop from our portable grill collection.

Portable, promotional grills are available in a variety of price ranges, sizes, colors, and fuel options.


print charcoal grills


Print Your Company Name and Logo on Portable Charcoal Grills 

Nothing beats the smoky flavor that you can only achieve grilling with charcoal.



promotional propane grills


Customize Coleman Portable Propane Grills

These propane grills are extremely easy to set up, fire up, and transport from one location to the next.



promotional grill cooler setsPromotional Grill Cooler Sets Make Great Give Aways

Who can resist the practicality of a cooler bag that stores and totes your portable grill? These could be the perfect company picnic giveaways!




print grill cooler sets

Print on Mini Grill Cooler Bag Sets

Here’s an ultra portable option in grills and cooler bag gift sets: a mini-grill with cooler bag.




custom bbq tools setsCustom BBQ Tool Sets

Print your company name and logo on barbecue tool sets from Show Your Logo. We offer a huge selection of BBQ tools and tool sets to meet your branding needs as well as your budget.



custom printed apronsCustomize Aprons

Whoever is manning the grill needs the right logo apparel. Get custom aprons to show off your company name and logo or personal message. We offer a wide selection of apron styles, colors, and fabric options.



Are you feeling fired up about your upcoming grill-themed promotion? So are we! Contact the Show Your Logo sales team today. Together we’ll cook up a terrific promotion to brand your business, market your services, or simply give away a great promo gift your customers will love and turn to again and again.

Tie Dye Promotional Products from T-Shirts to Towels

custom tie dye t-shirts

Print your logo on promotional tie dye t-shirts in a variety of eye-catching colors. Groovy!

In one of last week’s posts you learned that the ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of flip flops. This week we’re sharing another summer-themed promotional product brought to you by some ancient people: the process of tie dyeing! The earliest surviving evidence of tie dyeing dates back to about 500 AD and Peru. Modern tie dyeing (you know…the psychedelic kind) became popular in the late 1960′s and into the 1970′s thanks to the likes of rockers like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones.

Tie dye never entirely faded away. Many products, including promotional products available for customization right here at Show Your Logo, come in ultra cool tie dye patterns.

Tie dye says summer to me. It takes me back to tie dyeing white t-shirts using rubber bands and buckets filled with RIT dye at summer camp.

In need of some tie dye promotional products to brand your business this summer? Check out the many varied promo items available in tie dye looks ranging from rainbow to complimentary colors to a bright, uniform look.



Tie Dye Logo Apparel

print tie dye bandanasPromotional Tie Dye Bandanas

Bikers, hikers, and anyone desiring some brightly colored head protection from the summer sun will appreciate custom printed bandanas. A bandana is also an excellent product for keeping your hair under wraps and under control on a windy day or on the back of a bike.




print tie dye t-shirtsPrint on Tie Dye T-shirts 

Show Your Logo can customize promotional tie dye t-shirts in youth and adult sizes.




heart tie dye t-shirtsCustom Printed Heart Tie Dye T-Shirts

Many of our tie dyed shirts have designs in them…such as this heart on this junior sized t-shirt.




print tie dye hoodiesPromotional Tie Dye Hoodies

Even summer nights can get a chill to them. Print on these pullover hoodies to keep that chill at bay while staying tie dye cool.




promotional tie dye visors

Logo Tie Dye Visors 

Get custom tie dye visors printed in your choice of colors.




custom tie dye caps

Custom Print Tie Dye Caps

These colorful baseball caps are bound to get your logo the attention it deserves.




print tie dye hatsTie Dyed Washed Cotton Hats

Are bucket hats more your thing? These soft, washed cotton hats are available in a variety of pleasing colors.





Print on Tie Dye Accessories


print tie dye backpacksTie Dye Drawstring Backpacks

These colorful backpacks are perfect for kids who need to tote a few things around for the summer.




print tie dye totesTie Dye Tote Bags with Your Logo

Pack your summer with fun when you tote around these bags. Tote bags don’t have to be so serious!




custom tie dye sunglassesPrint on Tie Dye Sunglasses

These sunglasses don’t have a serious side. They’re all about fun in the sun. Take your logo along for the ride.




print tie dye lanyards

Promotional Tie Dye Lanyards

Show your logo some love when you print on these brightly colored lanyards. Great for keys, badges, and I.D.’s.





Even More Tie Dye Promotional Products

print tie dye towels

Custom Tie Dye Beach Towels

These beautiful, colorful towels look great on beach chairs, sands, and wrapped around people. Your logo looks great there, too.




print tie dye lollipops

Custom Print on Tie Dye Lollipops

Food is always a great giveaway. Everyone loves food. If you’re running with the tie dye theme, these lollies  take the cake.




print tie dye balloons

Custom Print on Tie Dye Light Up Balloons

Still running with the tie dye theme for your event? These light up, tie dyed balloons are tough to resist. What fun!




tie dye golf balls

 Print Your Logo on Tie Dye Golf Balls

What?! Tie dye golf balls? That’s what I said. Make your golf game a little less serious when you print on these colorful golf items.




tie dye can coolersCustomize Tie Dye Can Coolers

The canned beverages at your event will look groovy wearing these tie dye can coolers.




tie dye bottle coolersPrint on Tie Dye Bottle Coolers

These eye-popping bottle holders keep bottles cool. The handy carrying strap makes everything easy to transport and keeps your hands free for other activities.




Ready to get your groove on? Contact us today to discuss your need for tie dyed promotional products. Shopping for something of a more serious nature? No problem. With 750,000 promo items to choose from, Show Your Logo can deliver.



Print Logo Products in Honor of National Hot Dog Day

hot day day promotions

National Hot Dog Day may not be an officially recognized holiday, but it’s certainly a holiday worth celebrating as evidenced by the fact that Americans consume approximately 7 billion hot dogs in an average summer. In 2012, Americans spent $1.7 billion on hot dogs in grocery stores alone. We clearly have some cash to burn when it comes to the hot dog.

You may or may not be in the business of hot dogs, but you may just want to capitalize on Americans’ adoration of these delicious tubes of salty, processed meat. How so? Whether or not you own a chain of hot dog stands, hitch your logo to a celebration of National Hot Dog day with some fun, affordable, hot dog-themed promotional products.

National Hot Dog Day is celebrated every July 23rd. Plenty of time to order the perfect promotional products to commemorate the day and put your marketing dollars to work.

Show Your Logo is your source for custom printed logo apparel. Do you have a hot dog-themed design in mind? Our in-house graphic arts team can work with you to design the perfect custom t-shirts, employee polo shirts, and embroidered baseball caps.

Serving up hot dogs at your company picnic on National Hot Dog Day? Set everybody up with custom printed aprons to show off your company name and logo. Once the hot dogs are gone, everyone can hang onto a useful promotional product to commemorate the day.



Non Woven Full Apron

Promotional Non Woven Aprons

Two front pockets and two tie straps as well as water resistant polypropylene make these aprons a durable, affordable choice for all those grill masters.





print grill cooler sets

Custom Print Grill Cooler Sets

What else could the people manning the grill possibly need on National Hot Dog Day? The grill itself, of course. We offer a huge selection of custom printed grills. Here’s one we think is pretty cool—the carrying case doubles as a beverage cooler.



promotional tongs

Promotional Tongs

Best practice when grilling hot dogs: use tongs instead of a fork to remove the dogs from the grill. Piercing the hot dog allows juices to escape, which could result in a dry hot dog. Custom printed tongs, therefore, may just be the perfect give away to brand your business on National Hot Dog Day on the cheap.




And if you DO own one of those hot dog stands? If you ARE in the business of selling your brand of hot dogs to supermarkets and restaurants? You may just want to create a memorable way for your customers to contact you. Check out these fun-filled, affordable hot dog-shaped stress relievers:


hot dog stress reliever


Hot Dog Stress Reliever with Mustard

Approximately 87.6% of adults identify mustard as their favorite hot dog condiment. (Kids prefer ketchup.)



hot dog stress ball


Hot Dog Stress Reliever Toy with Mustard and Relish

These delectable looking dogs truly are made of foam.



promotional chili dog keychain


Chili Cheese Dog Keychain Stress Relievers

It’s a chili dog. It’s a stress reliever toy. It’s a keychain. It’s also a great marketing tool capable of reminding your customers of your company name and logo and phone number each time they reach for their keys. Reaching for their keys just might make them hungry for a chili dog, too.


Speaking of condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish, and chili, many people like a few condiments to choose from when consuming hot dogs. Set them up for successful hot dog consumption with custom printed condiment accessories. Take a look at a few options that would make your company name and logo a stand out among the ketchup, mustard, relish, and diced onions:


print condiment squeeze bottles

Promotional Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Print on these squeeze bottles and keep the hot dog bar well-stocked with the basics like ketchup and mustard. These condiment bottles also make excellent, affordable giveaways.




custom salt pepper shakers

Custom Print Salt and Pepper Shakers

These sturdy acrylic salt and pepper shakers can be printed with your logo as well as your contact information.  Brand your business from every table! Everyone can use a salt and pepper shaker. Make them part of your hot dog-themed promotional give away.



Hungry for more great promotional product ideas? The sales team at Show Your Logo is always chock full of promotional product marketing ideas perfect for your brand as well as your budget. Contact them today for all your promo item needs.


Summer Begins! 10 Promo Items Perfect for Play in the Great Outdoors

June 21st marks the first official day of summer. Get your flip flops on, apply some sunscreen, don’t forget your hat, and head outside to soak up the sun. What to do while you’re out there? If you’re not lounging in a comfy promotional bag chair or diving into a refreshing blue pool, you may just wish you had some outdoor games custom printed with your very own company logo.

And if you don’t happen to own your own company, you may be an employee of a company who would most appreciate the gift of a logoed outdoor game. Printed outdoor games make excellent gifts for employees and customers alike.

Show Your Logo can print on outdoor games for all kinds of customers on all kinds of budgets. We’ve gathered up a few examples to show you. Take a look.


promotional squirt guns


Promotional Squirt Guns

Looking for classic, affordable summer fun to brand your business? I don’t care how old you are. Squirt gun fights on a hot summer day are always a blast.



promotional dart guns

Custom Printed Foam Dart Guns

And if you don’t want to get wet at your outdoor event? Consider affordable promotional foam dart guns. Good times.




custom cornhole boards

Logo Cornhole Boards and Bags Game

Customize cornhole boards and bags to your specifications. Here’s a classic game that will be pulled out of the garage or storage shed for all kinds of outdoor events for years to come. Give your logo and marketing dollars some staying power with this great promotional product.



logo ring toss gameCustom Ring Toss Games

Here’s a great giveaway that’s easily transported to the beach, to picnics, and to the park. This is an affordable, super portable option in outdoor promo games.




personalized horseshoe games

Personalized Horseshoe Game Set

The game of horseshoe tossing is reportedly traced right back to the ancient Romans who pitched metal rings into stakes pounded into the ground. Whether or not they utilized horseshoes is open for debate. No matter. The rings supplied with this game of horseshoes aren’t actually horseshoes, but they’ll do nicely for some summer time, outdoor entertainment.



promotional croquet set


Custom Printed Croquet Sets

Croquet sets are synonymous with English tea and Alice In Wonderland. If you’re planning a more formal outdoor event (you know…sans squirt guns), this personalized croquet set will fit in just fine.




print paddle ball sets

Logo Paddle Ball Sets

What do I like about this paddle ball set? The see-through case that keeps it all together. I don’t want to go searching around the garage for the second paddle or that little blue ball. Customize this outdoor game with your logo your marketing dollars are certain to score big.




custom bocce sets

Promotional Bocce Sets

Here’s another example of an outdoor game with some history and some dignity. (You know…if your brand isn’t about squirt guns and foam darts.) Customize this classy set with your company logo.



custom shuffleboard setShuffleboard Sets Customized with Your Logo

What does a game of shuffleboard say to you? I’m thinking cruise ships and motels. Shuffleboard speaks of lazy days. These scoreboards aren’t painted on the asphalt like the kind I remember. Pick up the aluminum scoreboards and transport them (and your logo) wherever you want to go.



print tetherball sets

Print on Tetherball Sets

This set includes durable steel posts. If you’re in need of some high energy find (think a few notches above shuffleboard), an intense game of tetherball may be just the thing.



Do you have another outdoor game in mind? The team at Show Your Logo is more than happy to find the promotional products you need or desperately want to play at your upcoming event. Give us a call today.





10 Facts About Flip Flops Plus Promo Pairs to Print Upon

cheap custom flip flops1) Flip flops have been around for thousands of years. Check out some murals created by ancient Egyptians and see for yourself.

2) Flip flops have a world-wide following. Other names for flip flops around the globe: thong sandals, go aheads, jandals, pluggers, slaps, havaianas, and slippers.

3) The modern flip flop was brought to the U.S. by returning WWII soliders wearing Japanese Zōri.

4) Flip flops get their name from the slapping sound they make against the soles of your feet when you walk.

5) Americans transformed the Zōri into the brightly colored versions we wear today.

6) Ancient Romans wore the straps of their flip flops between their second and third toes.

7) President Obama became the first U.S. president to be photographed wearing flip flops.

8) The Dalai Lama frequently wears flip flops.

9) Flip flops are reportedly a $20 billion industry.

10) In 2006, sales of flip flops topped sales of sneakers for the first time ever. Consider the cost of sneakers. Now consider the cost of flip flops. That’s a lot of flip flops.


How can you show your logo some love utilizing the promotional power of flip flops?


personalized flip flopsPrint on Striped Custom Flip Flops







cheap custom flip flops

Personalize Basic Flip Flops with Your Logo






custom beach flip flopsCustomize Beach Flip Flops with a Fun Flower Design






print men's flip flopsPrint Your Logo on Men’s Flip Flops






promotional lighted flip flopsCustom Print Your Logo onto Lighted Flip Flops






custom bamboo flip flopsPrint on Bamboo Flip Flops with Vinyl Straps





custom sport flip flopsCustomize Sport Flip Flops





How do you like your flip flops? Let Show Your Logo know and we’ll find your brand the perfect pair at the perfect price. With 750,000 promotional products to choose from, you name it. We print it.

Custom Sunglasses: Print Your Logo on the Lenses for Maximum Exposure

print lenses on suglasses

Print text, logos, or photos right on the lenses of promotional sunglasses. They’re see through!

What’s all the rage in promotional sunglasses these days? As you may have guessed from the picture to the left, it involves printing directly on the lenses. What?! Print on the lenses? Yes! And it’s all good. You and your customers can see right through the imprint while you’re wearing these hip promo items.

Why do such a thing? Well, for starters, what’s the biggest imprint area on a pair of promotional sunglasses? The lenses, of course. If you want to maximize your logo exposure while your customers have fun in the sun, these sunglasses are the way to go.

The beauty of these types of custom sunglasses is that you can choose your frame style, colors, and additional imprint areas. Looking for patterned frames? Those are just one more option. There are so many promotional sunglasses available that you can pretty much get whatever you’ve envisioned for your brand. Let the Show Your Logo sales team know what you’re looking for and we’ll locate the perfect promotional sunglasses for your brand and your budget.

In the meantime, take a look at what some other brands have done with promotional sunglasses using this fun technique that allows for printing directly on the lenses.

Teams love them!


custom sports team sunglasses

Team Sunglasses












Brand your business with aviators!

custom aviator glasses








An etched look:

print logo lens sunglases













As you can clearly see, the options related to promotional sunglasses are vast. Get in touch with the Show Your Logo sales team today to get your order placed for a completely customized, affordable sunglasses promotion.


Call our promotional products hotline at 1-888-253-5800 or contact us
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