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Picnics – No ants in my pants!

With winter finally behind us, it is time to start thinking about outdoor activities. Yay! Let’s get some vitamin D! I love being outdoors. I like running with my crazy, uncontrollable chocolate lab. Did I mention he was crazy? Yeah, he actually walks me around. I love biking, or hiking, and I have definitely been… Read more »

Promos Rule: The Proof Is In the Theme Park Promotional Products

This blogger took some time out for the 4th of July weekend to spend some quality time with the kids. One of our stops? Chicagoland’s amusement park Great America. Even so, promotional products are usually on the brain, even after it’s been scrambled on that horrible roller coaster aptly named “Demon.” (Take out your earrings. Pack… Read more »

Tie Dye Promotional Products from T-Shirts to Towels

In one of last week’s posts you learned that the ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of flip flops. This week we’re sharing another summer-themed promotional product brought to you by some ancient people: the process of tie dyeing! The earliest surviving evidence of tie dyeing dates back to about 500 AD and Peru. Modern… Read more »

Print Logo Products in Honor of National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day may not be an officially recognized holiday, but it’s certainly a holiday worth celebrating as evidenced by the fact that Americans consume approximately 7 billion hot dogs in an average summer. In 2012, Americans spent $1.7 billion on hot dogs in grocery stores alone. We clearly have some cash to burn… Read more »

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