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I’m With Stupid T-shirts, Part III-Can I get a spell check?

Stop it right there. I know what you are thinking. “Really? Another blog about t-shirts? What else could be said about promotional t-shirts and branding?” PLENTY! I am still debating though (for your sake) if I should just leave this a three-part series. In my first blog post, I noted how the wearer of apparel… Read more »

The “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirts

In my opinion, clothing should speak for itself without the need for an explanation. When the point on a custom shirt is not clear and up for interpretation, the meaning behind the words or phrase can be completely lost. Then, what was the point in wearing said piece anyway? For example, we have all seen… Read more »

New Season, New Soccer Gear!

How does every new season of soccer begin for us crazed soccer moms? With a boat load of new soccer gear, of course! This year our household of soccer players was able to press on with last year’s jerseys, practice t-shirts, and shorts. New socks, however, were a must-have. And since our practice t-shirts have… Read more »

Tie Dye Promotional Products from T-Shirts to Towels

In one of last week’s posts you learned that the ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of flip flops. This week we’re sharing another summer-themed promotional product brought to you by some ancient people: the process of tie dyeing! The earliest surviving evidence of tie dyeing dates back to about 500 AD and Peru. Modern… Read more »

Custom T-Shirts for Every Budget

There are vastly different price ranges on custom t-shirts no matter where you shop, and Show Your Logo is no exception. If you click on through to the Show Your Logo custom t-shirt page, you’ll see that our prices range from  as low as  $2.27 to a high of  $12.50 for a short-sleeve, adult sized… Read more »

Get Crafty With Wholesale, Blank T-Shirts and Bleach Pens

Most of our customers place orders for custom t-shirts showing off a high quality imprint. However, did you know that Show Your Logo can also sell blank t-shirts at wholesale prices? If you’re planning an event that requires more than a couple dozen blank t-shirts for your guests to design and decorate, purchasing wholesale t-shirts… Read more »

How to Print Custom T-Shirts Best Suited for Your Target Market: Part Three

When faced with the responsibility of choosing the right custom t-shirts for your business, team, or organization, you’re faced with an enormous number of variables, choices, and possibilites. One of the easiest ways to begin breaking down your custom t-shirt printing process is to decide how your target market will use their tees. If you’re… Read more »

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