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“Don’t Get Comfortable” — I don’t get it.

Why I don’t get American Giant’s “Don’t Get Comfortable” slogan. In the promotional products and apparel industry, we at Show Your Logo have a lot of customers who are looking for a number of different things when it comes to purchasing apparel. Some are looking for strictly the fastest turnaround time. Others wish to find… Read more »

The Season is Upon Us!

Darius Rucker said, “There’s two times of the year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.” With the preseason here, Fantasy Leagues are gearing up and parties are being planned all across the country. That’s not the only thing getting into full swing, though. School football teams and themed promotions are just around… Read more »

Does Social Media Influence Your Purchasing Choices?

Last month Business Week released a short blurb talking about advertising and online marketing, saying that only 5% of Americans claim that social media has a large influence on what they buy and 30% claiming that it had only some influence. The percentages shift slightly amongst millennials, but not a great deal. Some feel that… Read more »

Game On!

Gamification: Not a word that many hear in the real world (i.e. the physical, 3D plane where there are no re-spawns or cheat codes for instant cash) but its slowly starting to catch fire. What, pray tell, is gamification though? Well, truthfully? Up until recently I was pretty sure there was no official academic definition… Read more »