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The Season is Upon Us!

Darius Rucker said, “There’s two times of the year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.”

With the preseason here, Fantasy Leagues are gearing up and parties are being planned all across the country. That’s not the only thing getting into full swing, though. School football teams and themed promotions are just around the corner, too, and for that we have the perfect smorgasbord to fulfill all of your game day events!

Fun to throw and more fun still as a work day distraction (Show Your Logo tested & approved), plastic and foam footballs are great items to toss out at events with your logo printed on the side. Both allow for a double sided imprint and are available in a wide array of colors allowing you to replicate your own or your local team’s colors!

For something a little less traditional but with great reusability are the sports themed bags. These vary based on sports and themes and are preprinted with the appropriate detailing for the ball impteam-car-magnetsrint.

Nothing says support like having a magnet or bumper sticker with your favorite team on it! (Okay, plenty of other things probably say it more, but none are as fun as these!) Coming in all different shapes and sizes, these magnets feature a magnificently wide imprint area to include school logos, mascots, business information, and more.

Another item that comes ready and shaped in any sports theme you like, cheering sticks are a great way to show off some flare on game day. They also can make great parade or assembly giveaways as they are lightweight and easy to throw. These can also go hand in hand with our inflatable noisemakers that, while they are limited to a single shape, come in a wide array of colors so you can still show team spirit!customized-inflatable-cheering-sticks

Hydration is the key at sporting events whether you’re a player or spectator. Some of those dog days of summer games require water while out in that early evening sun, and those fall nighttime games will leave you wanting some coffee or hot chocolate. The good news is that all of these items make for great giveaways at games, items to sell, or promotional products with team logos.

We Americans love our sports, but I don’t know too many that enjoy those bleacher seats. Stadium cushions offer a large imprint area and a wide variety of colors. The advertising options and price point make these a fantastic option for any business looking to promote themselves during game season.

There are twcheap-fleece-blanketso different versions of this blanket that we feature. One is all fleece while the other has a tarp bottom. While there are not as many color options with this item, I highly recommend the blanket with the tarp. I took one to Comic Con this year and it worked great when stuck sitting in the grass during those long Hall H lines during the wee hours of the morning. They’re large enough for two people to lie down on or three to sit and allow a waterproof cushion between you and the ground.

This list really only scratches the surface on all the options we offer for sports giveaways, and just because we’re bringing this blog out at the start of football season doesn’t mean we’re just limited to football for promotional products. Browse our website or give us a call today at 888-253-5800 for any recommendations or inquiries for your team or business so we can start helping you show your logo!

Custom Printed Promotional Bookmarks for All Kinds of Readers

While it’s true that the most economical promotional bookmarks are your traditional, rectangular items printed on card stock, we’re guessing you may not be aware of all the mind blowing options available in the vast world of promo bookmarks. If you’re willing to invest a few more of your marketing dollars into your next bookmark-themed marketing campaign or gift giving giveaway, you can create a product that’s definitely worth a second look.

Who can benefit from promotional bookmarks? Anyone who picks up a book! They’re an excellent choice for teacher appreciation giveaways. Libraries, book stores, WiFi hotspots, schools, and office supply shops (for starters!) can benefit from the exposure logos receive on any of these fantastic bookmarks.


print magnetic bookmarks

Promotional Magnetic Bookmarks

Don’t you hate it when your typical bookmark manages to slip out of your book and your page is lost? Here’s a simple, affordable solution in the form of an affordable promotional product.The force of magnetism helps keep a firm grip on your page even as books jostle around your bag, your car, your locker, or the bus.



print sticky note bookmarksSticky Note Book Marks

Teachers, students, librarians, and anyone big on marking and annotating text will adore these multi-functional bookmarks. Not only do they mark your page, they keep sticky flags handy for making important notes while reading.



custom timer bookmarksCustom Print Book Marks with Timer

Want to keep tabs on how long you read? Many students do! Encourage them to build stamina for engaged reading time with the gift of these handy 2-in-1 bookmarks.



custom plastic clip bookmarksCustom Print on Plastic Clip Bookmarks

Choose from an assortment of stock images or include your own. Add your company name and logo or personal message and you’ve created a useful product to mark an important page or where you left off in your reading.




promotional photo book marksPromotional Photo Bookmarks

These terrific bookmarks can be customized with your logo, but allow recipients to include their own personal photo. Magnetic clipping action keeps the bookmark secure for frustration-free page marking.




custom lenticular bookmarksPrint Lenticular Bookmarks

If you want to create the illusion of depth and movement in your promotional bookmarks, lenticular book marks are just what you’re looking for. Kids in particular are riveted by lenticular book marks. No one can resist giving your logo a second look when you print on these!



promotional book mark magnifiers

Custom Book Mark Magnifiers

These bookmarks will mark your page, magnify the text, and include a ruler on one side. Three functions for the price of one promotional product!




book light bookmarks

Promotional Book Light Book Marks

This handy little promotional product functions as both a book light as well as bookmark. Bend it to shed light on the page you’re reading. This product’s multi-function abilities will also shed some light on your logo.



promotional book marks


Business Card Book Marks

Insert your business card directly into these clever promotional bookmarks. Your business card will take on a whole new purpose…and get some much deserved attention.


Who knew that a simple bookmark could come custom printed with so many multi-functions? We did! If you’re interested in a quote on any of the products you see here or are interested in any of our additional 750,000 promotional products, contact the sales team at Show Your Logo. We’re more than happy to help you find the promotional products you need to suit your brand, your target market, and your budget.













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