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5 Stadium Cushions for Footballs Fans and Benchwarmers

Everyone who’s ever warmed some stadium seating knows how uncomfortable it can get after only a few minutes. Those metal seats get really hot or really cold exposed to the elements. They also have a way of misaligning your spine after too long. If you’re looking for a promotional giveaway or a logoed product to sell at all those upcoming football games to help alleviate some of this discomfort, printed stadium cushions are the way to go. From your basic stadium cushion to your deluxe models, there’s a stadium cushion to suit every kind of customer on every kinds of budget.


cheap custom stadium cushions

Budget Friendly Custom Stadium Cushions

If you’re prepping for a substantial giveaway or planning on selling these printed stadium cushions to a cash-strapped crowd of students, these economic  are a great choice.




custom pocket stadium cushionsDeluxe Promotional Stadium Cushions

Looking for a stadium cushion that’s “higher end?” Look no further than this model! It feature a roomy back pocket, two web handle with adjustable support side straps, and front pockets to hold smaller items like your mobile phone, wallet, sunscreen, sports bottles, and so on. What’s more, there are fiberglass (lightweight!) poles in the seat and the comfy backrest for stability. This stadium cushion is bound to keep you comfortable well into the fourth quarter and into overtime.



non woven stadium cushionsPrint on Non Woven Stadium Cushions with Carrying Handle

This affordable choice features a non woven, water resistant cover (along with a built in front pocket). Water resistant covers like these are perfect for those outdoor games and events!




promotional folding stadium cushions

Custom Printed Folding Stadium Cushions

This super lightweight, foldable stadium cushion isn’t remotely bulky. Fold it up and it’s nice and compact for ease of use. Available in black, royal blue, forest green and red.




custom stadium cushion blanket

Stadium Cushion Blanket

Do you often find yourself freezing at outdoor games in Fall or winter in spite of bundling up? Then you’ll be amongst those who will really appreciate this giveaway: a stadium cushion that unfolds into a blanket.



Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for more information about these promotional stadium cushions. They’re more than happy to help you find the promotional products you need at prices that fit your needs as well as your budget.

School and Team Spirit Promotional Products

custom print cheer ribbon

Customize ribbon at Show Your Logo to show off your team spirit.

School isn’t all work, work, work! Give students, faculty, staff, and parents an opportunity to show their school and team spirit at games and other events with custom printed promotional products from Show Your Logo. We have the promotional cheer and spirit products you need to get the crowd riled up.

Whether you’re in need of custom printed ribbons to tie in the cheerleaders’ hair or promo items to pass out to the crowd of adoring fans, Show Your Logo can deliver the customized items you need for a terrific low price.

Of course, selling your team promotional products as a means of raising funds is another great option. Custom stadium cushions, t-shirts, and drink bottles are a great way for fans to show their support of the team, get something they need, and raise some much-needed funds for the program.

Take a look at some of the fantastic, affordable school and team spirit promotional products available from Show Your Logo. Whether you choose to give them away or sell them to the fans, one thing’s for certain: everybody is going to love cheering on the team with custom printed school spirit products.


promotional pom poms


Custom Pom Pons

These U.S.A. made custom pom pons feature streamers available in an impressive assortment of 28 colors. Describe your school colors and we’ll find the pom pons to match! In fact, you can choose to mix up to 4 streamer colors at no additional charge. Just like a new car, these pom pons come with options. Not only do you need to choose up to four streamer colors, you can choose to upgrade to a higher streamer count, wider streamers, and sparkling glitter streamers. Decisions, decisions! The sturdy handle leaves plenty of room for your custom imprint.


promotional foam fingers

Custom Foam Fingers 

There’s no question the opposing team will see your enthusiasm when your side of the stands or stadium jabs these in the air. Ten color choices means there’s a color suitable for your team! Simply slide your hand inside this foam promotional product and get cheering for your team and the low, low prices at Show Your Logo.





print thunder sticksPromotional Thunder Sticks

These inflatable noisemakers are an effective, affordable way for your side of the stadium to make some serious noise and create visual enthusiasm. What a great give away to be used at future games and events as well.




promotional megaphonesCustom Megaphones

Looking for additional ways to make some noise at your athletic event? Custom printed megaphones should do the trick.





print custom pennants


Custom Printed Pennants 

Let everyone show their team spirit with a school pennant give away at your next event. Pennants are a classy, classic gift and a great souvenir to sell for fundraising purposes.




team support bracelets

Custom Support Bracelets 

These bracelets can be molded or printed with your desired text. They make for a very affordable giveaway!





promotional car flags

Custom Car Flags

Tailgating? Make sure you show your school spirit in the parking lot with the addition of these custom car flags to as many vehicles as possible. These car flags make for another affordable, fun, reusable give away.




Whether you’re sold on some of the products you see here or have something completely different in mind, the sales team at Show Your Logo can help you find the perfect products for your team, your fans, and your budget. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on any of our 750,000 promotional products.





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