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How Durable Are Promotional Bag Chairs?

print bag chairs

Custom printed folding bag chairs from Show Your Logo withstand camping and more.

Are you in need of some durable, custom printed folding chairs? Here’s an endorsement for the bag chairs from Show Your Logo…from someone who actually uses them.

See the printed blue guy in the middle of the photo posing with my super-cool mini van? That bag chair has now successfully held up to the rigors of triplet boys, camping, beach time, a debacle involving smores, and countless soccer games in all kinds of weather conditions.

Another chair from a discount store that shall remain unnamed met an unfortunate demise this weekend and found its way to the dumpster. It will no doubt be ravished by hundreds of campground raccoons who seem to eat everything. I love camping.

I do love the fact that my promotional travel chair is still going strong.

Here are three other bag chairs from Show Your Logo that we like around here:





custom mesh folding chairs

Mesh Folding Bag Chairs

These chairs are perfect for languishing on the sidelines of a soccer game in sweltering heat. They’re also great for drip drying after a swim at the beach. Here’s a unique promotional gift that everyone will appreciate.










print mesh beach chairs

Mesh Beach Chairs

Recipients of these mesh beach chairs will love keeping their cool in the shallow end of the wave pool. Of course they’re also perfect for setting up where the surf  creeps up just enough to get your feet wet.











print travel reclinersTravel Recliner Chairs

Wherever it is you’re going, these travel chairs are excellent for a quick nap. Let’s face it. Napping in your typical bag chair isn’t the most comfortable of options. These promotional chairs are absolutely napping-friendly, and this isn’t an item you find in amongst your typical bag chair selection at your local retailer.








Show Your Logo is your source for custom printed chairs with all kinds of functions. Got a chair in mind? We’ve got a chair to match your needs. Contact our sales team today to inquire about our fantastic selection of promotional chairs.

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