Your logo printed on reusable totes is a low cost advertising method.

  • Grocery bag advertising is so cost effective, you can expect your logo to be seen for just one-tenth of one cent.
  • Studies indicate that people use tote bags on a weekly basis, giving your logo repeated exposure.
  • Many of the most affordable reusable bags are made with nonwoven polypropylene, a durable, lightweight fabric made with plastics.
  • Nonwoven polypropylene can be recycled in facilities that accept type 5 plastics.
  • The durability of these tote bags ensures that your logo will get the attention it deserves for years to come.
  • It’s estimated that one reusable tote bag will eliminate the need for more than 1,000 plastic shopping bags.
  • Recent bans on plastic shopping bags have made reusable grocery bags more popular than ever.

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