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10 Reasons to Show Your Logo On Quality, Cheap Custom Polos

cheap custom polos

Anvil Cotton Deluxe polos can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo for a competitive low price at Show Your Logo.

If you own a business or run an organization of any kind, custom logo apparel is a must-have when shopping and budgeting for promotional products. Whether your employees’ wardrobe requires business suits or t-shirts on a daily basis, there’s room on either end of the wardrobe continuum for custom polo shirts. Polo shirts and business casual go together like Sunday school and brunch. You can choose to see a custom polo shirt as dressing up (for you t-shirt regulars) or dressing down (for business-casual Fridays). They’re great for that golf outing followed by Sunday brunch, too.

Here are ten reasons we at Show Your Logo love our huge selection of quality, cheap custom polos.

1) Donning a 100% cotton polo is just as comfortable to wear as that 100% cotton t-shirt.

2) A comfortable custom shirt is a shirt that makes it out of the closet.

3) Custom polo shirts that make it out of the closet give your logo the visibility it deserves.

4) Print or embroider your logo or other pertinent company details on the chest, on the sleeve, or centered on the back of the polo just under the collar. No matter. All locations look sharp! Go crazy if you want and choose all three print or embroidery locations.

5) Cheap custom polos are available in a huge selection of colors. Brand your business with conservative colors like navy, black, or white, or go a completely different route and be bold. Lime green. Purple. Banana. (Truly. “Banana” is a color option.)

6) You can choose to order cheap custom polos in styles manufactured for women. In order to enjoy wearing a company custom polo, women prefer not to appear shapeless.

7) Buttons. How do you wear your polos? All buttons undone? One undone? Or buttoned up all the way? (Is it me…or can you tell a lot about a person by the way they button their polo shirts?)

8) Collars. I’m dating myself here, but anybody remember the eighties when it was cool to wear the collar of your polos up near your ears? Do you think that will ever make a comeback? (No.)

9) Unlike a dress shirt, a polo shirt doesn’t have to visit the dry cleaner or set up a meeting with the iron. No offense, dry cleaners, but I hate the drop off, the pick up, and the prices. I hate irons even more. Who’s with me?!

10) What’s not to love about polo shirt days? Golf outings? Casual Friday? Brunch? It’s all good.

Be sure to shop our impressive selection of custom, company polo shirts. From our super-affordable, 100% cotton polos to our brand name wicking polo shirts, we have the custom printed polo shirts you need at prices your budget and your employees are going to love. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for a quote on polos or any of our 750,000 promotional products.





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