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10 Simple Ways to Observe Earth Day

print CFL stress ballsToday is Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve purchased all your eco-friendly promotional products and are well prepared to brand your business as an organization that cares about our environment. Although I truly believe that every day is Earth Day, here are ten simple ways you can celebrate the day.

1) Plant a tree. Whether you choose to plant a tree on your own property or volunteer to plant trees in a park or another public place, there’s no denying that a new tree is a beautiful, healthy addition to our environment. What’s the value of a tree? Besides beautification, there are oxygen-producing, carbon dioxide-busting benefits to trees. This year we’re trying to coax some acorns to life. Oak trees are a personal favorite.

2) Got kids? Engage in some clever crafting. Repurpose items around the house. My daughter is using a large stack of discarded magazines to craft a storage basket. Granted, it’s taking her forever, but it looks pretty cool. We like the idea that we’re repurposing the paper to make something useful. Check our our Pinterest Board “Earth Day Every Day” for some crafty Earth Day ideas.

3) Recycle, recycle, recycle. Make an effort to recycle everything you can, including those tough items like batteries and electronics. We’ve started a “dead battery bucket” at our house. Instead of throwing them in the trash, we collect them until we have enough to warrant a trip to an appropriate recycling center. Broken or unwanted electronics? Goodwill takes that stuff and recycles it appropriately.

4) Clean up litter around your neighborhood. Recycle what you can instead of throwing it in the trash.

5) Make your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Vinegar and baking soda are awesome, natural cleaning ingredients. You don’t need harsh, harmful chemicals to clean up.

6) Walk or ride your bike to work or to school. Save on gas and save the planet from as much carbon emissions as you can.

7) Set up a rain barrel under the gutters of your house. Collect rain water to water your planets this summer.

8) Support a national park. Buy an annual pass. Shop promotional products in their online gift stores.

9) Wear t-shirts that are green or brown to show your support of Earth Day.

10) Consider replacing old appliances with Energy Star appliances. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with LED or CFL bulbs to conserve electricity.

Simple changes in our every day lives can make a huge and positive impact on the Earth! Together we can all make a difference.



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