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5 Best Promotional Products to Offer at a Trade Show

It’s spring and that means Trade Show season is in full swing. Our team of promotional experts at Show Your Logo has put together a list for your business of the 5 best promotional products to offer at a Trade Show.

The last few years have been strange, and they’ve impacted in-person events such as Trade Shows and conferences. But it seems that things are finally returning to normal, and that means the resuming of in-person events. For this Trade Show season, businesses are going to want to make up for the opportunities they missed, and you’ll need the best promotional business products available to stand out from the crowd.

Trade Shows and Conferences offer a unique opportunity to meet and connect with others in the industry and most importantly, potential clients. By offering unique, or useful promotional items your business is sure to stand out and be remembered by attendees. This will result in more visitors to your website and more potential customers. If your business attends a trade show or conference it is critical to make smart investments into promotional products to advertise your business.

At Show Your Logo we’ve worked with clients from every industry to create unique and memorable promotional products to advertise their business. We know what it takes to get your business noticed at the event, and even after. Our list of the 5 best promotional products to offer at a Trade Show or Conference will help your business make a positive impact with your target audience.

Here’s our opinion on the best promotional products to offer at Trade Show:

Customizable Tote Bags are a Trade Show Must Have

These might be one of the best promotional product options to offer at a Trade Show or Conference. As attendees make their way through the event they’re likely to collect other products, brochures, flyers, or business cards from other booths. A custom promotional tote bag will be extremely useful at an event like this. By customizing the tote bag with your business information it doesn’t matter what the other booths offer, the guests will be putting it in your branded tote bag and then walking around the event.

Choosing a quality tote bag material is also important because you can almost guarantee use after the event!. Studies show that customers more eco-conscience today and prefer to use reusable bags. A branded quality tote bag can easily become a grocery shopping bag, lunch bag, or general use tote bag. The bag with your logo and targeted messaging could potentially be seen by thousands of people every year of the bag’s life. By choosing a top-quality tote bag you can ensure that attendees will choose your bag to use over other, cheaper quality bags. A quality tote bag is a must-have promotional product to offer at a Trade Show or Conference.

We offer tote bags in a variety of different materials, sizes, and colors! Whatever your needs are we can find a customizable tote bag to match them. With a customized, quality tote bag your audience is sure to remember your business!

Try Lighters Customized with Your Business Logo

Okay, this might not be the first product you think of for promotional products at a Trade Show but hear us out on this one. While levels of cigarette use have dropped, studies show that 34 million Americans still smoke. And it’s very likely that they will decide to have a cigarette while at the event. Having a lighter die or forgetting it is relatively common. By providing customized lighters with your business’s logo and message you’re providing a useful item to many people.

In addition, anyone who has smoked a cigarette has been asked by a stranger to share a light. Lighters are frequently shared and exchanged hands, meaning your business’s message and logo will reach even more people. Offering a useful item like a customized lighter will have more impact than something less useful. Aside from smokers, customized lighters can be used for many other tasks like candle lighting and even as a bottle opener in desperate situations (it surprised us too).

Our customizable lighters come in a variety of different options, including style and color options. Choose a style and color that best fit your brand and have your custom logo and message printed on an extremely useful item that other businesses may be unlikely to think of.

The Always Popular Customizable Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

This may be a more common promotional product to offer at a Trade Show or Conference but its popularity makes it a must-have. Most coffee drinkers admit to a favorite coffee cup according to an article by the Telegraph. Choosing a quality coffee mug with funny, personalized, or inspiring messaging could mean it becomes someone’s go-to morning coffee mug! With your customized logo printed on the cup, it becomes long-term business advertising.

If you want to get creative when offering a coffee mug, consider our large variety of customizable travel mugs and tumblers. You can have them printed with your logo, or to give it a real quality feel consider engraving your logo. Choosing a quality customizable travel mug increases the likelihood of the mug’s use and chances to be noticed by more people.

We offer a large selection of customizable coffee travel mugs and tumblers of different materials and styles. Choose your style, material and then pick the color that you prefer. Our team of promotional product experts will print or engrave your customizable travel coffee mug to create a truly stand-out item.

Pens Are Always a Favorite Promotional Item at Trade Shows

This is another common promotional product choice for Trade Shows and Conventions and with good reason. Who can’t use another pen? The key to leveraging this common promotional product to your advantage in selecting the right pen for your event. To make sure that your business logo and message stand out, you need to choose the correct style of pen to bring to your event.

We recommend two options, choosing a customizable high-quality pen or a multifunction pen. A high-quality customized pen will likely become a favorite quickly and be kept for use after the event instead of being tossed away like other unuseful items that attendees receive. A customizable pen with multifunction, like having a stylus or marker end will make your pen, and your business stands out.

We have a wide variety of customizable pen options available, with varying levels of quality and features. Choose a pen style and color that you think is the best fit for your business.

Consider Custom Branded Power Banks

Nothing is worse than being away from your charger and your device dying. Consider offering custom branded power banks at your next event. If your target audience is attending this Trade Show or Conference then it’s likely that they will attend others. A portable power bank can really come in handy and be a great way to get your brand’s logo and messaging out there.

While this item may be a little bit pricier than other options, the value makes it worth every penny. You can always brainstorm creative ways to offer this promotional product as a prize. For example, you could have visitors interested in the power bank follow your social media, and at a specific time during the event, you could ask a trivia question. The first 12 people (for example) to message you with the correct answer win the power bank. It’s a fun way to engage your audience, gain followers, and promote your business with a useful product.

Or you could simply bring the branded portable chargers to the event with charging cords and offer to charge devices at your booth, giving you a bigger opportunity to connect with more attendees. Whatever you choose to do, you can find a selection of customizable, portable charging banks on Show Your Logo.

The Best Strategy to utilize the 5 best promotional products to offer at a Trade Show of Conference

That’s our list of the 5 best promotional products to offer at a Trade Show of Conference. But since giveaways are sorta our thing, we’re giving you a promotional strategy idea as a bonus.

Try doing a Grand Prize Giveaway

A reliable strategy to make your booth the most popular booth at the Trade Show is to hold a raffle/giveaway. Including some higher ticket items like this Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charging station, or this quality travel tumbler, will result in more traffic at your booth. By requiring visitors to fill out some personal information to enter you can capture more potential leads.

With all of our product recommendations, we always recommend choosing a higher quality. After all, if you’re going to put your business’s name on it you don’t want potential customers associating it with cheap or malfunctioning! It’s worth the extra budget to order items that will stand out to attendees and create a positive association with your brand.

Where to Find the Best Promotional Products to Offer at a Trade Show or Conference

At Show Your Logo we have been creating the best promotional products for your business for years! With over 800,000 products awaiting your custom imprint, we can’t wait to get started on your next project. There’s a whole team at Show Your Logo excited to help you discover new promotional ideas on our website, get a winning recommendation from your rep, or order a custom product outsourced from overseas. Show Your Logo will provide promotional products and apparel that meet your needs and budget. No art on hand? No problem. Count on our in-house graphic designers, boasting 35 combined years of experience. Show Your Logo has the flexibility and adaptability to take on all kinds of challenges related to the creation and distribution of promotional products and logo apparel. Contact the promotional item experts today to make your business’s promotional products stand out at your next event!

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