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Aquatic Animal Stress Balls Make a Whale of a Business Promotion

Looking for a whale of a great marketing promotion? Custom stress relievers are an irresistible, affordable way to spend a little and get a great return on your investment. Whether you choose to hand out stress toys at the trade show, conference, or other event you have planned or whether you include custom printed stress relievers in a mailing, they’re an affordable, memorable option for branding your business and getting your logo the attention it deserves.

Are you in need of promotional stress relievers with an ocean or aquatic theme? Check out the product images below to see some of the options available to you.

custom whale stress relievers

Whale Stress Relievers

Alaskan cruise? Beach front resort with charter boat trips with anticipated aquatic wildlife viewing? Or maybe you just operate a splash park for little kids. Whatever the case may be, if a whale stress toy fits your brand, this squishy promo product will look great with your logo.



custom stringray stress relievers

Print Stingray Stress Relievers

With the barbs removed, these guys are completely harmless. (No worries. The stress ball variety is completely barb-free.) Ever held one? It’s like holding a giant, wet, quivering mushroom. If you’re operating a place where the kids (and the parents) can swim and/or “pet” the stingrays, here’s a great way to promote that fact.



custom starfish stress relievers

Promotional Starfish Stress Relievers

My kids used to call the aquarium the “fish museum.” If you’re in charge of operating one of those, chances are you’re in charge of a few starfish. Promote your business with these fun-filled promotional products. Distribute them with admission, sell them in the gift shop, or mail them off with membership documents.



custom squid stress relievers

Custom Squid Stress Relievers

Hosting an exhibition on giant squids? Is a squid part of your company logo? Let this promo product get your message across loud and clear.




print shark stress relievers

Promotional Shark Stress Relievers

Sharks have a place in all kinds of products and logos. I’m thinking of a certain steam mop which requires a certain level of fierceness to tackle the floors around here. If a shark is a part of your logo, this affordable promotional product may be just the thing for your next marketing campaign.



custom seashell stress relievers

Custom Seashell Stress Relievers

Beachside resort? A calming spa? A gift shop by the sea? Whatever it is that makes your business resonate with seashells, you and your customers will enjoy these promotional seashell stress toys.



sea lion stress relieversPrint Sea Lion Stress Relievers

Whether you’re thinking of printing on these guys to promote a business, a zoo, or a preservation objective, these promotional sea lion stress toys will preserve your marketing budget.




sea horse stress relievers

Print Sea Horse Stress Relievers

These unusual fish find their way into logos on a regular basis, too. They’re also the subject of many popular aquarium exhibits. We know there are plenty of you out there whose brand could benefit from promotional sea horse stress toys. Sea horses are fascinating in real life with their unusual shape…and unusual reproductive capabilities. Did you know that male sea horses have a pouch in which they can carry up to 2,000 babies? This particular squishy foam creature will fascinate with your logo.


custom orca stress relievers


Custom Orca Stress Relievers

These guys, also known as killer whales, are popular theme park attractions. Print these up for the gift shop!



custom octopus stress relieversPromotional Octopus Stress Relievers

Octopuses come in many sizes. Just check out the tanks at various aquariums around the country. All those arms make them look very efficient at multi-tasking, making them an excellent choice to include in certain logos. Have you read, watched, or witnessed how smart these creatures are? They can open jars to get at a meal.



print lobster stress relieversLobster Stress Relievers

Whether you’re marketing lobster tails to dip in butter, an exhibit, or a lobster boat tour, these promotional lobster stress relievers will do nicely to brand your business.



Do you have another ocean-themed stress ball shape in mind? No problem! Contact the knowledgeable sales team at Show Your Logo. We’ll help you find the perfect promotional products to brand your business and get the customers swimming through your doors.

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