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Top Ten Corporate Swag Products in 2022

Making your employees feel valued at work is critical to employee retention. In today’s market, employee turnover is one of the most significant cost factors for most businesses. Here’s how you can reduce employee turnover by showing appreciation for your employees with the top ten corporate swag products in 2022.

Corporate swag isn’t a new concept, companies have been creating promotional corporate swag for a long time because it works. Corporate swag helps build a sense of belonging and unity among employees. It’s also a great way to promote your company through unique marketing channels. You never know when a potential customer will spot your logo or message on promotional material out in public.

Where to Find the Best Corporate Swag Options

For many years, Show Your Logo (SYL) has been the leader of the best corporate swag products. Here’s a look at some of the best corporate swag options in 2022 offered at SYL:

Custom logo coffee mug for corporate swag articleThe Best Custom Logo Coffee Mugs Selection

Coffee is must-have for most employees, and all coffee drinkers have a favorite coffee mug. Trust us, extensive research-err experience has confirmed this to be true. Even for non-coffee drinkers, logo coffee mugs can be used for tea, cocoa, or any other beverage of the user’s choosing. We’ve even seen them used as pen holders!

You’ve no doubt seen custom logo mugs before, they make their way into the most unexpected places. So why not surprise your employees with a crowd favorite corporate swag item? We offer a wide selection and variety of custom logo coffee mugs. There’s sure to be one that your employees will love. Our favorite might just be this Boston Ceramic Mug with Wood. We love the logo mug design and the fact it comes with a lid to keep your drink warm longer!

Top Tumbler with Logo Options

Everyone enjoys a good tumbler cup, it’s why brands like Yeti have become so popular. Today there is numerous tumbler with logo choices, and many of these choices can be chosen as a custom logo tumbler at Show Your Logo. Print your business logo or message on a custom travel tumbler of your choice.

We offer numerous kinds of tumbler options, and different colors too! Whatever style you have in mind for your tumbler with logo, you can find it at Show Your Logo. Or one of our associates will help you source the perfect custom travel tumbler.

Find Custom Pens for Corporate Swag

Hey, these might not be as exciting as custom logo coffee mugs or a custom jacket with logo, but they’re a useful piece of corporate swag all the same. Custom logo pens have been a popular option for business owners for many years.

To stand out in the sea of custom logo pens, consider some of your options when selecting your custom logo pen style. Choosing a quality pen will mean your pen gets used more, possibly even becoming a favorite pen, and will subconsciously have people associating quality with your brand.

If you can’t go the quality route, which we recommend, then consider exploring the different styles and colors available on Show Your Logo. Choosing a unique color that is part of your brand palette will help your pen(and business) get noticed.

Deluxe On-the-Go Set Custom Logo Lunchbox.Try a Custom Logo Lunch box

With costs of living skyrocketing in most parts of the world, many employees are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the ways employees are doing that is by bringing a lunch from home into the office.

This presents a great opportunity for your company to help encourage employees to save money by bringing lunch in their brand lunchbox with your company logo! A custom logo lunch box will be appreciated by your employees and will spread brand awareness. Here’s one of our favorite custom logo lunch box options, the Bring Your Own: The Deluxe On-the-Go Set Custom Logo Lunchbox.

Corporate Custom Logo Tote Bag Choices

Another great option for corporate swag that your employees will love is a custom logo tote bag. These custom logo tote bags with a custom logo come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Tote bags are used for a variety of options, including sustainable shopping bags, which means your business logo will be on display repeatedly in public places.

There are several economical options, but for the best results, consider investing a little more to order the higher quality custom logo tote bag. These will last longer, and actually get used by your employees, and others, as they get left behind or exchange hands. We all have gotten a cheap tote bag that we threw out right after receiving it. Opt for quality to ensure your custom tote bag will be used repeatedly, plus it’s a more eco-friendly logo tote bag option.

Leading Custom Logo Apparel

Professional attire has changed rapidly, especially with the introduction of remote work. However, many businesses, still want employees to dress professionally when on site, or on client Zoom meetings. Instead of relying on employees’ personal sense of professionalism, consider team uniforms using custom logo apparel.

At Show Your Logo you can choose from a number of different clothing options for the team uniform while branding them all with your logo and brand colors. Custom logo apparel ensures a cohesive, professional look for your brand when interacting with potential or current clients. Choose a custom logo polo for a more professional look, or a long sleeve custom logo moisture wick option for a more relaxed option.

Check out our case study on providing simplified employee apparel ordering for one of our major corporate partners

Image of leather custom briefcase Solo Thompson BriefcaseOffer a Custom Company Logo Briefcase

If your company’s employees are frequently using briefcases, either in client meetings or legal proceedings, consider getting them a branded custom logo briefcase. A quality briefcase with a company logo will be appreciated, and add a level of professionalism to your team and brand.

These will give uniformity to your team, and help advertise your company wherever your team travels to. Here’s a look at one of our favorite custom logo briefcases, the Solo® Thompson Briefcase.

Custom Logo Jackets Make Great Corporate Swag

If you live somewhere that experiences brisk temperatures during the year, which is most of the USA, then why not consider gettings custom log jackets made for your employees? They’ll appreciate a quality custom logo jacket during the cold winter months, and you’ll be advertising your brand wherever they go.

Whether they go shopping, to the gas station, or attend a sporting event, hundreds of people are going to see your company logo on a jacket. Custom jackets with logo essentially function as a walking billboard for your brand. Use this opportunity to promote your brand and please your employees.

Air Plant Custom Logo in wooden planter Corporate Swag GiftThe Perfect Office Gift, an Airplant and Planter with Custom Logo

Plants have become the new pets when it comes to millennials. They require a lot less attention and are much easier to own. A fun, thoughtful idea for a corporate swag gift could be an air plant or one of the other plant options from SYL. Plants improve the air quality around us and add a sense of calm to any space. Your employees can take them home, or keep them on their desk at work to make it feel homier.

These ideal gifts come in a starter pot that is branded with your company logo, like the one pictured here. An air plant is a great idea for your next piece of corporate swag to share with your team.

Give Out Quality Custom Logo Umbrellas

Most of the country experience periods of increased rainfall, and somehow it always seems to happen when you’re making your way into the office from your car in the far back of the parking lot. Help your employees avoid getting soaked by giving out custom logo umbrellas.

These great gifts are useful and will be usually kept in your employee’s car. Which means they will use their custom logo umbrella in a number of other places where others will see your company logo. It’s a win-win situation. Your employees will be able to stay dry and appreciate the thoughtful gift, and you get to advertise your business.

Why Give Out Corporate Swag to Employees

There are a number of different options when it comes to finding the perfect corporate swag for your team. Match the ideal corporate gift to your industry, location, or general interests of your employees and they are sure to love it. Corporate swag gifts can be given out for a number of reasons, including new hires, work anniversaries, life milestones, and of course, used to motivate your employees or departments.

Corporate swag products help your employees feel valued, reduce turnover, and increase their productivity.

Choose the Best in Corporate Swag Products

Show Your Logo has been one of the best corporate swag vendors for many years because we help our clients find the perfect corporate logo products, deliver quality corporate swag products, and have a fast turnaround time.

We aren’t just a one-and-done product printer. We want to become your corporate swag vendor for life. You’ll work with one of our friendly, dedicated promotional product experts to find the best products for your business. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got something for it.

Our dedicated team of corporate swag experts helps you select the most popular products that your employees are guaranteed to love. We deliver quality business swag at some of the most competitive costs, anywhere! Our experience working with corporate clients has streamlined our ordering process to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

Want to learn more about why SYL is the best corporate swag vendor? Give us a call at 1-888-253-5800 or get a quick quote here.

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