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Brand Your Business with Promotional Food Stress Balls

doughnut stress relievers

Got doughnuts to sell? Brand your business and promote your logo with custom donut stress balls.

For those of you not in the know, it’s National Doughnut Day. Rumor has it that patrons can pick up a free donut at many doughnut shops across the country. Free donuts? What better reason to stop by the local donut store ? Everybody adores free stuff, be it an edible donut or the foam, promotional product variety.

Speaking of free stuff, in honor of National Doughnut Day, we’re going to give you a glimpse of some of our favorite give away stress relievers with a mouth-watering theme: food. If you’re in the business of selling, cooking, serving, or distributing food of any kind, chances are there’s a custom stress ball to match. There will be no mistaking what kind of food you serve up when you distribute something like custom taco stress balls.

Flyers wind up in the trash. Coupons get lost in the shuffle. Promotional products like custom stress balls give your logo and company contact information some staying power.

Check out a sampling of some of the many, appetite inducing stress balls available with a fun food theme.



hamburger stress ballsCustom Hamburger Stress Balls

If hamburgers are on your menu, these colorful hamburger stress relievers may be just the place for your customers to regularly glimpse your logo, location, and phone number.




taco stress balls

  Taco Stress Balls

I can see these being thrown from a taco bus.




shrimp stress balls Shrimp Stress Balls

What? A shrimp stress ball? Yes. Yes, it exists. It’s so ugly it’s kind of cute.





avacado stress balls

Avacado Stress Balls

It looks good enough to eat. Amazing what they can do with foam these days.




corn stress balls

Corn Stress Balls

Corn is associated with all kinds of products and businesses. Whether you operate a seasonal corn farm stand or produce ethanol, this promotional corn stress reliever is a memorable way to market your product.



chili pepper stress balls


Hot Chili Pepper Stress Balls 

Need to market something that’s hot and spicy? Check out this fun-filled pepper stress toy.



carrot stress balls


Carrot Stress Balls

Produce markets and distributors. The Easter Bunny. Garden centers peddling seedlings. All could benefit from the advertising power packed into these promotional carrot stress relievers.


ice cream stress balls

 Ice Cream Cone Stress Balls

Print your logo and company contact information on this delightful promotional product. It’s way cuter than a business card.




banana stress balls

Banana Stress Balls

Your logo will look smashing on these banana stress relievers. And these bananas won’t bruise no matter how hard you beat them.




Don’t see the promotional stress ball food-item you were looking for on this list? No problem. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team and we’ll help you hunt down precisely what your brand is hungry for.

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