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Tie Dye Promotional Products from T-Shirts to Towels

In one of last week’s posts you learned that the ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of flip flops. This week we’re sharing another summer-themed promotional product brought to you by some ancient people: the process of tie dyeing! The earliest surviving evidence of tie dyeing dates back to about 500 AD and Peru. Modern… Read more »

10 Facts About Flip Flops Plus Promo Pairs to Print Upon

1) Flip flops have been around for thousands of years. Check out some murals created by ancient Egyptians and see for yourself. 2) Flip flops have a world-wide following. Other names for flip flops around the globe: thong sandals, go aheads, jandals, pluggers, slaps, havaianas, and slippers. 3) The modern flip flop was brought to… Read more »