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The Dog Days of Summer

Like it or not, we’re there! While this winter was crazy for most of the U.S. this year, it seems we were gifted overall with a fairly calm early summer. With the “Dog Days” of summer now upon us however, it’s unsure what that may bring for temperatures. But let’s face it, that’s exactly what… Read more »

I’m (Still) With Stupid T-Shirts – Part II

After reading a recent article written by Charles Manning for Cosmopolitan, I was immediately taken back to my original t-shirt blog and how easily designers and creators of clothes can be judged for what they put on their apparel. For designer Christopher Lee Sauve, placing an image on a simple tee in 2010 that read… Read more »

Top 10 List (Pens)

I consider myself a pretty passive person. As in, it takes a lot for me to get mad. In certain situations though, there are just some things that really set me off. If you are anything like me (you know, human and such) I think you can agree with me on some of these. So,… Read more »

Show Your Logo Blood Drive

It’s November! Time to think about turkey, pumpkin pie, and gratitude. One thing I’m extremely grateful for? My good health. I’ll be rolling up my sleeve on my blood-letting arm on December 19th to donate a pint to those who are less fortunate this holiday season. I believe all of my cohorts here at Show… Read more »

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