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Celebrate Simplicity Day with An Order of Some Basic Promotional Products

What obscure holiday have we unearthed for you today? Simplicity Day!

Henry David Thoreau, born on July 12, 1817, is the inspiration for Simplicity Day. In case you’ve forgotten your American history, Thoreau was the Transcendentalist who hung out with the likes of people such as Nathaniel Hawthorne (think The Scarlet Letter) and Ralph Waldo Emerson, a fellow Transcendentalist and writer. Thoreau is the name associated with Walden Pond. Is any of this sounding familiar yet?

In a nutshell, Thoreau was all about finding balance in your life, enjoying the simple things, and soaking up the healing properties of just being in nature. Simplicity Day, celebrated every July 12th, honors Thoreau and his philosophy.

In honor of Simplicity Day, we’re sharing a few simple, basic, practical, and classic promotional products. Here you go!


print cheap wall calendars

Cheap Custom Wall Calendars

Thoreau would have loved this wall calendar. Not only would he have appreciated the scenic photos of some beautiful, natural places in America, he would have appreciated the price. Frugality was another of Thoreau’s principles.




cheap custom t-shirtsGildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts 

Had the Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt been invented in Thoreau’s day, I bet he would have worn these while living on Walden Pond. They’re simple, comfortable, and durable. He would have been all over the concept of free, promotional t-shirts. He might have had some printed up himself, too, to better advocate for his causes. He was an abolitionist. He was jailed for refusing to pay his taxes. He had a message to share, and what better way to share it than on a custom t-shirt?




custom printed pens

Bic Round Stick Custom Pens

Thoreau was a writer. He would have liked this affordable promotional pen a lot. Not only is this pen cheap, it’s a Bic. You can count on it to work until the ink runs dry…which will be a good, long while. You know what I mean. We’ve all been using this Bic pens since second grade. They’ve been around forever, and they’ll probably be around forever because they’re simple and cheap.



print basic water bottlesBasic Water Bottles

Here’s a simple, affordable water bottle. It has two pieces. It holds water or the cold liquid of your choosing. Wash and and use it again and again, making it a eco-friendly, economic choice in promotional products.



cheap custom coffee mugs


Cheap Custom Coffee Mugs

If I lived on Walden Pond, I’d start each day kind of like I do now: with some caffeine. Coffee mugs don’t get much simpler or more affordable than this one.




cheap tote bags

Cheap Custom Tote Bags

This affordable, very basic tote bag will help you haul the little things in life: a book, a picnic lunch, a pen and paper, and more.




How will you celebrate Simplicity Day? You can start by soaking up the sunshine during your lunch hour. If your day includes questions about or an order of some of simple promotional products highlighted here…or any of our additional 750,000 products…contact our sales team. You’ll be amazed at how simple and affordable it can be to order promo items when you order from Show Your Logo.

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