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Coachella & Branding – What We Can Learn

A few weeks ago, Rolling Stones magazine released a photo-set article on the 50 best things they saw at Coachella. Upon the time of publication we still had one more weekend to see one of the largest musical events in the country, but the article still manages to point out some very interesting things about what makes artists stand out among a crowd (literally) and among their peers in the performance industry.

New Zealand artist Lorde ushered in one of the largest crowds of the weekend with her Coachella debut, while others were surprised by the return of Lemmy Kilmister, lead vocalist and bassist for Motörhead, having taken leave due to illness. Then there’s the fact that there was actually a Best Beard rating (Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court, anyone?) and of course: best dance moves, best costumes , best Hasselhoff sightings (spoiler alert: all of them!), best secret DJ stage, most eye popping set, and best/most anticipated reunion.

What we see among many of these artists is bold statements and presentations, but most of all strong passion and talent and the know-how to properly deliver a message, whatever that message might be. This is the key to anything if you want to be heard whether you’re trying to get your brand out there or your lyrics (and let’s face it, is there really much of a difference between the two?).

The most important lesson seems to be: Make sure your message reflects who you are. Plenty of up and coming musicians started in one genre and ended up in another (Avril Lavigne started in the Country genre before becoming the pop/punk princess). Generally this is due to rebranding from within the industry – but let’s face it, most of us know at least half of the lyrics to “Complicated” (even if we won’t admit it). So it stands to reason, if people don’t buy it, they won’t buy it.  Make sure your brand, your image, your logo, anything you put your name on, is reflective of you – because that’s what you’re really throwing out there to get your company ahead of the giants out there today, or at least running on the same track.

Make sure to check out the full article here for plenty more stories about this year’s desert rock concert.  The 2015 tickets are already on sale, and although there’s still no information on lineups we’re pretty confident that as long as Bieber isn’t there, it’ll be a great event.


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