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Fun Custom Pencils for your Back-to-School Promotion

When you think of a pencil, what image pops into your head?

Does it look anything like this?


promotional knot pencils






Chances are…you were not thinking of a promotional knot pencil.






You were thinking of this. This is your typical, run-of-the-mill, #2, Let’s-Get-Ready-to-Take-Another-Standardized-Test pencil.

It’s yellow.

It has a pink eraser.

It works just fine.

In fact, Show Your Logo sells pencils that look just like these. We can customize these ordinary yellow pencils to your specifications. And that’s just great for all you serious academics.

However, we also offer an exciting variety of back-to-school pencils that will blow the box tops off of your back to school promotion. If you want to draw some serious attention to your company name and logo, order up some promotional pencils with personality. Take a look!


custom neon pencils




Print on Neon Pencils

Unless you’re settling down for some serious test-taking, why settle for an ordinary yellow pencil when you can get some cheerful, brightly colored pencils instead? Your logo will enjoy standing out in the crowd.





promotional glowing pencils

Custom Printed Glowing Pencils

What a treat! Kids of all ages will be mesmerized by the glowing action of these pencils when the lights go down. Light up your logo on these fun-filled promotional pencils.







custom frustration pencils

Custom Print Frustration Pencils 

Roll the pencil between both palms and get a kick out of the results. Bad tempers are quickly alleviated after a few moments with these pencils!











custom print mood pencils

Promotional Mood Pencils

These pencils change colors via the heat of your hands. Think they can accurately assess a student’s true mood? You decide!











cheap scented pencils

Custom Print Cheap Scented Pencils

These pencils are an olfactory sensation! Made of plastic, you may choose from cherry, grape, mint, and bubble gum scents. A #2 graphite insert ensures that they are A-okay for use on all those scantrons.


What child can resist the charms of a scented pencil? None of them. They all adore scented pencils.








And in case you were wondering? We also sell the original Smencils, complete with a sticker customized with your logo or personal message:


promotional smencils




Does your school or business wish to promote recycling initiatives or a message about acting in environmentally friendly ways? Say it with a promotional pencil!


recycled newspaper pencils

Promotional Recycled Newspaper Pencils 

These pencils, clearly made from recycled newspapers, are pretty cool. Everyone can tell what they’re made of without being told they’re recycled!










bamboo mechanical pencils

Customize Bamboo Mechanical Pencils

These eco-friendly mechanical pencils are made with bamboo, a sustainable resource. The trim is made from cornstarch and is 81% biodegradable. Here’s a pen you can feel good about giving away as a promotional product.









Back-to-school promotions abound at Show Your Logo! From promotional pencils to logo apparel to custom stylus pens, we have all the promo items you need in one convenient location. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today for a custom quote on any of our 750,000 promotional products.


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