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Get Crafty With Wholesale, Blank T-Shirts and Bleach Pens

wholesale t-shirts

Order blank t-shirts at wholesale prices for all those events that include DIY t-shirt crafts.

Most of our customers place orders for custom t-shirts showing off a high quality imprint. However, did you know that Show Your Logo can also sell blank t-shirts at wholesale prices? If you’re planning an event that requires more than a couple dozen blank t-shirts for your guests to design and decorate, purchasing wholesale t-shirts can be an easy way to save a few bucks.

If you’re not already following our Pinterest board titled “Fun With T-Shirts,” you may be unfamiliar with the concept of taking a bleach pen to a perfectly good t-shirt. My daughter and I, confessed Pinterest junkies, are always on the lookout for something new to create or try. The bleach pen t-shirt project we’re going to show you in pictures, right here, is inspired entirely by Pinterest. We decided to put this idea to the test.


Step One: Get a bleach pen. Don’t have one handy? In the mood to make your own? We’ve pinned a recipe for making your own bleach gel on that Fun With T-Shirts board. (All you’ll need is regular bleach, some cornstarch, and an empty glue bottle.)



bleach pen













Step Two: Locate a blank t-shirt that could use a little something. Old? New? Doesn’t matter. This 100% cotton t-shirt is completely blank and ready for some bleach.

plain t-shirt













Step Three: Place some newspaper or cardboard inside your t-shirt. You don’t want the bleach gel to leak through and ruin the back of your shirt.














Step Four: Got a design in mind? We found a cool design we lifted from the pages of the Sunday Target ad. Here’s the girl getting to work. (She’s a much better artist than I am!)














Step Five: After you’ve finished your design, let the bleach gel sit on the shirt for about 10 minutes.













Step Six: Remove the newspaper from inside your t-shirt. CAREFULLY rinse your t-shirt under some running water. Make sure you don’t let the bleach gel touch any other areas of your shirt.













Step Seven: Admire your finished product! It’s soaking wet and smells like bleach, so you’ll want to run it through the laundry.

We give this Pinterest project two thumbs up. It was a fun, affordable way to customize a blank t-shirt. We think it would be a great activity for a party or an event that calls for a crafty activity. If you’re in need of some blank t-shirts at wholesale prices, contact Show Your Logo today.

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