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Have You Discovered Vine Yet?

imgresVine? What the heck is Vine?

If you don’t have an iPhone or and iPad, you may not know about Vine. No worries. I’m sure it’s coming to an Android near you very, very soon.

Vine is a mobile application that allows you to take up to six seconds of breathtaking video footage. (I guess the video footage could be breathtaking, but if you watch the live feed, you’ll quickly realize most of Vine’s content is anything but.) As you’re filming, you can stop and start the video footage with a tap of your finger. Actually, you hold your finger to the screen for as long as you want the camera to run. Let go when you want to pause and change up the props. Press and hold when you’re ready to go again. Keep in mind that there’s no editing! And there’s no going back to add hashtags later. (Sigh.)

The good news is that you can delete a video once it’s been uploaded. I already deleted my first video attempt. And my second. And my son Alex’s drawing of an exploding car on a restaurant napkin followed by the words, “Fail!”

Presently, the Vine app is only available on Apple products. I only discovered Vine just a few days ago even though it seems it was launched in January and was quickly snapped up by Twitter. My only consolation for being so miserably behind the times is that my twelve-year-old hadn’t heard of it either, and she already has her own iPhone. I thought she knew everything.

We were both intrigued, so I quickly downloaded the app to my phone. We were immediately sucked in by the “Editor’s Picks,” which included six second videos of disappearing slices of toast and manic people playing violins. The unanimous favorite, as my children crowded around me, was the video that depicted an infant answering a phone. The voiceover indicates that the caller is having car trouble. The infant suggests that he’ll try to remediate the problem by pushing a button on the phone. We are transported to a scene of a car exploding into a ball of flames. My children were in hysterics. Nine-year-old boys are always unanimously delighted by babies blowing up cars.

Naturally, we are all encouraged to make our own six second videos and to add those hashtags so that people can search and find our categorized videos. The next logical step is to post your six second masterpiece to Vine, Twitter, and Facebook.

It seems that businesses are already responding to this new vehicle of social media, jumping at the chance to feature their products in six second whirlwinds. Is this what the world has come to? Our attention spans span six seconds? The whole thing kind of makes me want to sit under a tree with a book. The kind made out of paper.

Whatevs. Show Your Logo is jumping on this latest and greatest bandwagon. We made a six second video, and it only took me about half an hour. And then I forgot to add the hashtags.

What’s in my six second video? Why, promotional products, of course. Stay focused and you might just spot a disgruntled Yorkshire Terrier modeling her official Show Your Logo gear.

Without further ado, here ya go.

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