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Light Up Promotional Products Amp Up Summer Fun

What can bring an unforgettable glow to your marketing efforts? Why, light up promotional products, of course. Shed some well-deserved light on your company name and logo when you choose from Show Your Logo’s shining collection of lighted promo items.

Where and when to use these products? We’re thinking Fourth of July events. We’re thinking community festivals. What amusement park or carnival experience is complete without the addition of some glowing bling to wear after the sun goes down?

Light up promotional products are available for customization in a range of products with a gentle glow all the way down the line to attention-demanding blinking.


custom glow cups


Logo Glow Cups 

Who could ever forget a drink taken from a gently glowing cup? This 16 oz cup has a switch to control the lighting situation. When in the “on” position, your logo is certain to light up someone’s night.



glowing moon stress relievers

Glow in the Dark Moon Stress Balls

What can double the fun created by a stress ball? A glow in the dark feature. Just the the real thing, this moon is visible in the dark.




print flashing buttonsCustom Flashing Buttons

There’s no gentle glow here. These flashing buttons are attention-getters and a fantastic safety feature. There will be no hiding in dark shadows when you’re sporting these flashing buttons.




custom print glow sticks

Custom Print Glow Sticks with Lanyard

These battery-operated glow sticks have a switch with 3 modes: steady, slow blinking, and fast blinking. The batteries and switch also means you can turn them on and off. Use them for safety or for fun at your next event.



flashing shoelaces

LED Flashing Shoelaces

30 hours of lighting and replaceable batteries make these unique shoelaces super fun. We’ll add your logo.




custom light up yo yos Custom Light Up Yo Yos

Light up yo yos are a fun, affordable way to show off your logo day or night.




custom caps with light

Custom Hats with Light

That’s right. This microfiber cap has a built in light, making it a perfect choice for hands-free lighting. 4 LED flashlight components and a 4 way switch help you light the way up to 40 feet. Available in black, navy, or white.



custom hand squeeze flashlightsHand Squeeze Flashlights with Wrist Strap

What do I love about these flashlights? They never need batteries. Perfect for those kids (such as certain nine-year-old boys of mine) who abandon flashlights in the “on” position. Like batteries are free.



custom keychain lights

Custom Keychains with Color Light

These affordable little promotional products are fun for kids and useful for adults. Have you ever tried getting around in a black out? Have you ever needed to rummage around your car in the dark? This is actually a pretty useful promotional product with some definite staying power. That’s great for your logo.


If you’re in need of any promotional products to light up one of your summer nights, give the sales team at Show Your Logo a call. They’re more than happy to find the products that are just right for your day or your night, your target market, and your budget.




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