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May 6-12, 2013: Show Your Appreciation During National Nurses’ Week


Triplets = NICU time. We loved our NICU nurses at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL.

My experience with nurses was cursory at best until I gave birth to triplets. The boys, born at 33 weeks instead of your typical 37 – 40 weeks, required some Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) time. Being preemies, those boys of mine had some issues regulating their body temperatures and remembering to breathe. Learning to eat and breathe in tandem was also a big deal. The nurses there patiently got us through it all.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life was walk away from my four-day-old babies after I was discharged from the hospital…and they had to stay behind. I had to entrust their well-being and their lives to the nurses in the Edward Hospital NICU.

Our boys were so much work in those early days that one entire NICU nurse was assigned to their care. After walking away a few times and coming back a few times more, it became easier to let the nurses do their amazing work. I was always so grateful they were there with their expertise when a bottle feeding turned into a choking session or an alarm sounded indicating someone forgot to take his next breath. Those nurses were always there, calm and collected in the face of my panic and one of my suddenly-blue-lipped babies. The experience gave me new-found respect for a tough job that involves juggling babies’ needs, parental anxiety, doctors’ orders, and what seemed like lots of paper work and studying.

Nurses everywhere, in all departments, deserve our appreciation. If showing appreciation for nurses is on your agenda for National Nurses’ Week this year, we’ve compiled a list of promotional products you may find appropriate for your gift-giving and branding needs.

stethescope covers Stethoscope Name Tags

A nurse and his or her stethoscope never seem to be apart. Order these affordable stethoscope name tags as part of your nurses’ gift package. One side of the tag displays your imprint. The other side has a write-on surface where nurses can write their names or a personal message to their patients. Nurses always seem to have a positive message to share!



personalized hand sanitizer


Custom Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer can’t replace the serious, surgical level of scrubbing everyone must participate in before entering the NICU, but killing germs and staying well is certainly on every nurse’s agenda. These handy little bottles of hand sanitizer are great for travel, purses, and desk drawers.



stainless steel travel mugs

Carmel Stainless Travel Tumblers

Nurses put in some long hours. Long hours require some serious caffeine, and these tumblers are the perfect caffeine delivery system. Imprint your logo or your personal message to show your appreciation.




camelbak bottles

Custom Camelbak Bottles

Caffeine comes in many forms. Diet Coke anyone? Of course, there are probably plenty of nurses out there who elect to drink a healthy dose of water. These custom bottles are durable and well known for their superior quality. No matter how your nurses are staying hydrated, these are perfect for sipping those cold drinks.



boomerang duffel bags


Printed Duffel Bags 

Nurses have lots of gear to carry to and from the hospital or the office. These duffel bags will help them organize and lug it all. Comfy shoes? Check. Medical books? Check. Room to spare? Check.



logoed sweatshirt

Custom Printed Hoodies

Have you ever noticed that hospitals and doctors’ offices suffer from erratic temperatures? I’m usually freezing or melting whether I’m a patient or not. Give nurses the gift of branded, zippered hoodies. The layering effect helps them regulate their own temperatures both on and off the job.



custom printed coolers


Custom Lunch Totes

The hospital cafeteria was never high on my list of favorite places to eat. Print these insulated lunch totes for the nurses you appreciate. A lunch packed at home can be a healthy, affordable alternative to the cafeteria or fast food.


Don’t forget to personally thank your favorite nurses. Kind words go a long way in this world, and so does the care all those nurses provide. Today those preemies in the picture at the top of this post are happy, healthy nine-year-olds. I have a team of nurses to thank for that.



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