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New Promotional Products for April 1, 2013



Show Your Logo can print on this custom stress ball pig.


Show Your Logo is proud to announce new promotional products for April 1, 2013. We screen print on 750,000 promo items, and the addition of these products will round out the collection nicely.

1)   Puppies. Inspired by the movie Bridesmaids, we’ve decided to offer screen printed puppies in your choice of breed, color, and size. We’ve seen how terrific puppies can be as wedding shower favors. After all, who doesn’t want to walk away with the unanticipated joy of a high maintenance pet? Why not include your personal message or logo as part of the package?


2)   Beef Jerky. You know how the promotional products industry uses the word “branding” all the time? We got to thinking…branding…branding…And we came up with cattle. In the olden days, cowboys used to brand their cattle with a hot iron forged at the blacksmith’s shop. We’re thinking we can do the same right into the side of some custom beef jerky. Your customers will take notice of your logo with every salty bite.


3)   Kittens. For all those cat lovers. If you can screen print a puppy, you can surely screen print a cat.


4)   Custom Stress Pigs. Oh, wait. We actually print those.


5)   This is harder than we thought. When you print on 750,000 unique items, it’s pretty challenging to come up with a list of ten items we don’t print on for an April Fool’s Day blog post.


6)   Here’s an April 1st European tradition:  Pranksters tape drawings of fish to people’s backs and shout, “April fish!” (Weird.)


7)   Have we mentioned it’s April Fool’s Day? Don’t be gullible.


8)   We actually love puppies and kittens and would never screen print upon them.


9)   Beef jerky actually isn’t bad, either.


10)  The end.






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