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Print Logo Products in Honor of National Hot Dog Day

hot day day promotions

National Hot Dog Day may not be an officially recognized holiday, but it’s certainly a holiday worth celebrating as evidenced by the fact that Americans consume approximately 7 billion hot dogs in an average summer. In 2012, Americans spent $1.7 billion on hot dogs in grocery stores alone. We clearly have some cash to burn when it comes to the hot dog.

You may or may not be in the business of hot dogs, but you may just want to capitalize on Americans’ adoration of these delicious tubes of salty, processed meat. How so? Whether or not you own a chain of hot dog stands, hitch your logo to a celebration of National Hot Dog day with some fun, affordable, hot dog-themed promotional products.

National Hot Dog Day is celebrated every July 23rd. Plenty of time to order the perfect promotional products to commemorate the day and put your marketing dollars to work.

Show Your Logo is your source for custom printed logo apparel. Do you have a hot dog-themed design in mind? Our in-house graphic arts team can work with you to design the perfect custom t-shirts, employee polo shirts, and embroidered baseball caps.

Serving up hot dogs at your company picnic on National Hot Dog Day? Set everybody up with custom printed aprons to show off your company name and logo. Once the hot dogs are gone, everyone can hang onto a useful promotional product to commemorate the day.



Non Woven Full Apron

Promotional Non Woven Aprons

Two front pockets and two tie straps as well as water resistant polypropylene make these aprons a durable, affordable choice for all those grill masters.





print grill cooler sets

Custom Print Grill Cooler Sets

What else could the people manning the grill possibly need on National Hot Dog Day? The grill itself, of course. We offer a huge selection of custom printed grills. Here’s one we think is pretty cool—the carrying case doubles as a beverage cooler.



promotional tongs

Promotional Tongs

Best practice when grilling hot dogs: use tongs instead of a fork to remove the dogs from the grill. Piercing the hot dog allows juices to escape, which could result in a dry hot dog. Custom printed tongs, therefore, may just be the perfect give away to brand your business on National Hot Dog Day on the cheap.




And if you DO own one of those hot dog stands? If you ARE in the business of selling your brand of hot dogs to supermarkets and restaurants? You may just want to create a memorable way for your customers to contact you. Check out these fun-filled, affordable hot dog-shaped stress relievers:


hot dog stress reliever


Hot Dog Stress Reliever with Mustard

Approximately 87.6% of adults identify mustard as their favorite hot dog condiment. (Kids prefer ketchup.)



hot dog stress ball


Hot Dog Stress Reliever Toy with Mustard and Relish

These delectable looking dogs truly are made of foam.



promotional chili dog keychain


Chili Cheese Dog Keychain Stress Relievers

It’s a chili dog. It’s a stress reliever toy. It’s a keychain. It’s also a great marketing tool capable of reminding your customers of your company name and logo and phone number each time they reach for their keys. Reaching for their keys just might make them hungry for a chili dog, too.


Speaking of condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish, and chili, many people like a few condiments to choose from when consuming hot dogs. Set them up for successful hot dog consumption with custom printed condiment accessories. Take a look at a few options that would make your company name and logo a stand out among the ketchup, mustard, relish, and diced onions:


print condiment squeeze bottles

Promotional Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Print on these squeeze bottles and keep the hot dog bar well-stocked with the basics like ketchup and mustard. These condiment bottles also make excellent, affordable giveaways.




custom salt pepper shakers

Custom Print Salt and Pepper Shakers

These sturdy acrylic salt and pepper shakers can be printed with your logo as well as your contact information.  Brand your business from every table! Everyone can use a salt and pepper shaker. Make them part of your hot dog-themed promotional give away.



Hungry for more great promotional product ideas? The sales team at Show Your Logo is always chock full of promotional product marketing ideas perfect for your brand as well as your budget. Contact them today for all your promo item needs.


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