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Printing Prices on Custom Sail Banners

custom sail bannersBack in my days of filling sippy cups for triplet boys, I became keenly aware of milk prices. One gallon of milk does not go far when you’re filling three sippy cups all day.

Picture this…or maybe, if you live in the area, you remember me and my triplet stroller. When all three boys were screaming, we were quite the spectacle.

Grocery shopping used to look like this: With one hand, I’d push the triplet stroller laden with triplets and a diaper bag the size of a small suitcase. With the other hand I dragged a grocery cart containing seven gallons of milk and various other sundries. All kinds of people used to offer to help, to which I assured them I did this all the time. Yep, we used to go through at least one gallon a day. And I didn’t have to work out. Chasing down triplets and their milk was enough.

We still go through a lot of milk, but less now that the boys have given up sippy cups. They are nine after all. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep track of milk prices though. I certainly do.

When I spotted this custom sail banner fluttering in the breeze the other day, I was quite pleased. Other stores? Well over two bucks for a gallon of milk. Even Aldi has been all over the board on milk prices lately.

What do these sail banners say to me?  That ALdi is now committed to their low price on milk of $1.89. Brilliant! I stop at the store 2-3 times a week to replenish the milk, bread, and fruit supply. And with that kind of commitment on milk prices, you can bet on where I’ll be shopping.


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