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5 Promotional Product Trends in 2018

Although we are only a few months into the new year, we have a lot of trends and crazes to look forward to that will spring up throughout 2018, especially in the world of promotional products. The promotional products industry is always changing and heading in new directions. And even though we all know that popular, classic promos like customized t-shirts and personalized water bottles will never go out of style, each year brings new trends and favorites as consumers are being introduced to new and innovative products.

So, what does this mean for businesses that will be using promotional products as part of their marketing campaigns this year? It means that there are a ton of unique, effective options to advertise your brand and give your customers a reason to come back. As a business or organization, it’s important to understand what the hottest trends are so you can select the best items for your marketing objective and budget.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: What exactly are the promotional product trends that are taking over in 2018? And how can you leverage this information to help you make the most of your 2018 marketing efforts?

New Year, New Promotional Product Trends

1. Standing out to New Consumers. Millennials are starting to implement change everywhere. More millennials are getting hired into the workforce and are taking over as “big decision makers”, taking on positions as managers, department heads, CEO’s, supervisors, and more. It is estimated that by year 2025, millennials will compromise ¾ of the global workforce. This means that millennials are influencing purchasing decisions, and that buying power is being put into the younger generation’s hands. Therefore, the types of promos companies are ordering are shifting. With more and more millennials coming into the corporate and consumer spotlight, you’ll want to choose items that appeal to this generation. This means more quirky, hip, colorful products that are useful, creative, and playful.
metallic tumbler and woodgrain notebook

2. More Materials, Textures, and Colors. The next time you visit a major retail store like Target or Marshalls, take a stroll down the aisles and we bet you’ll notice a common theme- “Oh wow! Copper… everything! Or “Ooo, look at these colorful, metallic water bottles… I wish I had one to bring to work!” It’s all around you. Consumers are loving more colors, textures, and materials. So, you bet you’ll be seeing promotional items that are designed to match these bold product trends.

3. The More Valuable, The Better. With the rise of new lifestyle trends like minimalism and the need to de-clutter, people are eager to get rid of things that aren’t useful or valuable to them. Here’s one trend that isn’t going away anytime soon: useful, durable, long-lasting products. The products you choose should have a meaningful connection to your brand and be useful to your recipients. Although handing out adorable stuffed teddy bears may seem like a fun and cutesy way to advertise your brand, no one’s going to want to keep it for long, and it’ll most likely end up being shoved under their bed next to their dusty collection of vintage baseball cards.

promotional electronic equipment4. Wireless Tchnology. In a digitally-driven world, connection is everything. The need for custom tech accessories has been steadily increasing over the years, and is expected to grow in 2018. However, wireless tech accessories are making their way to the forefront. Phone chargers, power banks, and car chargers that are built with a wireless design will ultimately yield more hype and better results for your promotional campaign. Wireless technology is more convenient for the user, as scrambling to find the nearest outlet can get frustrating. So, if you want to appeal to your employees and customers in 2018, hop on the promotional wireless technology bandwagon!

promotional health and wellness items

5. Personal Wellness. Something useful like a personal care item can make a great addition to your swag bag! People love getting a free hand sanitizer or a tube of lip balm, because it’s something they can use everyday that encourages healthy living. Both customers and employees love organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle. According to a Global Advertising Specialities Impressions Study, 30% of U.S. consumers own promotional health and safety items. Let’s be honest, everywhere you turn, you see people with fitness trackers tied around their wrist. Take advantage of this rising market by using health and wellness products as customer giveaways, corporate gifts, and employee rewards. Even something as simple as a water bottle or a customized salad bowl branded with your logo can tie the message back that you care about personal health and wellness.

So, what are you waiting for? You know what the promotional product trends are that will give you the best return on your investment and bring your promotional marketing efforts to the next level in 2018. At Show Your Logo, we have a huge selection of promotional products that fits today’s trends. From metallic water bottles to fitness trackers to high-quality tech accessories. There’s no better time to think about company branding, than now. Click here to browse through a list of our best sellers and of course, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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