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Promotional Products for New Babies

What is up with that royal baby? My guess? William and Kate fudged the new royal’s due date to torture the paparazzi a little bit. It’s got to be pretty miserable camped outside a hospital in the middle of July for days on end.

With four kids and just two hospital stays (triplets are a very efficient means of rapid family expansion), I do know something about the free stuff hospitals and formula companies like to give away to new moms. What do you think? Will Kate be loaded up with the same free stuff before she heads back to her palace? I’m sure she’ll head home to a pack of nannies, but nevertheless, she and the royal baby could actually put some promotional baby items to use. Babies, royal or not, all require a great deal of gear.

Here are some practical, affordable promotional items hospitals and baby-related companies can customize to target all that new mom/new baby business.


promotional diaper bags

Promotional Diaper Bags

Every first time mom probably invests in some fancy diaper bag. I did. Then I learned not to care what bag I had because it got covered in spills and goldfish crackers and general stickiness. The very best thing is to keep a stockpile of grab-and-go diaper bags by the door. Or an extra in the car. Those promotional diaper bags the hospitals give away do come in handy.



promotional baby booties

Customized Baby Booties

Here’s a terrific item parents can stuff right into those promotional diaper bags. Baby booties are always an appreciated gift. Baby’s feet have got to be comfortable or the baby won’t be happy. Happy Baby = Happy Parents.



promotional cup holders


Logo Cup Holders

One thing new parents quickly learn is that it is extremely difficult to push a stroller and carry your coffee at the same time. These promotional cup holders, which snap right onto the frame of strollers, make it easy for parents to tote a drink for themselves.



promotional sippy cupsPromotional Sippy Cups

Parents receive plenty of free stuff for newborns. It’s not a bad idea to give them some products that will remind them of your business or organization down the road when that newborn is chugging milk from sippy cups. These are also great give aways for pediatricians to advertise their practice.



promotional baby bottlesPromotional Baby Bottles

I would venture to guess that most babies have to eat from a baby bottle at least once in a while. Formula companies should pack these up with their free samples.




promotional baby rompers

Printed Baby Rompers

All four of my kids did NICU time. That means we’ll never forget what hospital they were born in thanks to the promotional hospital baby rompers they wore in many of their hospital photos. My first child wore rompers like these under her clothes as an added layer of warmth. The triplets? Rompers were a daily wardrobe staple all summer long. Easy on, easy diaper change, easy off.



Will we see the royal baby sporting a promotional hospital romper? Wrapped in a promotional fleece baby blanket? Those Brits sure like to place bets. Show Your Logo knows there’s one thing you can bet on: the marketing power of promotional products.


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