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How to Improve Student Involvement with School Spirit Wear

Are you trying to figure out how to increase student involvement? Invest in school spirit wear! School pride doesn’t have to end after homecoming week. In fact, school spirit wear itself is linked to increased student involvement. Here’s a blog on how to improve student involvement with school spirit wear, from the top school spirit wear vendor Show Your Logo!

We know school swag is great for looking your best at a pep rally, but it’s also perfect for lounging in during your day-to-day classes. More importantly, school spirit wear creates a sense of belonging, is encouraging, and motivates students in many ways. It helps your student body regularly show their academic(and athletic) pride. Improving student involvement in educational institutions starts with an investment in school spirit swag.

Your favorite school spirit wear vendor, Show Your Logo (SYL), is here to explain 5 reasons why investing in school spirit wear improves student involvement. SYL is your community’s trusted vendor when comes to school spirit wear. SYL has years of experience, high-quality goods, and excellent customer support to help you easily choose the best spirit wear for your school.

School Spirit Wear Creates a Sense of Belonging

Mascot With Students in Bleachers

High school can be a difficult time for many students. Students are trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for. Not to mention the human brain doesn’t stop developing until the mid-twenties. A school needs to do everything it can to help its students during this time, like making sure students feel like they belong.

It’s extremely important that students feel they are a part of a community throughout their academic careers. School spirit wear can help create that sense of school unity that tons of students and academic institutions seek.

For public schools funding ultimately relies on enrollment levels. Some communities give students an option to choose another school in the area. Most of the time it is because they feel they don’t belong, aren’t getting involved, or have other issues regarding their school. With this option, some schools’ enrollment levels decrease which leads to lower school funding.

Providing students with school spirit wear can boost their morale. For example, students enjoy showcasing what organizations and programs they are part of. School swag can make a student feel they belong to a place full of great people, opportunities, and culture.

When students feel like they are part of the school community, they are less likely to be withdrawn or leave the school entirely. These students won’t want to leave the school in favor of another school, which means the school will continue to get the maximum amount of state and federal funding.

School Spirit Swag Encourages Student Participation

School spirit swag can encourage students to take part in clubs and sports. Being a part of an organization or showcasing your team provides a boost of confidence to a student. Confidence can stem from students wearing school spirit swag on game day. Like when students see the whole gymnasium in school apparel at an event or notice friends and family in school spirit wear supporting their students. This encourages other students to join, and be a part of the school’s community.

Marching Band in line to perform

Not to mention encouraging students to participate in clubs and sports has a positive impact on grades and performance. Research shows that students who are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities have higher attendance rates, are more likely to graduate, and have an increased attachment to their school.

Show Your Logo wants to help students and schools exceed. We know the importance of school spirit wear, and how beneficial it is to students and their school experience. Encourage your students with school apparel. Check out SYL endless school apparel options for some great school swag.

Promote Your School and Programs Wherever Your Students Go

A great thing about school spirit wear is it promotes schools and programs wherever your students go. When a student is walking around with a custom t-shirt from Show Your Logo they will be promoting your academic institutions. This can interest prospective students to look into your university. Or influence students to attend that school instead of their current school. This is increasingly true for private schools and colleges/ universities.

In fact, even providing spirit wear to family members, alumni and friends can provide the same effect on promoting programs and schools. With great school spirit swag, you’ll encourage students and families to become brand ambassadors of your school or institution.

Don’t have a design for your school spirit wear? Don’t worry! Show Your Logo has in-house graphic designers who can help design your school swag vision. We can bring your mascot or school name to life on almost any product imaginable.. You name it. We print it.

Motivate your Students with Custom School Logo Products

boy in green shirt working on school

School spirit wear ordering systems can be used to reward students in a handful of areas. Students can be rewarded for academic performance, attendance, extracurricular involvement, community service, and athletic achievements. By offering rewards for the following students will be motivated to obtain those achievements in the hope to gain some cool school swag.

Throughout the pandemic Show Your Logo was aware that schools were challenged with keeping students engaged and motivated online. The schools turned to an incentivized learning program called the Merit Mall which kept students on track. Show Your Logos solution to this issue was to build a custom online school apparel store. Students can shop for products based on their point values which allow them to pick out some great school swag.

SYL then received and fulfilled these orders and when finished they were sent off to the students. Students were involved in the process by having their own individual accounts that they would log in to and see their point total. Overall this kept students on track and keep students excited about learning with school spirit wear.

Affordable and Dress Code Approved

Unfortunately, some students are unable to afford new clothes every year or to have their clothes regularly cleaned. This can lead to embarrassment and even bullying. Schools can get ahead of this issue by discreetly offering school spirit apparel to anyone that needs it. Students can go to the guidance counselor’s office or designated school employee to check out school apparel and then check it back in at the end of the day.

This is also an ideal situation for when students wear something that is against the dress code. They can be allowed to change into clothing that is considered school appropriate. In some cases, unclear school dress codes can leave students questioning if their clothes are dress code approved. By ordering school spirit wear students won’t have to worry because the school logo apparel is always dress code approved.

School Spirit Wear blue backpack

By providing school swag that is readily available to order, and borrow, schools can avoid potentially embarrassing or inappropriate situations with their students.

The Best Deal On School Spirit Swag

School spirit swag can be affordable when you choose Show Your Logo as your school swag vendor. Work with us and get the best deals. Our Show Your Logo family has been providing over 800,000 customized products to over 50,000 clients. We work to understand each and every one of our school partners. In fact, every customer is teamed up with a knowledgeable representative who will help with your school spirit wear order.

Show your Logo provides the biggest selection of school swag and at the best prices. Some of our most popular educational promotional products are T-shirts, School Supplies, Backpacks, Lunchbags, and water bottles. With so many different product options, exceptional help, and bulk ordering we are sure you will find something that everyone will love.

Choose SYL As Your School Spirit wear Vendor

Let Show Your Logo be your trusted school spirit wear vendor. Show Your Logo is proud to be in the top 1% of all promotional products distributors worldwide. Which means we know how to do it right. We decorate and deliver your school spirit wear for an honest price and a quick turnaround time, Not to mention a high-quality imprint. Let us Show Your Logo today!

Want to learn more about how SYL can provide the best school swag for your institution? Give us a call at 1-888-253-5800 or get a quick quote here!

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