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Screen printing shirts is one of the most commonly used methods in custom t-shirt printing. In fact, it’s worth an estimated 7.8 billion in 2022. It can be used to create an image that appears to have a countless number of colors. Screen printing is an ancient technology and the technique can be used to print on many different types of material. Screen printing is efficient and affordable and delivers a bright, durable, quality imprint. Screen printing as a production method quickly overtakes digital printing in cost per print. The higher the volume, the lower the cost becomes. While digital printing was introduced relatively recently in the early 1990s – it has made creating customized single pieces easier than ever. You could have a photo printed on a t-shirt and give it to grandma. Digital printing is great If you only need 6 individually personalized t-shirts for a birthday party. Alternatively, if you need a large number of custom t-shirts that don’t have to be individually personalized, then screen printing is the way to go!

Custom Screen Printing

Screen printing is an ancient technology originating back to Egyptian times with stenciling and then later in China (900 A.D.) when they first forced ink through silk fabric to create images. It was then that ancient artists first stretched silk fabric across a frame and poured hot beeswax into it. The screen printing process includes the use of a stencil (aka the screen), and using this, layers of ink are applied to the printing surface, one at a time. For each new color, a different screen is used. Color matching is one of the biggest advantages of screen printing. This process uses “true color” inks, so your final product will have the exact color you requested. Screen printing is a great choice for darker materials. Because screening simply places ink on the surface of a substrate, you have a lot more material options with screening than with digital printing. At Show Your Logo, We order t-shirts in large quantities – our suppliers give us great deals on all our logo apparel. We pass those savings on to you. The fast turnaround related to the screen printing process means those savings are passed on to you.

Color Options Graphic for Business Promotional Products


Benefits of Promotional Screen Printing 

  • Cost-effective for large batches –  the higher the volume, the lower the cost per unit.
  • Versatile design placement – artwork or logo can easily be printed in a different position.
  • Color matching – Exact color matching (PMS Color Chart).


Digital Printing

Digital printing is a fairly new technology that has made great advances in the industry. Digital printing can recreate virtually anything from single-color logos to high-color photographs. Digital printing allows designs to be taken from a computer and printed directly on a shirt. This is a process also known as Direct to Garment printing (DTG). Digital printing is typically used by Smaller imprint companies that print smaller quantities. These companies most often rely on digital printing – which means they’re running a t-shirt through a machine very similar to an at-home printer. This process can be quite tedious and requires longer production times. More time costs money and that expense is passed on to you.

Show Your Logo Digital Printing


Benefits of Custom Digital Printing 

  • Last-minute  – could be the best option if you’re running to a tight schedule.
  • Cost-effective – if you only need a few, it’s probably the best solution.
  • Greater flexibility allows frequent changes – Perfect for personalization, adding names, etc.



Custom Branded Screen Printing for the Win!

If you’re only printing small quantities on the basics like T-shirts, digital printing is fine to use. But if you want to print on hats – let’s say, your best bet is switching to screen printing. Digital printing is still a fairly new technology that comes with a few limitations especially when it comes to materials. Although digital printing technology can now print on a wider variety of fabrics than ever before, it is still recommended to use 100% cotton. Typically, digital printing will have trouble with 50/50 blends and does not do well on polyester. It does not work on moisture-wicking fabrics at all, without special treatment– even then it’s not recommended. And, digital printing on fluorescent colors is a no-go.

Screen printing works on cotton, blends, polyester, canvas, denim, performance, and moisture-wicking fabrics. It’s easier to tell you what fabrics you can’t screen print on.

Both methods have different finishes too – if you’re looking for a more authentic, retro, or softer look, opt for screen printing, however, if you’re looking for a personalized touch like a photo of grandma, and only need one or two or even five custom t-shirts then digital printing is something to consider. Anything more than that you will be overspending, there’s a definite advantage in getting a quote from Show Your Logo for all your large volume custom apparel needs!


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