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Show Your Logo Employees Overcome Trypanophobia; Donate Nearly 3 Gallons of Blood

Show Your Logo employees turned out in record numbers last week to donate blood to Heartland Blood Center’s drive sponsored by Allied Bank of Oswego. While not every employee suffers from Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, the reluctant ones sucked it up and braved the whole experience admirably.

Here are some facts we learned about blood donation via Heartland’s informational/Before-You-Donate pamphlets, Google (from several smart phones while we waited), and from the experience itself:

1)   Trypanophobia: the fear of needles

2)   The typical human body holds 10-12 pints of blood.

3)   When you sign up to donate blood, you sign up to donate one pint at a time.

4)   O-negative blood is also known as the “universal donor,” which means it can be given to anyone of any blood type in need of blood. O-negative blood is coveted for this reason.

5)   Heartland Blood Center would love to do extra special things with your O-negative blood to save more people. (Good work, Don!)

6)   Donating blood wasn’t so bad after all. Even for those of us who hate needles.

If your company is sponsoring a blood drive, or if you are attempting to market for the blood donation center itself, Show Your Logo staff is happy to assist you with finding the perfect promotional products to fit your needs, wants, and budget.

After my experience donating blood in the drafty gym at Allied Bank (cool gym, guys, but it was freezing in there), I can readily say that I would have enjoyed receiving a customized blanket.  These roll-up blankets are not only super affordable, they have the ability to roll up into this convenient, compact carrying case. Love them! I would really like to keep one of these in the car in case of emergencies. I can see using it at the park or the beach just to sit on. Every blood donor could put these blankets to good use, and let’s face it. Seeing the name and logo of the bank or the blood center on that blanket would be a timely reminder about donating again each time I used it.

Want to see another great giveaway for blood donors? Check out these customized tumblers, complete with straw. Since it’s important to rehydrate after donating your blood, handing out these reusable tumblers is a logical promotional product for this event.

Of course, everyone always loves free, customized t-shirts.

These Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are an incredibly affordable, budget-friendly option. Blood donors can wear these t-shirts around town and advertise the fact that they donated blood time and time again. Charlie Corpuscle (“Be nice to me. I gave blood today!”) would carry his message a lot further on a t-shirt as opposed to a sticker!

For assistance ordering these or any other promotional products, contact the knowledgeable, friendly sales staff at Show Your Logo today.




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