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The Latest and Greatest in Snack Time Lunch Box Promos

As mom to four kids…and as a mom who wakes up every morning to the task of packing four lunches, I’m always enamored by the latest ingenuity in promotional lunch box accessories. Anything to make packing lunches in my morning fog a little easier and a little faster is very enticing. Our lunch box accessories get plenty of action around here, as I’m sure they do in households across the country. Not only do I catch frequent glimpses of the logos screen printed on our sandwich keepers, so do my kids. And their friends. And their teachers. And the lunch staff. If any of those people are in your target market, printing on some lunch box accessories is a terrific way to spend some marketing bucks.

Check out some of the newest I’m eager to add to our cabinet devoted to packing up lunches.

print cooler snack containers


Cool Gear Snack to Go Kits

Back in the day, there was no snack time at school. Now kids are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to tide them over until lunch time. Fresh fruit or veggies always fares better with an ice pack of some sort, and I love that the ice pack is built right into the lid of these snack-sized containers. Way less bulk than your traditional ice pack, leaving plenty of room for other important food stuffs. Like the sandwich.


snack and dip containers

Snack and Dip Containers

This 19 oz container also includes a freezer gel lid. What’s more, it includes a separate dip container that secures directly into that freezer gel lid. My kids happen to turn up their noses at healthy snacks like carrots unless there’s ranch dressing readily available. My boys would sooner starve than eat a carrot without the dip. This is lunch box perfection.



print cereal to go kits

Cereal to Go Kits

Speaking of snacks, my crew happens to adore cereal, even many of the kinds there are not made primarily of corn syrup and marshmallows. This product would be an easy way to pack up some snack time cereal.




print apple saver containers


Apple Saver Containers

A lot of times, my kids return food in their lunch boxes. Carrots sans ranch are guaranteed to come home unscathed. An apple that’s sustained significant bruising in lunch box transport is also a sure thing. This is why I was immediately intrigued by these apply saver containers. These promotional products would cut back on apple trauma. Kids who use this product may just eat more apples. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Lunch boxes promotional accessories are simply an effective, affordable way to make regular impressions. How many times a week do you eat lunch? Put your marketing dollars to work for you when you invest in any of these terrific products.

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