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Where can you Hand out Promotional Products?

One of the main reasons promotional products are so popular is because they are extremely versatile. Many different people, industries, and organizations use promotional products and logo items to get the word out about their brand. Whether you’re a business owner, marketing director, event organizer, university athletic department, or any other entity – promotional products can be a great contribution to your marketing and advertising efforts.

So, we know that everyone and anyone can use them. But, where exactly do people hand out and distribute promotional products?

Trade Shows.

You can’t even consider hosting a trade show without considering the use of branding. Sponsors and participants need to consider their branding and how they are going to stick out from the other booths on the trade show floor. Printed products like signs, banners, displays, table cloths, and other booth accessories are all an integral part of establishing identity and promoting your brand. Not only that, but trade show participants also need a supply of branded promos and logoed giveaways to hand out to attendees to entice them to visit their booth. Common trade show giveaway items include tote bags, paper pads, pens, mugs, stress balls, pins, and the like.

Job Fairs.

Employees, recruiters, and schools often host jobs fairs to network and seek out potential employees. Their goal is to make an impression and promote their company well-enough so that qualified candidates consider possible employment with them. In order to do that, many recruiters at job fairs will give away freebies with their logo printed on them, as a way to leave a lasting impression and give the candidate something to remember their company by. Something useful like a custom logo pen or notepad are popular giveaways at job fairs.

Corporate Functions.

Corporate functions like meetings, conferences, and fundraisers are a great way to reward, acknowledge, and motivate employees. When employees are gifted with a personalized company item, they are more likely to feel appreciated and a sense of company loyalty. Therefore, using corporate functions as a way to hand out gifts to your employees is a great opportunity to thank them for a job well done. And of course, the types of corporate gifts you hand out depend on the industry you work in. If your employees work in an office environment, then essentials like customized pens, pencils, notebooks, post-it notes, and desk accessories are the perfect items to gift.

Personal Events and Family Parties.

You don’t have to be the owner of a brand or a professional to use promotional products! Promotional products can even be used to promote personal causes and events such as family reunions, weddings, or fundraisers. Perhaps you decide to host a fundraiser for one of your friends or family members diagnosed with cancer. You can create bracelets customized with their name, and sell them to people who are interested in supporting the cause. Or perhaps you’re planning a wedding and want to use customized wedding accessories to commemorate the day! Trendy customized wedding favors and decorations include candles, mason jars, picture frames, wine glasses, candy packets, and more.

Sporting Events and Athletic Marathons.

Foam fingers, t-shirts, towels, water bottles, headbands. These are the types of items you find when you walk into a big sports stadium or attend any sort of athletic event. How else are you supposed to show support for your team if you don’t show up decked out from head to toe in props and apparel with your team’s logo? These types of events offer the perfect opportunity to use branded products!

These are just a few of thousands of different functions that you can hand out promotional products at.

At Show Your Logo, we offer virtually limitless options to choose from in logo items and promotional giveaways. With over 800,000 different products to choose from, we provide advertisers, business owners, event coordinators, and individuals with unlimited branding opportunities.

If you’re hosting a special event and are on the hunt for the best promos to hand out, shop our complete selection online or get in touch with us today!

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