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Why Corporate Swag Generates Increasing ROI

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For many companies, placing an order for corporate swag can seem like the last item on the to-do list. At the end of the day, there are so many other important factors to consider. Compared to the mountain of other priorities, is it worth it to order corporate swag? The answer is YES, and here’s why corporate swag generates increasing ROI for businesses.

When looking at the big picture, corporate logo apparel is one of the best business strategies that is the most underutilized. Corporate swag is an often overlooked element that drives ROI, decreases the turnover rate, and is a crucial aspect for any business.

In this blog, we’ll help you better understand 5 major ways company swag products improve business strategy, lead to higher employee (and client) satisfaction, and why SYL is the best corporate swag vendor partner for your business.

Reduce Employee Turnover by Making Employees Feel Valued with Business Swag

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While a simple concept, prioritizing employee needs often gets more neglected than ordering corporate swag. At SYL, we will be the first to admit it – there is no way we could operate without the help of our dedicated employees. What business could?

Therefore, since an important part of a business’s success, employees deserve to feel important. Forbes explains that when businesses put in the effort to make employees feel respected and appreciated for their contributions, employees feel increased loyalty, and turnover rates decrease.

Turnover rates can be one of the leading cost factors for many businesses. The resources it takes to advertise a position, review resumes, complete interviews, and then train the new employee are not insignificant. Costs can add up quickly for a business with high turnover rates. It’s much more cost-effective to keep the employees that you already have.

It’s also important to note that a happy employee is often a productive employee. In a 2015 study, workers who were content were found to be 20% more productive than those who weren’t. Keeping your workers happy will help your company generate more business.

Unless you plan on increasing everyone’s salaries, employee swag is one of the more cost-effective ways to reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Corporate gifts for holidays and birthdays can go a long way in making an employee feel valued and appreciated.

Or, you can celebrate the achievement of company milestones or company goals with useful corporate swag options like these custom logo mugs or logo travel tumblers. Your employees work hard for your business, and rewarding them will ensure that they continue to do so.

Using employee gifts in your company is a simple, effective way to make your team happy and increase your productivity levels.

Company Gifts Increases Individual Employees’ Sense of Team

Every employee has a specific position and subsequentcriss cossed hands teamwork image for SYL corporate swag blog tasks that fall under their responsibility. Segmenting work is important, as one person can only do so much.

But as teams grow larger, working independently of each other can cause issues. When workers are used to only worrying about themselves, it can be hard to have employees buy into the philosophy that assisting their coworkers is important.

Having a business operate as separate pieces versus a unit can be counterproductive. When departments don’t shift with the priorities, even if not their responsibility, this can cause internal bottlenecking. Slowing down areas of the process due to a lack of support from others ultimately leads to decreased productivity.

When a company promotes the mindset of helping oneself and their coworkers, this allows for more patience, adaptability when problems arise, clear communication, and smoother flow. There’s a reason teamwork has those last four letters in it.

Employee swag apparel helps to visually represent and support this united team attitude. Having matching corporate logo apparel gives your employees a cohesive look and feel. It unites everyone, no matter the position, which helps to enforce the idea that you are a team working together for a common goal. This attitude of teamwork for the company’s common good will increase productivity, which in turn will increase ROI.

Don’t forget that SYL also provides custom team uniforms for business. Instead of requiring your employees to find work-appropriate attire, explore employee apparel options that will give your business a cohesive and professional look while reducing the cost of purchasing work attire for employees. Customers will also appreciate the professional uniform look.

Explore our best employee logo apparel options like this logo polo or custom Under Armour polo with moisture transport.

Corporate Swag Is A Great Way to Motivate Employees

Burnout is real. While maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a difficult feat, motivation tactics for employees build team charisma and bring individual focus back to the task at hand. This has led to incentives being common practice for many businesses.

After all, it is human nature to get distracted, discouraged, or even bored, when working day in and day out on a project. By leveraging employee swag gifts as incentives, these useful corporate gifts give employees something to work towards and look forward to.

A savvy business knows that using goals for sales quotas can help a company stay on track to profitability. By rewarding teams or departments that meet these sales goals, or other goals, you can encourage everyone to work harder to meet them. You can recognize leading departments, teams, or individuals with thoughtful corporate swag. Great times to do this would be quarterly/yearly reviews, or “best of the month” nominations for office employees.

Using corporate swag giveaways can be useful for numerous occasions and your business swag items can easily be created from a wide range of products. Pens, custom logo mugs, and company logo apparel are typical selections, with more high-end choices including coolers, grills, or even camping gear.

Whatever your budget you can find great corporate swag options from SYL to motivate your team. Speak with one our product experts to find the most popular corporate swag to motivate your employees in 2022.

Corporate Logo Apparel is Free Marketing

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There’s a reason we’re not suggesting using items like a Starbucks gift card or vacation packages to motivate your employees. It’s not because your employees won’t appreciate them, but those giveaways don’t generate the ROI for your business that corporate swag can. Corporate swag provides free marketing for your company, attracting new business.

Giving your employees corporate swag apparel is the same as giving them “seeds.” As they wear your company shirts in public, take coolers to sports games, or hand someone a water bottle to use, they are “spreading the seeds” for your company. Your company logo or message will be on display to everyone they encounter. This creates opportunities to generate interest in the business behind the logo.

Did you know that today consumers need to see a logo 15 times before they remember it? Use your corporate swag to get your logo in front of more people more often. This initiates the most important step in the sales pipeline, lead generation, by increasing brand awareness.

Use Custom Company Logo Gear for Subliminal Marketing

Distributing a product with your logo on it is a specific form of marketing known as “subliminal messaging.” This is when a consumer’s mind subconsciously picks up on marketing cues through sensory stimuli. Having your logo seen frequently and in indirect ways allows people to unknowingly be aware of your brand.

And the best part is that your company marketing won’t just stay in the hands of your employees. Let’s face it, we all have tote bags and pens with logos that we don’t know where we got them from. But we do recognize the logo and make the brand association when we see additional brand marketing or have a need for that business’s products or services. The corporate swag that you give to employees will end up in the most unexpected of places!

Corporate gifts differentiate your company through unique marketing channels, set you apart from the competition, and provide an advantage in gaining new clients. Company swag is a tried and true way to market your business practices with little additional effort on your part!

Is Business Swag is a Worthwhile Investment? Spend A Little To Make A Lot

money growth image for SYL corporate swag blogIn any industry, running a business takes a constant ebb and flow of profit and costs. We all know the first lesson in Business 101: you want total revenue to be more than total costs. The excess when revenue is greater than cost creates profit. With profit, employees get paid, business goes on, and the world keeps spinning. With this mindset, costs begin to take on a negative stereotype and are seen as something to avoid. Yet, with corporate swag, spending a little can take you so much further.

By choosing to purchase corporate swag apparel, you are choosing to actively re-invest back into your company in the 4 previous ways we have outlined. Making your employees happy means they work better. Having employee swag unite team members increases the productivity of the company. Having incentives that employees actually like inspires them to work harder. Corporate logo gifts allow you to gain profitable clients with free marketing.

No matter how you look at it, purchasing company swag is a worthwhile investment.

Use Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

It’s also important to note that your satisfied employees will be your best brand ambassadors. When someone in public notices the quality custom logo tumbler and asks about the business, your employees will speak highly of a company that values them. This will help your business stand out in potential new customers’ minds and can generate new business.

While choosing to purchase corporate logo apparel is a business expense, it pays off in the end by influencing all the small factors that typically go unnoticed. By spending a little on company swag, that one action sets into motion several changes that collectively can have a large impact in a positive way. Regardless of the reason you use, or which item you choose, the conclusion is the same: company swag is a great investment for any business dedicated to increasing their ROI.

Choose the Best Corporate Swag Vendor

Blue SYL bubble map for Corporate Swag BlogWhile having company swag is clearly essential, where you get your swag from is even more important. If you are making the smart decision to use promotional swag products to increase your ROI, choose Show Your Logo as your supplier to keep getting the best bang for your buck.

At SYL, our years of experience, high-quality products, and dedication to our clients have allowed us to become the best corporate swag vendor in 2022. With over 800,000 items, our online website has every product you could ever need right at your fingertips.

With 12 different categories, our wide selection of corporate swag covers corporate apparel, bags, logo drinkware, events, health & safety, home & auto, office supplies, pens, sports & outdoor, technology, toys, and more.

If the exact item you require isn’t listed, no worries! We even provide custom searches to find new products off-site.

Once you place your order, our vast supply chain network allows SYL a quick turnaround time. We know how important these company goods are. Having satisfied orders from Fortune 500 companies, to local businesses, we have no limit on order size either. Whether a large quantity or small, the quality stays the same.

Contact Show Your Logo for Business Swag Orders

Navigating the many products can seem daunting, but we’ve got the solution for that too. Our team of professional promotional products experts can help you determine which corporate gifts will be the best fit for your company – regardless of the industry. Our list of the top ten corporate swag products is a great place to start determining which items in our inventory will be a suitable addition to your company merchandise.

Ready to order from one of the top online corporate swag suppliers? We are ready to help! Give us a call today at 1-888-253-5800 or we can provide a personalized Quick Quote here.Show Your Logo


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