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Would a Promotional Business Card Magnet Warm Your Heart?


My FREE LG promotional business card magnet now resides on my file cabinet for easy reference.

When the time came to outfit Show Your Logo’s new employee break room with new appliances three years ago, I opted to donate my slightly used white on white appliances to the cause. You know. So I could upgrade to stainless steel appliances in my own kitchen at home. Stainless steel appliances are one of those upgrades most boys, husbands included, just don’t understand.

Nevertheless, I got my wish.

Uncharacteristically, I didn’t research the heck out of my purchase. Usually I’m all about Consumer Reports and scouring the internet for consumer complaints. This time?  I found my French door refrigerator that fit the space in our kitchen with enough interior space to hold enough food to feed triplets plus one for days on end. No other refrigerator had the same capacity. This feature, coupled with the shiny stainless exterior and sleek and simple design, and I was sold. I quickly ordered all the matching stuff–new dishwasher, new range, new microwave. The works.

The new microwave met an early demise. It’s already been hauled away and replaced with a Whirlpool.

I still have the dishwasher. Luckily, I had the foresight to buy an extended warranty. Triplets plus one use a lot of dishes. We’re hard on dishwashers. Still, I’ve never owned a dishwasher that required a new motor before its third birthday.

Yesterday, I came home to discover ice melt bleeding out the front of my meticulously maintained, French door refrigerator. The fancy display panel showed an error code. “Er.”

Er. Leaking ice. Third malfunctioning appliance. Not. Happy.

Customer service patiently listened to my rant and let me finish before announcing they’d send out a technician the very next day and fix my third busted appliance for free.

They did! The perfectly nice technician called when he was supposed to call, showed up when he was supposed to show up, and had in his hands the part I supposedly need to rectify the “Er” error code and the leaking/melting ice situation. They knew all about the “Er” code. Those clever engineers came up with a new design, just like they did with my dishwasher motor. And they didn’t charge me a dime.

On his way out, the technician handed me a promotional business card magnet. You know. In case my appliances start malfunctioning again and require more redesigned parts. While the prospect of future appliance glitches are not remotely appealing, I have to say that I found it oddly redeeming that the LG tech handed me a business card magnet with the assurance that they’d fix any problem I shouldn’t be having in the future.

All I have to do is call that number, so they say.

So much redemption in such an affordable promotional product, wouldn’t you say?


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