Show Your Logo will customize plastic pens for any promotion. Here's why you need them:

  • Pens made with plastic are cheap, useful, and everyone wants one. People do not turn down the offer of a free pen.
  • Pens often find their way into the hands of others, carrying along the advertiser’s message and expanding the company’s marketing.
  • There are thousands of cheap custom pen options.
  • Some pens are basic, inexpensive imports that nevertheless get the job done for mere pennies on the dollar.
  • Not all cheap custom pens are imported. There are also options which are made in the USA.
  • Other pens include features that drive up the price like rubberized grips, bigger barrels, and metal trim.
  • Personalized pens can operate with a click, a twist, or cap removal.
  • Plastic pens are also available with unique features such as lanyards, multi-colored inks, lights, pen toppers, and more.

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