Why Custom Sweatshirts?

Custom printed sweatshirts help your customers warm up to your logo.

  • Promotional sweatshirts should satisfy the needs of the people in your target market, including fashion trends, desired level of warmth, and intended use.
  • The first sweatshirts were manufactured in the 1930’s to help protect outdoor workers from the elements.
  • Companies learned that printing their logo on such a useful item was a great way to advertise their businesses.
  • People wearing your company sweatshirts are personally endorsing your brand everywhere they go.
  • Today’s sweatshirts are manufactured with designs, functions, and materials to satisfy a diverse market.
  • Crewneck sweatshirts deliver classic styling in a variety of fabrics, delivering varying levels of warmth and quality.
  • Hoodies may include features such as zippers, pockets, and even media pockets for your iPod or smartphone.
  • Full-zip sweatshirts allow easy layering of clothing for changing weather conditions or activities.