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Shipping FAQs

Why is the shipping so expensive on mugs?

The two main reason is weight and the box. Mugs are essentially made of rocks. Rocks are heavy. The heavier the box the more it cost to ship. Mugs also must be shipped in special boxes to protect them during shipping. These special boxes cost more than normal boxes. They are also bigger boxes, and that causes the price to go up with the shipping companies.

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Why is the shipping so expensive?

Most of the time freight is expensive because of dimensional weight. This is where UPS and FedEx will estimate the minimum weight of a package based off the size of the box, not off the actual weight of a box. As an example a box of 100 water bottles weighs the same as 1000 pens, but because the of the size of the water bottle box it cost twice as much to ship. Some other factors include your location’s distance from our production facilities, if your address is residential, if the order was shipped via expedited services, etc.

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Why do we charge freight?

Everybody loves free freight, including us. However, freight is never truly “free” and can vary from order to, carrier to carrier, and day to day. To provide the best possible savings, we do not build freight costs into the cost of the item.

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