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Understanding Power Banks

Power banks are batteries used to power up our mobile devices when there just isn’t a handy outlet to plug them in.  Here’s some helpful information to help explain the technology. You can  READ MORE IN OUR BLOG ON THIS TOPIC:  Understanding Power Banks for Life on the Move

PrintMilliamp Hour (mAh): Tells you the charger’s capacity. The greater the mAh, the longer the charger will last while in use. (In other words, if you need to charge iPods for triplets on the go, buy the charger with the MOST mAh you can find.)


PrintStandby Time: Refers to how long the charger will hold a charge when not in use. (If you tend to lose these things in the bottom of your bag for months at time, lots of standby time is a perk.)


PrintOutput Current: Indicates whether a charger is capable of powering a particular device and how quickly. The output current is quantified in amps, with most chargers being 0.5A, 0.8A, 1A or 2A. The smaller the output current, the slower the charge will flow to the attached device. For example, if I connect a 0.5A charger to my iPad, it’s going to charge at a much slower rate than a 2A charger. Also worth noting is the fact that the 0.5A charger doesn’t have enough output current to power my iPad while in use. However, the 0.5A charger will recharge my iPad slowly when the iPad is not in use.


PrintInput Current: Determines how quickly a power accessory will recharge itself when plugged in. The lower the number, the longer it will take for the charger to be recharged.


READ MORE IN OUR BLOG ON THIS TOPIC:  Understanding Power Banks for Life on the Move

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