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Get Custom Snacks With A Personalized Logo from SYL!

When it comes to branding and marketing, everyone always sticks with the basics. Sweatshirts, office supplies, and custom logo coffee mugs are all useful but why not try something else? Think outside the box for your merch ideas and choose custom snacks with a personalized logo from SYL!

You can’t help it. Work takes energy and snacking helps to get people through the day. When looking at data from Food and Health Surveys, 73% of people said they snack at least once a day, with the previous years reporting that 58% of people reported snacking at least once a day in 2021, 59% said the same in 2020, and 57% said the same in 2019.

This is a great opportunity to capitalize on! In this blog, we’ll outline how custom snacks with a personalized logo are great promotional items and the best custom snacks Show Your Logo has to offer.

How Can Custom Snacks Help With Brand Awareness?

Customized Snack BagsMerch ideas in the form of custom-printed clothing or logo drinkware are cool but don’t you want to try something unique? Think about this from a different angle.

At any corporate gathering or business meeting, what is typically always there? Food! Instead of filling your buffet with random edible arrangements, decorate it with custom snacks to show your logo, gain brand awareness, and generate a positive association with your company.

Custom snacks with a logo on them can be an effective way to increase brand awareness for several reasons:

  1. Novelty: Custom snacks with a logo on them are unique and eye-catching. They can be a fun and unexpected way to engage with potential customers and create a positive impression of your brand.
  2. Shareability: Custom snacks with a logo on them can be shared with others, increasing the reach of your brand. People are likely to share snacks with friends, family, and colleagues, which can help to spread awareness of your brand.
  3. Memorable: Custom snacks with a logo on them are a tangible representation of your brand. When people enjoy the snack, they will associate the positive experience with your brand, making it more memorable.
  4. Versatile: Custom snacks with a logo on them can be used in a variety of settings, from corporate events to trade shows to client meetings. They can be used as giveaways or as part of a promotional campaign, providing an opportunity to showcase your brand in a unique and memorable way.

Don’t underestimate the power of edible merch! Custom snacks with a logo are a creative way to increase brand awareness and create a lasting impression of your brand – even if only the crumbs are left.

The Yummiest Custom Snacks With A Logo At Show Your Logo

Making it through a long day of conferences, trade shows, or meetings can drain your energy – no matter what industry you are in. Fuel your way through a successful day all while making an impact on your business with custom snacks with a logo. Whether you have a sweet tooth, salty preferences, or savory tendencies, Show Your Logo has something to appease anyone’s taste buds!

Show Your Logo Edible Merch1. Custom Snack Birthday Cake Bites

Make your clients and coworkers feel like it’s their birthday with this custom snack. Small in size but big in flavor, these birthday cake bites will be sure to leave an impression and make your logo noticeable.

2. Serve Customized Snacks on a Charcuterie Board

These trending arrays of various cheese and crackers are a hit! Layered in decadent detail, Show Your Logo’s party bamboo platter with a logo imprint offers a custom snack setting to be served up again and again.

3. Custom Branded Chocolate Snacks

Enjoyed by many, chocolate is the classic option when it comes to choosing the perfect custom snack with a personalized logo. And with our deluxe chocolate and confection samples, you’ll be able to share tasteful treats (and your logo) with more people than ever!

4. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels In Custom Snack Packaging

While chocolate is delicious, sometimes you have to spice things up. Satisfy all your visitor’s tastes with a custom snack that is sweet and salty! Chocolate-covered pretzels are an excellent way to get your branding on a custom snack that will stand out.

5. Gummy Bears Make A Great Custom Snack

Whoever thought gummy bears could be cute and corporate at the same time? This Mug Drop Bag is filled with gummy bear candy and is tied with a decorative bow in white, red, black, or light blue. Bags are sealed at both ends to ensure product freshness with a full-color digital imprint on the front label. It’s a great idea for a custom snack with a personalized logo.

6. Mug Cake Stuffer Offers A Customized Snack

When it comes to making dessert, time, effort, energy, and dishes are required. Avoid the mess and easily have a perfect serving of sweetness with a mug cake!

This custom snack comes in several delicious flavors: cookies and cream cake, chocolate chip cake, confetti cake, red velvet cake, corporate color confetti cake, chocolate lover’s cake, and peanut butter cupcake. Complete with a custom color bow and a four-color process hang tag with your logo in it, no one will be able to miss who sent this delightful dessert!

7. Skittles with Custom Snack Packaging

When it comes to custom snacks, you can’t beat tasting the rainbow! This Skittles bag merch idea will help drive brand awareness since it comes with a magnetic 2″ x 3.5″ business card with a full-color imprint of a logo of your choice.

Custom Snacks With Logo8. Add Shortbread Cookies to Your Merch Ideas

You can practically taste them already. With a custom snack logo imprint front and center, people will be thinking of your brand with every bite of these shortbread cookies.

Made with delicious shortbread, SYL offers circle (2.25″ diameter), square (2.25″ x 2.25″), or rectangle (1.5″ x 2.5″) shapes for these custom snack shortbread cookies. Not the shape you’re looking for? We are happy to help make your cookie dreams come true as custom shapes are available upon request!

9. Popcorn Is A Perfect Snack Merch Idea

Help your sales pipeline with popcorn! Available in caramel, butter, or cheese, these 1.5 oz bags are sealed to maintain freshness. Pricing includes a full-color imprint on a decal affixed to the bag. Lightweight, and a client favorite, popcorn bags are great custom-label snacks to have on hand when traveling or to mail out to prospective clients.

10. Drinks for Your Custom Snacks

What’s the first thing you realize you need after munching on a few bites of food? You need a refreshing drink to wash it down properly!

Follow up your custom snacks with customized drinks. Drinks are another great way to easily get your logo and branding on items you know people are bound to interact with.

To start, coffee is the perfect drink for the workplace of course. These coffee mugs come with enough grounds to make an entire pot! Available in Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry, Amaretto, Chocolate Hazelnut, or Hazelnut, both the custom snack coffee mugs and bags are able to have a custom logo on them.

Want the warmth but not the caffeine? Make hot chocolate your custom snack. Neatly packaged in a mason jar with a bow and logo right on the front, you’ll have your clients feeling extra special.

Of course, nothing beats cool water when it comes to drinks for your custom-branded snacks. Show Your Logo’s water bottles come in six sizes: 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16.9 oz, 20 oz, and 16.9 oz bottles. Plus, you can increase your brand awareness while helping the environment since these customized water bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Pricing includes a custom printed, high gloss, full-color label, making these water bottles perfect for professional conferences, tradeshows, meetings, and more. Interested in other merch ideas that are safe for the environment? Check out our guide to our top eco-friendly products!

Custom Snacks From SYL Are The Perfect Corporate Swag

Everyone needs food and hungry stomachs can’t be ignored for long. Having your company brand or logo on merch that people actually pay attention to can promote your business to a whole new level. Use custom snacks to help market your company!

Don’t forget that custom logo snacks are a great product to give away at other events where you are promoting your company. Instead of doing just custom corporate pride gear or patriotic promo products this summer, consider giving away snacks with your corporate logo!

From custom snack ideas 1 to 10, it’s clear to see that Show Your Logo has a wide variety of promotional custom snack products to choose from. Custom snacks are important to have at any corporate event, and we are certain your organization will find something that matches your brand’s aesthetic with our high-quality logo imprints and custom snack packaging.

With over 800,000 products awaiting your custom imprint, and an incredible staff to help you, we can’t wait to get started on your next custom logo project. Ready to try our custom snacks for yourself? Contact us today and get snacking!

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