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Promotional household products and automotive products are giveaways that people can use in their daily lives.

Customized products suitable for home and auto get plenty of use, providing exposure for your logo. We reach for products like key chains, bag clips, and fly swatters on a regular basis. Imagine the impressions that could be made if your logo graced one of these items. Promotional household items are an ideal canvas for your logo because they get so much use. The more useful a product, the more often your logo will find its way into the right hands.

  • Everyone who drives a car or must maintain a home has a need for a few basic tools.
  • Promotional household items like screwdrivers, flashlights and tape measures are necessary household items for quick and easy fixes.
  • Customized tire gauges and ice scrapers are handy tools when the need arises.
  • Logoed tools and auto products are intended for easy repairs, emergency situations, organization, and comfort.
  • These products have important, useful functions, meaning your logo will receive plenty of exposure in return for your investment.

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Customized Home and Automotive Products

In addition to providing an abundance of exposure to your logo, the right promotional household product can do wonders for branding your business. Pizza cutters are a terrific giveaway to promote a new restaurant that serves up pizza. Brand your business as health-conscious by gifting employees and clients with customized salad bowl sets. Logoed fly swatters are a budget-friendly promo well suited to exterminators. The possibilities for branding and advertising with items we use almost every day are nearly endless!

For those of us who need ice scrapers, it’s an item we appreciate and certainly won’t throw away. Many auto-related products like tire gauges and emergency tools don’t see quite as much use, but they are kept close and seen regularly adding value as they’re kept around for the long haul. The longevity associated with your logo on auto-related items is invaluable advertising.

Also invaluable to many people is their pet. If you’re looking for a clear path to winning hearts, give people a logoed product for their pets. Items like food bowls and pet scoops are appreciated items that people value because it helps them take care of their beloved animals. Brand your business as a company that loves what your customers love and you’ve won the loyalty of many pet owners.

Not sure which home and auto promotional giveaways are right for your business or your brand? No problem. The sales team at Show Your Logo can help you find the right items to keep your logo in the hands of your best customers, employees, and prospects to make the most of your marketing dollars.

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