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The Latest and Greatest in Snack Time Lunch Box Promos

As mom to four kids…and as a mom who wakes up every morning to the task of packing four lunches, I’m always enamored by the latest ingenuity in promotional lunch box accessories. Anything to make packing lunches in my morning fog a little easier and a little faster is very enticing. Our lunch box accessories get plenty of action around here, as I’m sure they do in households across the country. Not only do I catch frequent glimpses of the logos screen printed on our sandwich keepers, so do my kids. And their friends. And their teachers. And the lunch staff. If any of those people are in your target market, printing on some lunch box accessories is a terrific way to spend some marketing bucks.

Check out some of the newest I’m eager to add to our cabinet devoted to packing up lunches.

print cooler snack containers


Cool Gear Snack to Go Kits

Back in the day, there was no snack time at school. Now kids are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to tide them over until lunch time. Fresh fruit or veggies always fares better with an ice pack of some sort, and I love that the ice pack is built right into the lid of these snack-sized containers. Way less bulk than your traditional ice pack, leaving plenty of room for other important food stuffs. Like the sandwich.


snack and dip containers

Snack and Dip Containers

This 19 oz container also includes a freezer gel lid. What’s more, it includes a separate dip container that secures directly into that freezer gel lid. My kids happen to turn up their noses at healthy snacks like carrots unless there’s ranch dressing readily available. My boys would sooner starve than eat a carrot without the dip. This is lunch box perfection.



print cereal to go kits

Cereal to Go Kits

Speaking of snacks, my crew happens to adore cereal, even many of the kinds there are not made primarily of corn syrup and marshmallows. This product would be an easy way to pack up some snack time cereal.




print apple saver containers


Apple Saver Containers

A lot of times, my kids return food in their lunch boxes. Carrots sans ranch are guaranteed to come home unscathed. An apple that’s sustained significant bruising in lunch box transport is also a sure thing. This is why I was immediately intrigued by these apply saver containers. These promotional products would cut back on apple trauma. Kids who use this product may just eat more apples. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Lunch boxes promotional accessories are simply an effective, affordable way to make regular impressions. How many times a week do you eat lunch? Put your marketing dollars to work for you when you invest in any of these terrific products.

Back-to-School Promotional Lunch Tote Bags

Last week we brought you a few practical yet affordable lunch accessories to toss into student lunches. Today? We’re going to show you just a sampling of the many lunch bags and lunch totes available for customization right here at Show Your Logo.

As we all know, lunch an extremely important part of any student’s day for a variety of reasons. There are the social aspects of lunch. There’s the intake of calories and nutrients to power those brains. It’s a period of rest and relaxation, too. We have the socially acceptable, cool custom lunch totes students need and want to keep their food fresh. This all makes for a restful and refreshing lunch hour.

Take a look at just a few of the many, many custom lunch totes available for customization at Show Your Logo.


promotional lunch totes

Cheap Promotional Lunch Totes

With an “as low as” price of just $0.56, these non-woven polypropylene lunch totes are a fantastic deal. You don’t get velrco closure or a carrying handle with your traditional paper bag! What’s more these tote are recyclable and resuable. They’re available in red, blue, black, and green. There’s a color here that will look great with your logo.




custom reusable lunch bags

Custom Resuable Lunch Bags

These custom lunch bags, with an “as low as price” of  $1.84, are made with 80 gram, non-woven coated water resistant polypropylene. They’re also insulated, ensuring that your cold lunch items stay colder until lunch hour arrives. Other great features? Carrying handles, an ID display on the back, velcro closure, and a front pocket for extras like your milk money. Get these bags in your choice of royal blue, red, purple, lime green, orange, or black.



print custom coolers


Deluxe Lunch Coolers

These insulated cooler bags come to you with an adjustable shoulder strap and two side pockets, a front pocket, and toggle closure. Get them in black with yellow, royal blue, orange, red, or lime green. All have gray accents.



dual compartment lunch bags

Custom Dual Compartment Lunch Bags

Print on dual compartment, insulated lunch bags in your choice of colors: black, blue, green, or red. The bottom half of these insulated lunch bags are large enough to stow three pop cans. The top half can easily transport and insulate the rest of your lunch as well as snacks to get you through the day.



What kind of promotional lunch totes are you looking for? Describe your budget and your needs to the knowledgeable Show Your Logo sales team. We’ll help you find the promotional products you need to reach your target market without consuming your entire marketing budget!

Print Affordable Back-to-School Promotional Lunch Gear

What else do you find amongst all those pencils, glue sticks, and notebooks at retail stores this time of year? Aisles full of lunch boxes, lunch totes, and lunch accessories. Lunch time is a critical component of every student’s day. Are you looking for an affordable way to brand your business and market to students, parents, teachers, and school staffers who see a sea of lunch boxes and lunch box gear Monday through Friday, 180 days of the year? Then print on lunch boxes, lunch totes, or lunch box accessories with your company name and logo.

There’s no question that students and parents alike will appreciate the practicality of custom lunch boxes and accessories. And don’t think your lunch box-themed promotion is limited to lunch boxes or totes. There are plenty of useful, affordable lunch themed items to choose from. Take a look.


cheap custom sandwich containers


Cheap Custom Sandwich Containers

Using and reusing sandwich containers instead of disposable plastic sandwich bags is not only economical, it’s environmentally friendly. What’s more, when you give away printed sandwich containers as part of your back-to-school promotion, you’re creating hundreds of opportunities for your target market to take a look at your logo.









custom reusable sandwich bags



It’s a reusable sandwich bag that’s machine washable. These are perfect for potato chips. I never want to pay extra for those little, pre-packaged bags of chips, which means I was always dividing chips into disposable sandwich bags. No more! I love that these are environmentally friendly and that I don’t spend money on sandwich bags anymore.







promotional sandwich containersCool Pack Sandwich Keepers 

Freeze the lid and keep those deli meat, cheese, and mayo sandwiches from getting warm, which is bad news on so many levels. Of course, these reusable sandwich keepers are also environmentally friendly since they can be used again and again.







lunch box cutlery set


Lunch Box 3 Piece Cutlery Set

This compact cutlery set is an amazing addition to any back-to-school promotion. Only 7″ high, this set will fit nicely into any lunch box or lunch tote. A protective cover holds the set together and keeps utensils clean. A fork, knife, and spoon are available in red, blue, white, or green with a clear cover.









print sectioned lunch containers3 Section Lunch Containers Includes Fork and Knife

This handy, 3 section lunch container is microwave safe, dishwasher safe. A plastic fork and knife are on the ready in a compartment built right into the lid. Cool.










3 piece lunch totes3 Piece Lunch Tote Kits 


Don’t you hate it when you can’t manage to find a clean, reusable water bottle that will fit inside your kid’s lunch bag? Here’s a 3 piece kit that includes 3 handy, imprinted promotional items. You know for certain they’re all going to fit nicely in that lunch tote!








Show Your Logo is your source for everything lunch box related! From custom insulated tote bags to promotional sandwich keepers to printed water bottles and more, we have just what you need to promote your brand on a budget.




Custom Water Bottles: 15 Basic to Beguiling Options

When you think of custom water bottles, what image comes to mind? Probably your basic, plastic water bottle with a push-pull spout, right? Sure, Show Your Logo offers thousands of options in your basic, push-pull, super affordable variety of promotional water bottles.

Take, for example, this incredibly budget friendly personalized water bottle:

cheap custom water bottles

 Super Value Water Bottle

These personalized water bottles are the quintessential, basic promotional water bottle. You have your choice of bottle colors and cap colors. You have a push-pull spout. And you have a super-affordable, as low as price of $0.52.


However, your options for customized water bottles don’t end with your basic, run-of-the-mill water bottles. There are many options for making your personalized water bottles an absolute stand-out. Take a look at just of few of your options for something a little more unique on the water bottle front.


eco friendly water bottlesEco-Friendly Sports Bottles

This 24 oz bottle is unique because it’s a biodegradable water bottle. If you want to send a message about your brand being green and environmentally conscious, this is a great choice.




custom recycled water bottlesRecycled Plastic Water Bottles

Another green option for your brand? Water bottles made from 60-70% recycled plastic.




custom handle water bottles


Custom Water Bottles with Handle 

Even though these personalized water bottles have a generous 32 oz capacity, they’re easy to hold thanks to the built-in handle. A straw also allows for easy, tip-free drinking.


custom mini water bottles


Custom 9 oz Mini Water Bottles –Kid Sized 

Moms know that many standard sized water bottles don’t fit in lunch boxes. Besides, what kid can drink 21 ounces of water at lunch time anyway? If kids are a part of your target market, print a water bottle just for them.


custom logo drink bagsReusable Custom Drink Bags

These unique 20 oz capacity drink bags collapse flat when not in use for easy, space-saving storage. FIll them up and they stand up like any other water bottle. An attached carabiner accommodates portability.



custom foldable water bottles

Custom Foldable Water Bottles

And if you’re looking for a foldable water bottle bag that look more like a typical water bottle when filled up, here’s an option for you. Features include 18 oz capacity and  mini carabiner. Of course, they fold flat when empty for bulk-free storage.




custom aluminum water bottles

Custom Aluminum Water Bottles 

Your logo on these quality, personalized aluminum water bottles will make quite the impact. These durable, 24 oz metal water bottles will make impressions on your target market for years to come. The plastic loop on the sipper lid allows you to attach these bottles to a carabiner if desired.



sports metal water bottles

Custom Stainless Water Bottles

These sturdy, stainless steel water bottles are available in many screw-on, bottle topper options. Besides the pictured football you can choose from toppers such as a heart, soccer ball, apple, basketball, baseball, globe, or tire. With these promotional water bottles, there will be no mistaking what line of business you’re in.




custom canteen bottlesCustom Canteen Bottles 

These metal, 17 oz capacity water bottles with included carabiner are reminiscent of old-school camping trips and hiking expeditions. Could they be the perfect way to brand your business or event?



stress ball water bottles

Stress Ball Water Bottle Sets 

This custom printed stress ball water bottle set will hit your logo right out of the park with the right crowd. Push a sports-themed stress ball right out of the molded center of the water bottle for some fun on the sidelines, the bench, or the stands. You never knew a water bottle could be packed with so much fun, did you?



custom mister water bottles

Custom Mister Water Bottles

Cool off in more ways than one when you order these water bottles. The push of a button results in a fine mist of water…or whatever beverage you fill up with. Water is recommended. The 19 oz capacity will satiate your thirst and cool your skin under the hot sun.



custom filter water bottles

Custom Filter Water Bottles

Want to deliver a quality water bottle and some great tasting water? These water bottles with built-in filters will do just that. The filter is replaceable so your logo will get its day in the sun time and time again.



ice core water bottles


Custom Ice Core Water Bottles

Freeze the center of these 18 oz water bottles and keep your drink icy cold and refreshing, just the way you like it.



glass water bottlesGlass Water Bottles

Who says water bottles have to be made of plastic or metal? These 20 oz glass bottles with color-coordinating lids are here to let you know that glass is another option.




Like what you see? Do you have questions about these products? Contact the knowledgeable, friendly sales team at Show Your Logo. We’re your source for custom water bottles and 750,000 additional promotional products.







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